What’s Your Reason?

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday! Mine was busy and very productive!

I was just thinking how I’m not ready to go back to work tomorrow…then I realized that tomorrow is only Sunday! Whew, today has just been one of those days, ya know?

Most of the day was spent unpacking, organizing, and re-organizing (trying to figure out where I want everything), but I took a little break midday to see what you guys had for me as a solution to yesterday’s kitchen quandary while I snacked on a sweet/savory bagelwich.

Cinnamon raisin bagel thin, muenster cheese, and one microwaved scrambled egg.


I tried the grill tools…they fit, but since there’s actually two more pieces to the set, I think they’ll just reside in the drawer in the bottom of the stove for now!

Then I tried my rolling pin…


For now, I think I’m gonna stick with the cupcake liners until I walk into the kitchen one day and have that “a-ha” moment! I’m not using it for spoons and spatulas mainly because I have a larger drawer on the other side of the stove and a tool caddy to keep on the counter as well.

My dad came over late this afternoon and we went to my now second home (aka Lowe’s) for blinds and a few other things. We weren’t able to get blinds for the big windows in the two front bedrooms since they didn’t have the correct size, but the most important thing is that I now have a set in my bedroom. Maybe I’ll actually sleep past 6:00am tomorrow!

While out, my dad got a craving for some barbecue chicken that’s sold at a little market right down the road from me. They have the works when it comes to barbecue: pork, chicken, ribs, and all the traditional southern sides (macaroni salad, potato salad, cole slaw, and baked beans) and they also have daily pie specials!

Once home, I shredded some of the chicken and had it on a bed of greens with some chopped roasted red peppers and TJ’s balsamic vinaigrette. My dad chose to eat his bird straight up!

As I was snapping a quick photo, my dad told me he had a question.

He asked, “Why do you eat the way you do?”

My answer: because I enjoy it. I love eating foods that I know are both delicious and nutritious. God only gave me one body and I should try to take care of it as best I can. Never once have I eaten a certain way for anyone other than myself. My meals may not be as convenient as stopping by a fast food joint and picking up a burger, but I never think of it as being a hassle. Plus, when I eat well, I feel well.

I’ve never actually been asked this question flat-out before. Most of my friends and family just think of me as “the quirky eater” and usually only ask me what “weird” foods I’ve eaten lately so they can shake their heads and look at me in disbelief assumably thinking that it can’t possibly taste good to blend spinach into a smoothie.

My healthy eating lifestyle has taken many years to evolve into what it is today. Only in the last 8 months or so has it really blossomed. Since it’s been such a gradual process, I find it hard to pinpoint only one reason for the dietary choices I make, yet at the same time it’s also hard to explain.

What do you guys think of my answer? Too vague?

What is YOUR reason for healthy eating?


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37 Responses to What’s Your Reason?

  1. I eat healthy because I have a true appreciation for my life! I have been through some serious sh*t over the past decade, and there was a period of time when I was abusing my body from the inside out where I didn’t think I’d live past 40 and I didn’t care. I am so grateful I made it out of all of that craziness and that I was able to gain a new love for this life… I want it to be the best it can be, and healthy foods fuel me in the best way possible! πŸ™‚

    • Very well said Christin. I can absolutely relate…there was a point in my life that if I had kept going in the direction I was heading, I definitely wouldn’t be as healthy and active as I am now. And that’s saying a lot being as I’m still in my twenties.

  2. not at all vague, and a GOOD answer! was his question partly asking why you take photos? πŸ˜€ I know there are people who think I’m weird for not only photographing my eats, but WRITING about them too!

    I eat the way I do for many of the same reasons – I have proven to myself that I feel better eating certain foods, and avoiding others. I also love to create, and cooking foods that are plant based, highly nutritious and delicious is FUN! I love to show people how delicious it can be!

    I think my drawers are a LITTLE bigger than that one… πŸ˜‰ do you keep soy sauce or ketchup packets, perhaps?

