French Toast…Denied!

You ever have one of those mornings where you get up and you have such an intense craving for something that you just

Well, that was me this morning. I walked into the kitchen and without even thinking about it, I opened the fridge and started gathering things to make stuffed French toast (hmm, must’ve been the sweet oats from yesterday).

Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin bread (aka best French toast making bread)…CHECK!

Almond milk…CHECK!

Eggs…CHaaaa…Whaaa? Wait a minute!

Umm…what tha?

Yep, that would be what a frozen egg looks like! Seems my new refrigerator works pretty well on the halfway setting!

Morning dialogue with myself:

Ok, don’t panic…maybe there’s still a way to save Christmas breakfast!

Hmm, microwave! Yeah, yeah, I’ll just defrost it in the microwave for a few seconds!


Ohhhhkay, you can’t defrost an egg in the microwave without COOKING it!


Ok, now I have to make eggs…omelet, scramble?…omelet, scramble?

Oh, I don’t care…but I still want my cinnamon raisin toast!

1 (cooked from frozen) egg + 2 egg whites scramble with sautéed kale
2 slices Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin toast
spread with TJ’s Valencia PB and nanners.

Luckily, this breakfast turned out to be perfectly satisfying and didn’t leave me pouting and still wanting my French toast! But I can tell you right now what I’m having in the morning! I love having greens with breakfast…I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like it gets my day started off on the right vegetable foot!

I also had a cup of coffee, but not my usual cup:

1/2 caf Joe with *gasp* almond milk & cinnamon added in!

I’ve been drinking my coffee straight up for about 6 months now. LONG ago, I was a liquid creamer AND sugar sort of gal but then slowly made the progression to just creamer, to almond milk, to black with cinnamon. I just thought this morning, I’d give it a try the old way…verdict? Tomorrow’s cup will definitely be black!

Vickie Vibe Update: I found out today that she IS fixable! Bad news is it’s going to take 2-3 weeks (possibly longer) before she’s back to her old self! 🙁

What is a recent craving that you were denied?

Do you like coffee? How do you take it?

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34 Responses to French Toast…Denied!

  1. I don’t drink much coffee… every now and then, and straight black.

    that’s a weirdo looking egg, all right! did it taste the same? same texture?

    Happy Friday- yay! glad to hear Vickie Vibe will be okay!

  2. Good breakfast save!! I need to get myself some cinnamon raisin bread to go with my cinnamon raisin pb. Yum! I remember a few weeks ago not having bananas… Not a pretty morning. Luckily I had pumpkin for my oats 😀

    • I just replenished my stock of bananas…I was really starting to get depressed not having them for my breakfasts! Hmm, would you call that FAD: Fruit Affective Disorder?? Lol

  3. I’m glad Vickie Vibe can be fixed- sorry it’ll take so long though 🙁

    I don’t really drink coffee, but occasionally I’ll have a cup of decaf. I need lots of milk and sugar in it, I can’t stand it black!

    I thought I saw a squash wrapped in foil in my fridge, so I came home from work today and pulled it out after fantasizing about dinner all day- and it was a huge onion 🙁 Craving denied! So sad!

  4. Okay, I was so relieved to read that the egg was frozen, it didn’t just…come out like that. I was so freaked at first! haha. Bummer about the French toast! I hate having my heart/tastes set on something only to not be able to get it/isn’t as good as I’d hoped. Looks like you still had a great b-fast though.
    Coffee? I like it with just a splash of almond milk! I’ll drink it black without complaining, though; that’s usually what I have to do at work. I used to LOVE those sugary-sweet flavored creamers. Now I can’t stomach the thought. (…though they do smell amazing. My mom always uses them and her coffee always smells. so. good.)
    I’m glad Vickie is fixable! Does this mean you get Andy for another 2-3 wks?

    • Haha! Oh yeah, if the egg had just looked like that on its own, I probably would’ve lost it! I know what you mean, I LOVE the smell of the liquid creamers, but I just don’t have the taste for them anymore.

      Yes ma’am! Andy and I get to have a little Spring fling while Vickie is away! Shhh! 😉

  5. lindsay says:

    oh no! I hate it when that happens. I had that happen with cottage cheese before. Not good frozen. I ended up using it in a smoothie. Still tasty!

  6. I’ve never encountered a frozen egg…interesting!!!

  7. Donna says:

    Glad Vickie is going to be okay and seriously, frozen eggs is something that would totally happen in my kitchen! Glad you saved Christmas, errrr Breakfast :o)

  8. HAHHAH frozen egg?! my fridge does that too! anything you put int he back.. freezes.. ITS SO ANNOYING!

  9. Sarah Banks says:

    then i went to fat free cream or milk and way to much splenda (this got out of control)
    now i’m a little almond milk no sugar please kinda girl 🙂 I suppose my next progressing is black 🙂

  10. Try your eggs with rainbow chard 😉 So good!

  11. Jenny says:

    yup, my fridge is the same way. I was forced to dip my triscuits in half frozen hummus the other day and the snacking experience was totally ruined. Sounds like you breakfast substitution was fabulous anyway 🙂

  12. Katie says:

    U know I love coffee : ) I like the add ins you use for your coffee : )

    Frozen egg! omg, too funny!

    Hope your day is wonderful! Happy Weekend! Thanks for entering my giveaway!

  13. haha who knew an egg could freeze like that! glad you salvaged breakfast. I’m SO trying cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread next time I make french toast!!

  14. Kayla says:

    Ew, weird! A frozen egg! It looks pretty crazy!

    Still looks like a glorious breakfast!

  15. I’ve been denied sweets for the past 4 weeks!! -I gave up sweets for Lent…

    You know, I never really have greens in my breakfast. I always have veggies for lunch & dinner, but when it comes to breakfast I usually have some sort of grain with fruit & protein.

  16. I’ve had the same frozen egg thing happen to me before. Long story short, when my family rented a RV, the RV renter told us that the fridge was like a cooler and the freezer was like a normal fridge, so we should put our perishables in the freezer… He was wrong, and we ended up with frozen eggs and milk. Haha. 🙂

  17. Katherine says:

    No lie, I just switched my coffee routine as of this morning. I realized I had been drinking tons of toxins and unwanted fake ingredients by adding….Coffeemate to my morning cup of joe (gasp)! What was I thinking? Have you ever read the ingredient list? It’s all corn syrup solids, hydrogenated oil, cottonseed oil, and sugar – BLAH. Now I’m just adding a little unsweetened vanilla almond breeze to it 🙂

    • Good for you! I remember the first time I turned over a Coffeemate container…scary! I then switched to International Delight since there’s no partially hydrogenated oils, but then my tastes changed and it was just too sweet for me. I swear there’s not much difference between the almond milk and black…you never know, that may be your next step!

  18. Lee says:

    I made a smoothie today and added too much xanthan gum. It was inedible. The consistency was like jelled greek yogurt which just didn’t work in a smoothie.

  19. Lindsay says:

    wow these burgers look amazing. I buy frozen edamame all the time, and I’m always looking for new recipes to try and ways to jazz these lil beans up. (Of course I love them warm with a lil sea salt too!)
    Thanks for the recipe!

  20. Whoa! I’ve never seen a frozen egg before! Weird looking… haha! On the bright side, at least your fridge works. 😉 Hopefully Vicky will be fixed sooner than expected!

  21. elise says:

    what tha!!!?? that egg looks to funny!
    coffee is my true love. yes even before kyle. i like it with a looooot of milk.

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