Let’s Be Honest

Hello lovelies! I just read through all the comments from yesterday’s post and WOW! You guys were some busy little bees yesterday!

I was pretty productive myself! For the first time in I don’t know how long, the day seemed to kind of stretch on and on. I actually can’t believe how I managed to do everything I did!

  • worked out
  • did laundry (well, sort of…folding is the bane of my existence)
  • prepped food for the week
  • washed dishes
  • typed up my first guest post (all to be revealed soon, my pretties)
  • typed up my OWN post
  • and cleared out my Google Reader!
Is it wrong to get THIS EXCITED over such an accomplishment??
My answer is NO! 😉

The best thing about catching up? Finding some amazing posts by some of my fellow bloggers that really made me think! One of the things I love most about reading blogs is getting the opportunity to learn more about myself. It’s not always about the recipes and the drool-worthy eats, it’s about LIFE!

A few of the posts that I can’t stop thinking about:

  • And an old post of Janetha’s on Spring Cleaning from the inside out (I’ve seriously read this post at least a dozen times by now.)
  • Elise’s post on Intuition and the struggle with intuitive eating.

I love these ladies for their honesty and openness and for helping me to realize there are some things I need to change…starting now!

I am officially joining Lindsay’s Fresh Approach and claiming dinner as my meal of the day with ZERO distractions! It’s really sad how my laptop and I seem to be connected at the hip…wait, do computer’s have hips?…eh, I digress. I also really want to stop depending on technology as my sole means of entertainment. Seriously, when is the last time I read a book?! Yeah, so much for those New Year’s Intentions, huh?

Just like Janetha, I need to do a little spring cleaning of my own, a little “dusting around the broccoli stalks” if you will. Along with the stress of the new house, my eating habits have been so unpredictable and sporadic. But over the past week or so, I’ve fallen back in love with running (nothing hardcore, just a couple of 5K’s) and since then I’ve been drinking a LOT more water and becoming more aware of the “fuel” I’m giving my body.

While reading Elise’s post, I felt as if she wrote it just for me. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been so proud to see KMB grow and welcome new readers! It really warms my heart to know that there are people out there who actually care what I have to say and understand (or at least tolerate) my quirks. I LOVE that I discovered this community. Blogging is honestly the first real hobby that I’ve ever had and I find so much joy in sharing and communicating with you guys via my little corner of the blogosphere!

But I’ll be honest, sometimes “It ain’t easy being green blogging!” I’m constantly trying to think of new and inventive recipes and struggling with the daylight (or lack thereof with all the rain we’ve been getting) so that I can have blog-worthy photos! It’s hard. Sometimes I don’t WANT to take pictures of my food. Sometimes, I don’t WANT to make my food look pretty. Sometimes I just want to EAT! 

Lately, I’ve only been taking pictures of my food when I feel like it. Forgive me if the recipes aren’t rolling out quite as quickly as they have in the past, but I want to keep this blog FUN…for me AND for you! I don’t want to feel like I’m under pressure to debut the next best dish in “x” amount of time…I want it to just come to me and I want to feel excited to share it, not obligated.

Hookay! So is this the longest post in history or what?! Hope you guys are still awake out there! And well, I couldn’t put you through all that crazy rambling without sharing at least ONE foodie pic:

My dinner tonight was a PERFECT combination of sweet and savory! Notice my sweet potato in the background? I finally got around to trying the banana/avocado combo!


For my fellow bloggers out there, any tips/secrets for balancing it all?

For all my readers, what would you think if I started posting only every other day instead?

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35 Responses to Let’s Be Honest

  1. I am no good at balancing it all, I just do the best I can. Sometimes it seems like I”m doing well and others I feel like a complete mess 🙁

    I’m glad you tried the sweet potato/banana/avocado mix!

  2. lindsay says:

    balance is so different for everyone. ya know? But I am with you on the google reader thing, feels good to get it to 0!! haha. I post every other day for that reason. I can not keep up with it all. haha.

  3. Lee says:

    I think the key to balance is to post when you have something to post about. If you don’t really have anything to say, or just don’t feel like being at the computer, don’t do it. We’ll all still be here the next day or the day after that. I even have a folder in my google reader called “Do they still exist” which are for blogs that I really like but never seem to post anymore, just in case they come back.