    • Haha, actually my family accepted the blog/photography before they understood the actual food. I’m definitely more into it now (obviously) but I was taking pics of my foodie creations long before I even knew what a food blog was! Although, my dad did roll his eyes a bit when I shot the pic of the salad! Haha!

      I totally agree! It IS fun and I love helping people see that good food can taste…well, GOOD!

      Hmm, no since I rarely ever eat out, there are no condiment packets around! Hmm, maybe I’ll start a kombucha bottle top collection! πŸ˜‰

  3. That bagel thin sandwich looks delicious! And honestly, I have the same reason for eating healthily. It just makes me feel better!

  4. lindsay says:

    no, I think its the perfect answer. Explains you well. our diet is always evolving, ya know?

  5. I love your answer :] I’m not so sure I’d have come up with one quite so elegant! I’ve never been flat-out asked that face-to-face, either. But I agree with you – I do it because I enjoy it, I love it and because it makes me feel good. Like you, mine has been a more gradual change, too. Whereas before I was a little too consumed with “healthy” by the definition most people see it (i.e. “fat free,” “sugar free,” “low fat,” etc) I now just focus on using simple, fresh ingredients to make a meal that satisfies me and tastes wonderful :]

    • Thanks Jess! I love your last statement. Perfectly put! I used to be in that frame of mind too. I was always looking to the prepackaged foods for portion control and the fat free/low fat items…it’s amazing the difference you can see AND feel when shifting your focus and committing to a “fresh” diet!

  6. I love your answer! I think it’s perfect and honestly, I love that your dad even asked you. At least he cares to know. I think you completely hit the nail on the head with it too. I have always eaten healthy. The adults in my life when I was in 8th grade used to comment on how healthy I ate. I just prefer it. I think we are all made up of different needs and our bodies crave different things. I think everyone should be mindful of what they eat, but what works for me might now work for others. My husband does the healthy eating (he can drink the green juices – I haven’t found one I like), but he also eats the full fat butters and cheeses (you know I obviously can’t have those). I think there is a balance that we all have to achieve with our health. I’m with you…I love eating something and feeling great and energized afterwards instead of bloated and gross. Great answer!

    As for the drawer, I think it’s meant for quick spices you would need during cooking, or spoons/spatulas. My spices are much larger than that because I use so much, so they wouldn’t fit there. I say put whatever you can fit in it.

    Have a great day Heather and enjoy your new house!

    • Thank you Sarena! Definitely a great point! I think that most of the people that are confused by healthy eating just haven’t been able to fully experience it yet. One thing that my dad mentioned was that he was afraid that if he started eating “healthy” that he would never be able to eat a slice of pizza or anything greasy without it “going through him.” Honestly, my thinking is that if you’re worried about a food “going right through you”, perhaps it’s not a food that nature intended for your body. We came into this world surrounded with fresh fruits and vegetables, not trans fat and hydrogenated oils. I think if he would willingly try a fresh foods diet for a week or more, he (as would most people) would be able to see what a difference it makes and how little a part the cravings for those greasy foods end up playing.

  7. I love this: “Never once have I eaten a certain way for anyone other than myself”

    So true.

  8. ahahah im still laughing at that drawer! i eat the way i do becuz it makes me feel healthy and in tune with my body- i feell alive, happy and vibrant and i feel so HAPPY!

  9. Joanna says:

    Hi Heather!
    I think your response to your Dad’s question was perfect! I don’t think anyone has ever asked me why I eat the way I do, it’s just kind of like you said, ‘the quirky/picky eater’, but I would give the same answer. Most importantly being that I feel well when I eat well. It may sound silly but I think if I take care of my body, it will take care of me. I’ve always eaten this way, but in the same way you said your eating has really blossomed only recently, I feel I can say the same about mine over the past couple months & give a large part of credit to my discovery of your blog and others like it. So thank you for writing such a great blog, I look forward to your posts every day! And congratulations on your new home!! :O)

    • Thank you SO much Joanna! You really just made my day! I am right there with you…the majority of my changes (and the ones that really “stuck”) in my diet and lifestyle are all owed to my introduction to healthy living blogs. I know how excited I was when I found my first few blogs…so happy to spread that same excitement/motivation for healthy living onto others!

