Jam Packed

Hello beautiful people! Hope you are all having a maaaaarvelous holiday weekend! Maybe even enjoying some beautiful weather?

I made another trip to the farmer’s market first thing this morning and wow, what a difference it made! The early bird foodie catches the worm produce!

Take a basket the man said…

Fill it up with as much as you want

all for ten bucks!

Well, you don’t have to tell me twice!

Only he didn’t know I have a Degree in packing…

Hello little green beans!

Mr. Potato…I didn’t see you there!

I really feel a little guilty…

poor guy never saw it coming!


I also sampled and purchased a loaf of freshly baked marble rye!


Other finds…

Jaaaaa-uicy steebies

An oldie and a newbie!

How cute is the name “traffic jam”?

Rhubarb, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries!

After jamming it up at the market, I wanted to get a workout in, but it was too pretty of a day to stay indoors. Although I had a fantastic run on Tuesday, I just wasn’t feeling it today so I decided to knock the dust off the ol’ bicycle and take it for a spin!

Jazz hands…biker style!

There she is in all her pink glory!

Equipped with my “princess” seat

Am I the only one who gets a sore tush from a traditional bike seat?

After a good 9 1/2 miles (I know, I’m sure my butt will be thanking me in the morning!),
I needed some cool refreshment!

Hmm, did you know that S.bux DUMPS sugar in their choco milk?? Unfortunately, my much-needed refreshment had to wait until I got home to water milk down my beverage to suit my palate. Good news is instead of $3 for one chocolate milk (highway robbery), I ended up with two (small victory)!

I think I’ve done a fine job of perfecting balance in my life today because since I got home from my ride I have done…absolutely nothing! Haha! Feels great to be lazy, ESPECIALLY when you’ve already busted out an early workout!

Now, I’m going to finish the evening catching up with my favorite cereal serial killer…

Don’t worry Dex, your secret’s safe with me! πŸ˜‰

What’s your favorite TV show?
As you know, I don’t have cable, but I do like using Netflix to catch up with a few of my faves: Dexter, Glee, and True Blood!

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33 Responses to Jam Packed

  1. Lee says:

    Have you see Six Feet Under? Favorite show of all time.

  2. I’m watching Glee right now! I don’t watch much TV regularly. I have to catch up all the time. Looks like a great day at the farmer’s market! The preserves sound so good. I know Jessica’s been loving the FROG!

  3. Veronica says:

    That $10 box was a great deal–you are a master packer!

  4. That loaf of rye looks good! Well so does the produce, but carbs come first πŸ™‚

    Just started watching glee last week…on episode 16 and loving it!!

  5. Traffic Jam? That is too cute. And the combo sounds awesome, too. I think I need some Spring Valley Farms in my neck of the woods!
    So awesome that you got all that produce for ten dolla, too. I can’t wait for more produce to start popping up at the farmer’s market! …although I’m not sure it will matter because I never have time to go there first thing in the morning on Saturday :/

  6. Missy says:

    Oh my gosh! I got that very bicycle seat today!! We can be “princess twinkies” (aka twins)!!! I don’t have a helmet yet – but I am getting one soon! That is a gorgeous bike – what kind is it?
    I love the Traffic Jam – what a perfect name!! I wish we had farmer’s markets in my town like that, but sadly the one we have is very limited and very expensive.
    I used to be addicted to the show “Monk” but since it went off, I really don’t watch much TV. I stay on the Internet reading blogs, ha ha!
    I thought of you while I was in TJ Maxx today finding all my specialty foods, like “Bodacious organic ketchup”, vanilla bean paste, and Black Truffle Oil! I love that store πŸ™‚
    Have a great weekend!

    • Ahh, so jealous that you found the vanilla bean paste! Ever since I saw it on a few blogs a couple of months ago, I’ve been combing the shelves whenever I go like it’s a crime scene looking for it! Haha!

      I actually had to go out and look at the bike to see what brand it is! It’s a Hyper Wave 26. I bought it off a friend last summer for pretty cheap. It has a few quirks (like it loves changes gears on its own…especially when I’m going UP hill), but it serves its purpose! I just bought the helmet yesterday before my ride. I was taking a route off the highway for the first time and was so scared I’d get run over that I almost bought knee and elbow pads! LOL!!

