Yay for Tempeh!

So as not to bore the death out of you guys with my now “leftover” leftovers ;), I figured I could use this time to post about one of my many kitchen adventures…my first tempeh experience!

Organic Tempeh

Before discovering the blogging community, I had never heard of or seen tempeh. For those of you not familiar with it, tempeh is a meat alternative, but unlike tofu, it has a totally different texture and nutrition list. It is very high in protein and easily digestible given the fermentation process that it undergoes. (source: wikipedia.org)

Bouquet de Broccoli 🙂

Sauce of Choice









I knew I wanted to make an Asian-inspired dish. And what screams Eastern cuisine more than broccoli and stir-fry sauce?? I LOVE broccoli (how can I not with my blog title 😉 ) and I had been dying to use this stir-fry sauce I’d had stashed in the cupboard for months. Turned out, the sauce was a little thicker than I wanted so I thinned it out with some water. Had I not just wanted an excuse to use this sauce, I would’ve just used my low-sodium soy sauce or Bragg’s Aminos.

First, I started things off with sautéing chopped broccoli and onions in sesame oil in a small skillet.



Once they had soaked up the oil and cooked nice and tender, I added in the tempeh that I had cut up into cubes.

Mouth Watering!

Then, it was time to plate…on top some leftover spaghetti squash (another first time try a few days prior).

Bon Appetite!

And of course, everything is better with sriracha!

Ohhhh yeah!!

By far, one of the MOST delicious meals I have ever made. I savored every single bite not wanting it to end at all!


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3 Responses to Yay for Tempeh!

  1. jen says:

    I’m a new reader, and looks like I picked a good day to start reading! I recently bought some tempeh, but had no idea what to do with it…thank you 🙂


    • Jen,
      You are very welcome! I kind of have a tendency of buying things without knowing what to do with them, but usually after looking through a few recipes online, something gets my wheels going! So glad to have you! Hope you keep reading!

  2. Girl, that looks incredibly awesome! I love tempeh but haven’t eaten it in a while… I need to rectify that quick! And seriously, you could probably put Sriracha on ice cream and I’d eat it… best condiment ever! 😀

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