  10. Lee says:

    I thought today was Monday too. I actually woke up at like 6:15 and thought, “Oh good, I still can sleep for 45 more minutes!” and then I realized that I could sleep for much longer because it was Sunday.

    I honestly started eating healthy to lose weight (this was many years ago, I weighed like 25 pounds more than I do now) and it just sort of stuck with me.

  11. Most definitely NOT! Eating healthy makes you feel good, and that’s one of the best answers you can give to someone wondering. πŸ˜€ GREAT JOB!!!!

  12. Amanda says:

    I can’t stand the thought of all the millions of weird, chemically ingredients in everything! I didn’t care for so long, but once I had kids… it was just like… WHY would i feed them monotryglocko number 4, or whatever. It’s just gross! So, we make everything with whole ingredients and love it! πŸ™‚

  13. I think that’s a great answer because it’s true! I think a lot of people don’t understand because they’ve never felt the way great food makes you feel. Until you start eating healthy you don’t feel the difference.

  14. Tine says:

    Love your blog!
    Think you have a new follower!

  15. Too VAGUE?! That is an AWESOME answer!! You are SO right- God did only give us one body, so we have to care for it!! And too right that’s it’s all delish too! πŸ˜€

  16. I think your answer was bang-on! If you’ve found the way of eating that suits you and is tasty and you enjoy it then perfect πŸ™‚
    I eat gluten-free because of my coeliac disease but a coeliac diet can be just as unhealthy as a “normal” one – so I eat healthily for the same reason you do!

  17. cbrady3 says:

    I think your answer is great! I think I would say “because when I eat these healthy foods I feel better and I truly enjoy cooking and making healthy ingredients taste delicious”

  18. I totally agree with you! I’m really working on focusing on the ways eating certain foods make me feel, so I’m more likely to eat healthy foods. I’ve gotten a lot better at eating vegetables ever since I realized that eating them makes me feel great! I believe there’s always room for treats, but eating crap every day makes me feel like crap- so I don’t πŸ™‚

    • I feel the same way! My definition of “treating myself” has definitely changed over the last few months…it’s not really a treat when you feel bloated and disgusting after eating it!

  19. Miri Leigh says:

    That bagel looks perfect– great combination of ingredients!

  20. Catherine says:

    I’m not a healthy eater at all…don’t like most veggies! But Erik and I are trying the Daniel Fast for 3 weeks, and I can’t thank you enough, Heather, for being there with ready answers as we started Day 1! XD I’ll try to send you some of the recipes…maybe you can find creative ways to make them taste better! Granted, butter and milk are not allowed in the fast πŸ™

    As for the drawer, have you tried some pot holders/trivits or maybe some small towels? I like to keep a clean towel hanging on the oven as well as the refrigerator.

    • ALWAYS happy to help! Like I said, any questions you have, just shoot! I am so excited for you and Erik! I know that once you see the difference it makes in your life, you will love it just as much as I do…er, well ok, I’m a bit of a fanatic, but you’ll still love it! πŸ˜‰

      • Catherine says:

        It was exciting to start it today πŸ™‚ While I did feel snackish a couple times, I didn’t feel nearly as hungry as I thought I would. And with all the healthy foods, we’re not getting in nearly as much fat! At least, I don’t think we are, lol! Though, I already look forward to us losing the weight and adding in milk and cheese. We will have one week off after the 3 week fast, and then probably start the 3 weeks again. And we do get one meal out and one dessert a week. Chipotle on Saturday already sounds SO appetizing!

  21. Ma Ma Megan says:

    I think your answer is spot on!
    I eat this way because it makes me feel amazing. I have so much energy all the time and my outlook on life is so positive. I think food heals you, I really do.
    I also eat this way because I crave nutritious foods I love my veggies, I wouldn’t eat them if I didn’t.

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  23. haha ok, so your tiny drawer debacle cracked me up! we have the same size drawer and it’s right next to the sink so we keep extra scrubber sponges in it. but damn, why didn’t i think of my rolling pin…

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