  7. Hahaha- you’re so funny; I love your sense of humor! I went to the farmer’s market this morning as well…. except only with two, measly dollars. Yeah, not a good idea. I did get kale though, just what I came for! πŸ™‚

    • Hmm, two dollars won’t get you much that’s for sure! I felt so bad…there was a man there last week who I asked about some kale and he said that he’d have it this week, but I already went to the store and bought it totally forgetting I told him I would get it from him! πŸ™ Oops! Needless to say, I’ve got a LOT of produce to eat before next week! Haha!

  8. for someone who doesn’t watch tv, I actually love Glee!! Still not caught up to current though.
    that bread find is so puffy! Please tell me it was good.
    and I have a degree in packing as well. He might have failed to prohibit stacking too, which I would have done.

    • Oh yes, the bread is divine! It’s so soft and the knife runs through it like butter! I think I’m in love!

      I’m not up to date on Glee either. I used to catch up each week online, but after I missed a few weeks, it was hard to keep up so now I’m just waiting until the complete 2nd season comes out on DVD.

  9. Haha! Jazz hands was actually the first thing that popped into my head when I saw that picture of you. And I do exactly the same thing with justifying my laziness on days where I work out in the morning πŸ˜‰

    I’m one of those strange people that don’t really watch a lot of TV, but I do like me some Gossip Girl.

    • If it weren’t for the 1-2 Netflix DVDs I get a week, my television would never turn on! I watched the 1st season of GG and I thought it was pretty good! I love Blake Lively!

  10. Chelsea says:

    Dexter is my all time favorite show as well!!!! That and some Walking Dead oh man πŸ™‚ OTH is an obsession of mine since like middle school as well <3

  11. That is an awesome deal for all those veggies! You are the EXPERT packer, clearly! πŸ˜›

  12. Whoaaa I’m so impressed with your farmer’s market loot! And I really love The Office. It never fails to make me laugh.

    P.S. Thank you so much for all your amazing comments! I would looove if you did a post on your background… it is definitely a nerve-wracking thing to do haha but just so you know I’m sure everyone would really enjoy reading it! πŸ™‚

  13. tickledtofu says:

    Thank goodness for farmers market season!!! Those veggies look delightful!

  14. Lindsay says:

    Score! I love Farmer’s Markets too. They always have the best deals and you really can’t beat ’em. I just started doing the Netflix thing too and now I never turn on my TV EVER! ha! I’m obsessed with all of those crime shows like Law and Order, Bones, CSI… some of my favs. I’ve heard good reviews on Dexter, perhaps I’ll check it out. πŸ™‚

  15. Tine says:

    Nice idea, that basket!

    I LOVE Dexter. Tonight I’ll watch the last episode of the 5th season. So so good adn exciting!
    Probably the best serie I’ve ever seen!

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  17. janetha says:

    i heart dexter. and you. and all the produce. and, while i am hearting things, i may as well heart cereal πŸ˜‰

  18. True Blood is soooo one of my guilty pleasures… I would do baaaaaad, baaaaaad things to Eric! πŸ˜‰

  19. Ma Ma Megan says:

    Haha love the jazz hands! You soo need to share a slice of that bread with me pretty please..
    Me and my mom are always one of the first people at the farmers market, I like to think we get all the good stuff first πŸ˜‰
    Favorite tv show: right now, the office. I’ve just barely gotten in to it and it’s hilarious. But I also love all the real housewives shows – gotta love all that drama!

  20. I love how your other jam is TRAFFIC JAM!!! THAT IS AWESOME!! πŸ˜€

  21. Eric says:

    I like the funny stuff like South Park and the Office πŸ™‚

    FYI, a “regular uncomfortable” bike seat is actually very comfortable you just have to take a few long rides with them. Yes your bum will be hating you at first but you will love it after a while! It’s totally weird that it seems the thinner the seat the more comfortable it is!

    • I definitely am far too versed in the “your bum will be hating you” department! The last ride I took before getting my “princess seat,” I couldn’t sit right for TWO days! haha!

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