Good morning loverlies! Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! Since I posted early yesterday, I thought I’d do the same today. I’m making a trip to Nash-vegas today to have lunch with a couple of friends and do a WF’s/TJ’s run (yaaaaay!) so I may not have time/feel like posting later tonight.

Yesterday, I decided was going to be a much-needed “me day” so after posting, I thought I’d do a bit of exploring around my new area before my hair and massage appointments. There is a huge park on my side of town that is absolutely covered with biking/hiking trails and I discovered yesterday that I can reach those trails by a path not far from my subdivision!

Here are a few pics taken with my iPhone while on the trails:

Everything was just hunky-dory! The weather was nice (75 degrees with a slight overcast), beautiful scenery, birds a-tweeting and then…I got LOST!

I started out on the trails at 11:00am. I took this pic on my phone when I got to a place where I figured it was time to turn around and head back to the house:

Note that the time is 12:10

Ok, so you figure a leisurely hike, stopping to take pictures and enjoying the scenery in about an hour…should take a little less than that to make it back home, right? WRONG!

I finally made it back at 1:40!! I eventually gave up on trying to figure out the right trail to get on after I passed the same stump THREE times. I ended up hiking up a ginormous hill and coming out in someone’s backyard…and then the person came out on their back deck as I was making the trekking up…AWKKKKKward! :-/

Once, I got to the main road and figured out where I was, it took about 20 minutes to walk home. Then I had to jump in the shower, grab a super quick bite to eat and head back out the door for my appointments! Oh, by the way, the Edamame Millet Burger tastes ahhhhhhhmazing on a whole wheat bagel thin with roasted pine nut hummus! Mmm!

After my massage, where I left feeling perfectly noodle-ly, I stopped by a new-to-me fro-yo place called Berry Bear for a little treat. After my morning in the woods, I figured I deserved all the self-pampering I could afford!

Strawberry, coconut, and taro yogurts with coconut flakes, bloobs, almonds, granola, and a few pieces of mochi.

The rest of the night was spent with Jillian (hey, I needed a shower anyway) and then with my bootay on the couch and my laptop on my lap doing some blog reading! I did absolutely nothing as far as the house goes, but who cares…the house will still be here today and tomorrow…my sanity?…possibly not with the way I was going!

Have you ever gotten lost in the woods? (please tell me I’m not the only one)
I used to have the BEST sense of direction! I would hike all sorts of trails on my grandfather’s property as a kid and never got lost! Guess I’m losing it in my old age! πŸ˜‰

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34 Responses to Lost!

  1. AHAHA OMG THAT Is a crazy long hike!! i know it ddint intend to be that way! AHHA love how you ended up in someones back yard- classic!! i have nvr been in the woods alone but im thinking i would get lost too! although i have a crazy good sense of direction even in places ive never been to .. tis weird!

  2. caitlinoco says:

    O NO that is too crazy!! Perfect day to have a massage scheduled though =)! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten lost in the woods, I did get lost on a golf course once though and also ended up in someones back yard!

  3. lindsay says:

    thats our weather too! whats up with the wind? UGH! And yes, I got lost on our trails. Luckily, I had a garmin to get me back. Happy Saturday!

  4. Ma Ma Megan says:

    Whoa those pictures are crazy pretty! I need to go on a hike πŸ™‚

  5. I get lost everywhere I go. It is a curse! The woods look beautiful! We are in TN right now and it is absolutely beautiful.

  6. Emilia says:

    Haha, awww, I would’ve loved to get lost in the woods with you! We could’ve had our own little picnic as a break- wouldn’t that be fun πŸ™‚
    I’ve totallyyy gotten lost while hiking. My sense of direction is absolutely TERRIBLE. I totally know where you’re coming from:)

  7. Looks like a gorgeous hike even if you did get a wee bit lost and had an awkward moment, haha! But hey, it happens to everyone so no worries. πŸ™‚

  8. That’s so scary! I’ve never gotten lost by myself before, but when I was younger I would hike with my dad and he has a horrible sense of direction!

    I just watched a House Hunters episode that was filmed in Clarksville yesterday- I didn’t know that’s where you lived! Small world πŸ™‚

  9. Jenny says:

    I got lost in the woods once in middle school and was lost for hours! My friend’s parents reported us missing and had park rangers searching for us. We ended up coming to a random neighborhood and stopped to ask how to get back to the park we started at…the couple told us we were too far to walk there (hah, because we had walked FROM there) and took us back in their car to the ranger station. SCARY! I still have a scar on my ankle from hiking all day in flip flops…

  10. Sarah says:

    oh no! lol. at least you were in a beautiful place to be lost in! πŸ™‚ your day sounds absolutely amazing. i have just read about 5 blogs that showed pictures of fro-yo. it is officially on my list of things to do tonight!