  4. you should post whenever it feels right, whether that’s a specific schedule or just whenever. we all go through times like this, and soon it will be the other way, where you feel like you have so many ideas and not enough time! 🙂

    I don’t have a blog schedule – sometimes I just don’t do it if I have a lot going on or if crazy events happen and keep me from getting on my computer! other times I have the time to post twice a day, even if I’m busy. I try not to make it feel like an obligation, I started it for fun, right? one thing I do – I have a “blog book”, a notebook that I write ideas in. some are months old – and I will get to them… when I feel like I have nothing to do/write/make, I look in the book for ideas. I have a similar list on my phone, when I am out and don’t have my book.

    if you blog less, even for a little while, we will be here! 😀

  5. I’m still working on that “balance” thing and lately I’ve been feeling less and less inspired blog-wise, not to mention being SUPER busy… So I like the honesty 😉 Seems like a number of people are in mini-funks too!

    I know I’ll always read your bloggy regardless of if there are recipes and if you actually update every day or not 🙂


  6. Jenny says:

    O0o0 I like the avocado nanner combo on the tatter. Definitely interesting! I think that you should just blog whenever you feel like it. I blog about every other day just because I don’t always have things to say. Either way I’ll be reading 😀

  7. Thanks for the honesty!
    Some days i just don’t feel like blogging then my fingers start flying over the keys and one usually pops out but i don’t feel like i’m doing my best blog work right now
    Balance is something i’m ALWAYS striving for!
    Seriously banana and avocado? I’ll take sure word for it 🙂

  8. Missy says:

    This is YOUR blog so you should do what works for you!! I love your quirkiness 😉 and of course your recipes, but you should never feel an obligation to do it, what fun is that? Then it becomes another job and you don’t need that! So if every other day is good for you, then it is good for me. Post on what you like – if a recipe is part of it, great! If not, that’s great too! I love hearing about your daily life and thoughts! So you do what is good for you! I will still be reading regardless!
    Oh and thanks for the Twitter follow – I have so few (I am major boring!) but I did apreciate it! (missle)

  9. Thank you for pointing me to that intuition post from Elise!!
    And if blogging every other day makes you less stressed than go for it. But I’ll expect double the photos in each post! Hahaha only joking… although I wouldn’t mind =P

  10. that is such a cute little sweet potato! and what a fantastic topping combo! I’m so intrigued.

    Finding balance with blogging is so not easy. I think as long as you’re having FUN when you’re blogging, it’s all good. That’s my current plan: when it stops being fun and becomes a job, I’ll stop. AND If I’m too stressed or tired to post for a day or even two, I’ll skip it. If I lose a few readers, so be it!

  11. Tine says:

    Love your dinner! So neat!

  12. Ania says:

    Oh my, how I enjoy coming here everyday! You’re such an inspiring writer, cook, eater… person in general 😛 I always admire you for blogging every single day because I also don’t feel like showing all my food and making it pretty just for show. I think you should only blog whenever you feel like it, so that it’s a pleasure and not a duty! However, I’ve never felt like your posts are forced or anything!

    And thanks for the links, very inspiring indeed!

  13. I <3 this. (and you, of course.) And I can relate to so much! I used to document my daily eats. But, that got old. It started being too much for me – feeling like things always had to be new and inventive and pretty (not exactly intuitive!) And while I love coming up with new recipes and photographing them…I didn't like feeling like I wasn't good enough if I didn't have something exciting to share! I mean…if I didn't have my job, school, horse, and life to worry about; sure, I'd love to create and photograph all day! …but I do.
    My eating habits have been sporadic and probably not the best lately, either. I blame it on the time of year; I've got a lot going on right now! I figure once finals are over I'll have more time to be able to get back in the kitchen, so I'm just sort of rolling with the punches for now. Even if I don't feel like I'm eating as well as I usually do/like to, when I put it into perspective I'm still doing just fine in comparison! haha.

  14. I totally agree with you about blogging!! I often have to slow down and remind myself WHY I started to blog and WHO my target audience is. I don’t plan to make blogging a career (although that would be nice…) and I want it to be FUN and something I WANT to do. I don’t want to feel obligated to do it!

    So, Thank you for sharing and helping me to realize that I am not the only one with these thoughts!!!

    And sometimes I just want to eat my freakin’ food already too… While its still HOT!

  15. Finding a balance is an ever evolving thing for me. Things are constantly changing, so I never really feel that I’ve achieved it. Once I feel like I’m there, something happens to throw me off. I thnk you should post whenever you feel like posting. I go days when I don’t post anything, because I would rather post quality than quantity. I’m looking for a connection, not volume of hits on my site. Ok, banana in sweet potato…sign me up! YUM! I would slather it in peanut or almond butter too. Now I need to go get some sweet potatoes! Have a great day Heather!

  16. wow – that asparagus looks PERFECT! I don’t think the whole every-other-day thing is a big deal. Life is crazy! We get it!