  11. Jenny says:

    Nice weather! It’s in the 80’s here so it’s like a little oven =/ What amazing pictures! I’ve never hiked anywhere so no getting lost for me. What a yummy treat to pamper yourself with πŸ˜‰

  12. Amy says:

    OMG, I had a similar experience. Back in high school we had to live with my grandparents while we were renovating our new house. My grandparents live right next to this Reservation (i.e. preserved forest) in NJ and my mom thought I needed to get out of the house, so she told me to go for a walk there.

    I headed out the door and started off down a trail. I was feeling adventurous so I was like, “oh, I think i’ll just go off the trail and wander through the woods. It shouldn’t be hard to find it again.” Well, boy was I wrong. The marks on the trees for the trail are only visible if you’re coming down the trail in the right direction. After about 20 min of frantically looking for the trail, I started running through the woods because I was afraid it would get dark and I’d be stuck in there. (Remember, this was before high school kids carried cell phones!)

    Anyway, after getting scratches from branches all over my legs, i finally stumbled on a trail, but not the one I came on. I walked on it for a while and the trail seemed to go on forever. FINALLY, i came upon an empty campground. I started walking through it and heard cars so I looked across the field and there was a road on the other side. I started running towards it and saw, much to my amazement, a pay phone right by the side of the road! I didn’t have any money, so I called my grandparents’ house collect and my grandma picked up. She asked where I was but I didn’t know so I started to describe what the road looked like. Luckily, my mom knew exactly where I was and came to pick me up. I had wandered about 5 or 6 miles away. It was the most frightening and horrible experience ever and I have yet to go for a hike there again by myself, and without a phone.

    • Unbelievable! What a story! You definitely had someone looking out for you that day…I mean, a pay phone right there? Crazy! I don’t blame you for being a little scarred. I would have trouble hiking alone again too!

  13. elise says:

    oh my word, where the eff is clarksville? its gorgeous! ive gotten lost in the woods at camp, but it wasnt really lost because i kinda knew generally where i was the whole time. but wandering occurred.

  14. Sarah Banks says:

    That was a beautiful place to hike! My parents live in nowheresville pennsylvania and this looks A LOT like their property ( they have A LOT of land!) I LOVE to go hiking but its pretty scary alone! I go with one of my dogs sometimes but i prefer the comfort of another person, getting lost would freak me out, even though i have a really good sense of direction …
    the froyo looks nuts! They are building a place right by my house, walking distance, could get dangerous!!

    • With all the walking I did, girl, I probably SAW your parents property! Haha!

      Oh yes, I can foresee a problem with the fro-yo shop being literally a 5 minute drive from my house! πŸ˜•

  15. Lee says:

    I have a good sense of direction when it comes to driving, but not so much trails and stuff. I’ve gotten lost in the woods with Murphy before and also had to come out of someone’s backyard. It was actually sort of scary. I came out in a totally different place than I’d entered the park. I think it I actually wrote about it – here it is: http://inmytummy.com/2008/12/28/muddy-adventure/

  16. Paul and I both have gotten lost on the trails in the woods! =) he will never ever admit it though! and now he wants to camp? heather save me!! I dont want to go to arizona but I cant talk him out of it! bahhhhh!!!! at least its a vacation. I shouldn’t bitch. haha

    Glad the millet burgers are good oh-so-many-ways! =) and your froyo looks to diiiie for!

    so I decided that when p is deployed and i’m bored and preggo… if i’m not working i’m totally coming to stay with you. btw. totally inviting myself over =)

    • He wants to camp in Arizona?? Omg, don’t get bit by an armadillo! Those things can be vicious! Rawr!

      And you know the only place for a preggo woman is barefoot in the kitchen…so I’d be more than happy to have you over to cook for me! πŸ˜‰ Haha!

  17. Oh no… at least you were lost somewhere as gorgeous as that, I suppose… πŸ™‚
    I’ve never been lost in the woods – but I can get lost on main roads wiht signposts everywhere…!

  18. Mrs. Fish says:

    I love fro yo! We only have it a local mall, so whenever I go- I get banana with fruity pebbles. Yummy!

  19. I love getting lost in the woods! (As long as it’s not dark and I’m not alone). I hike a lot in the spring, summer, and fall, and it’s inevitable that at least once or twice a year I go awry and end up on the other side of the mountain that I wanted to be on. I just think of it as an adventure though πŸ™‚

  20. Taro yogurt is my favorrrrrrrrrrite! <3

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