  17. Kayla says:

    I feel ya, girl! I LOVE blogging, but it can be a time sucker and I’m not good at managing my time wisely, ha. That’s why posting for me has been so sporadic lately. Take a break, though, dear! You don’t need to post every day, blogging should be a fun hobby not a chore!

  18. girl post however you want!! you gotta stay happy- dont get stressed!! oh YIPPEE i love seeing my blog in your google reader 🙂

  19. No balancing act tips here, I run around with my hair on fire most of the time. 😉

    That egg… perfect. Geez. Looks fake (but delicious!).

    Great job clearing out your reader and accomplishing SO MUCH. Bravo!

  20. 1. It’s your blog so do what comes naturally to you!
    2. I suck @ balance.

  21. Priyanka says:

    I agree with the comments above, don’t stress yourself. Blogging should be fun and not seem like a daily chore!

  22. janetha says:

    I went through this same thing when I started my blog. I felt SO pressured to make food so fancy and exciting and I gained a whole shitload of weight. I went back to my way of eating that I knew worked for me, stopped posting ALL my food and just posted my meals when I felt like it or when I had something new to share. I also migrated toward talking more about topics other than food. Turns out, I liked this much better and the pressure of making food appealing at all times was lifted.

    This was an awesome post and I know you will find the balance you are after.

    Love you!

  23. elise says:

    oh girl. i just typed and deleted 4 different sentences in this comment. i am just going to instead say do whatever you want and ill support it.

  24. I really think moderation in everything is so key. There are so many GOOD things, but if any 1 of them takes over the other… then that is why things start to get out of whack.

    So glad you tried avocado/banana mix, it’s the best! Try it on a sandwich with slices of both and lots of crunchy kale! It’s divine!

  25. I would really say post whenever it’s best for you! Don’t FEEL like you have to, feel like you want to! I would totally prefer quality over quantity…but that’s just how I try to roll. Whatever works for you, girl 🙂

  26. I think every day offers a new balance challenge but if you figure out any magical secrets – help me out ok? haha! You’re doing fabulous and OMG YOUR READER!? I have never emptied mine! oh dear! I’m perpetually playing catch-up trying to keep in touch with my favs! <3

  27. I am with you 100% on this! I dove head first into blogging and it was all very exciting and new, and I would NEVER trade my friendships and the connections I’ve made through the blog…. but I had this nagging feeling that I was missing out on REAL LIFE and I started stressing myself out with not only updating my blog everyday but reading and commenting on all the other blogs I love (which are like, A BAZILLION). Taking a step back recently was tough at first, but I soon found it to be extremely therapeutic and it really took a load off of me to know that the readers are still there, my friendships are just as strong, and I can deal with the ups and downs of everyday life without so much pressure. You do what’s best for YOU, love, and I know I’ll still be here! <3 xoxo

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  29. Emilia says:

    What a great and honest post, my friend! Not scary or too shocking in the least bit– I love when bloggers are as genuine and open as they can and don’t make like seem like candy canes and rainbows (although that’d be nice, no?). I’ve thought of doing my own blogger spring- clean up as well….. clearing out blogs I have on my google reader that don’t read my blog and such. We’ll see, when I find time for it, that is! 🙂

    Yay for running! Don’t push yourself too hard. That’s my only advice, hehe. Been there, done that, and have had many injuries due to running.

    I’ve actually thought of doing the SAME exact thing– blogging every other day or when I can. With school, work and other time- intensive activities I just don’t have the kind of time as other bloggers due to post long and drawn out posts each day. We’ll see 😉

  30. carlee says:

    Oh boy! I’ve totally felt that way before!! Do whats best for you!! Just make sure to get us at least one of your beautiful foodie pics once every few days! 😉 Really though, do whats good for you and what YOU ENJOY!

  31. Before I forget:
    1) PB & J Hummus = I love you
    2) Tree of Life in banana slice = hilarious!
    3) Love the banana/avo combo, but never had it on a sweet potato = genius!

    Heather my love, I have been down this path. It’s hard to let go when you feel you have worked so hard to make your blog what it is and made so many amazing friends along the way, but guess what, we’re going to be here whenever you post, even if it’s once a week. Although I do come here for your amazing recipes, what draws me in more is your genuine heart and sense of humor. YOU always bring a smile to my face…ALWAYS.

    • Aww, thank you so much Heather! I really do love blogging and I don’t see myself quitting ANY time soon…just gotta get some sort of system going ya know! Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! It means so much!

  32. Sarah Banks says:

    I stepped away from my google reader for 2 DAYS and it had hundreds of posts! Its taking me forevveerrr to get caught up again!

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