Stickin’ It To The Day

You ever have one of those days where it seems like all the fates are against you? Like everything in the world is trying to stop you from having a good day? Ever tell those days where to stick it?

Today was one of those days…but it seems like I found the perfect recipe for a good mood kind of day…

I’ve been working out pretty steadily since I joined the gym last week, but until today, I had not set foot in the gym before 8am. Well, with my work schedule keeping me at the hospital until after 7pm this week, I KNEW if I wanted to get a workout in, that it would have to be early. And actually, Β it seems like having to get up, get dressed AND get in the car is a bit more of a motivator than I thought. Before I even really felt conscious, I had a date in my mouth and was heading out the door!

And guess what! While I was at the gym, I made some new friends! After 30 minutes on the elliptical, I headed back to the activity room to make up a short circuit to run through, but when I got back there, there was already a group doing the same thing. One of them invited me to join in and the next thing I know, I’m pumping some iron hand weights!

Annnnnd? It looks like I have a new my first running buddy! We got to talking about running and I’m going to be joining one of the girls on Thursday for a 7 miler! Now…to get over the fact that I’ve only ever run 5 miles at once! Eeeek!

So after my GREAT workout and of course being on the new friend high (hey, I don’t get out much, mmkay?), I came home to my much anticipated breakfast!

Told you I knew what I was having for breakfast!

Chai Chia Oat Pudding

The verdict? Oh yeah, Elise knows her stuff! This was my first experience with the chia seed pudding texture (which took a little getting used to) but the flavors were!

Anywho, back to sticking it to the bad day!

I should not have had a good day at work today. It was determined from the beginning. Here’s what went down in bullet format because, you know, bullets always make things seem more severe:

  • First patient of the day…code “brown”…if you don’t know what code brown means, think about it…it’s brown and rhymes with schnit!
  • Second patient of the day…yells at me for 15 minutes (in the middle of the waiting room) about having to come in for a scan only to sit down and shut up when I told her she had the choice to leave.
  • Doctor on the warpath
  • Lunch postponed for 45 minutes
  • Bathroom break? What bathroom break? I don’t think that’s in your job description!

All that, and I STILL left work smiling…sometimes I let things get to me too much, but not today. I rolled with the punches and kept on going!

And then there was dinner…two guesses as to what I had…


Aren’t you surprised?!

Kashi Go Lean/Kamut Puffs, peanut flour, shredded coconut, raspberries, almond milk.

Ha! Take THAT bad day!

When is your favorite time of day to work out?
I’m usually more of a late morning/afternoon kinda gal, but with days like today, I think I could get used to early mornings!

Do you find you’re in a better mood after morning workouts?

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25 Responses to Stickin’ It To The Day

  1. Way to stick it to the day! Awesome πŸ˜€

    I totally get the friend high thing. I don’t get out much either, haha.

    I’m totally a morning workout girl. Mostly because then I feel awesome all day. But also if I don’t get it done by mid morning I get so distracted and busy with other things that there’s a very good chance it wont get done at all. I’m trying to change that because it’s better late than never right? πŸ˜›

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh yeah, I do the same things on the weekends. For some reason, I have no problem going to the gym right after work, but if I’m around the house all day and try to get up the motivation to do anything after noon, it usually doesn’t happen! Guess I just get too lazy!

      Our lives are so exciting right? I feel like I’m in grade school or something…look at me, I made a friend! haha!

  2. I suck at rolling my butt out of bed for an early morning workout but I always feel better when I do! I need to do that more often. And I’m SO much more motivated when I workout with friends!! I’m glad you met some workout buddies πŸ™‚

  3. Lee says:

    Good for you for getting your workout done in the morning. I have such a hard time with that, but it makes the day so much better. And yay for new running friends.

  4. Oh sorry you had one of those days, glad your workout went well and you got to meet some new people! My favourite time to work out is first thing and I really do find that it sets me up for the day and makes me feel good πŸ™‚

  5. Ahh, that’s awesome you’re going for a run with someone! Part of me really wants to find someone but the other part of me is worried I’d die trying to keep up, haha. That sounds so pathetic. I can just imagine myself, all hot, sweaty and trotting along, following behind some great runner…lol.
    Kudos to you for not letting that series of events get you down! Sometimes I too easily let one wrong thing set the (bad) mood for the day.
    Aaand, I usually work out first thing in the AM. I’ve been thinking maybe I’d give evening runs a shot sometime, though. we’ll see!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      I know! That’s what I’m afraid of! What if the whole time, she’s thinking, “Gah, I wish this girl would hurry up already!!” Errr, hopefully I can get some sleep tonight! I can’t believe how nervous I am! You’d think I was running a race or something!

  6. Boo! Those days suck!

    Making that chia pudding for breakfast now πŸ˜‰

  7. UGH, work sounds like a beast yesterday. Not good. Looks like you conquered it though. Good for you! I’m a morning workout girl. I love starting my day that way. Lately, it’s been a little later than I like, but my schedule is all messed up now that I’m in TN! I love the hour earlier thing, but my body hasn’t completely adjusted yet.

  8. You go girl! You tell that day where to stick it. I always find it kind of odd that sometimes the more bad things that happen during my day, the better mood I’m in… I swear I’m not masochistic…

    And I do love a good morning workout, usually around 9 or 10 so breakfast has had some time to settle. I’m way too tired after a long day to work out in the evening, and I love the high I get for the rest of the day from working out in the morning.

  9. Mrs. Fish says:

    Yay for a great day and making new friends! πŸ™‚ During the school year, I love working out right after work, it gets my frustrations out! However, I haven’t found my favorite time this summer yet.

  10. I workout early morning and love it. It’s so hard for me to now workout in the afternoons or evenings!

    Kudos to you for not taking work home with you and turning the rest of your evening into something negative! So cool that you made new friends at the gym and now u have a new running buddy! Can’t wait to hear how the 7-mile run goes!

    P.S. I finally tried the peppermint stick luna bar that you said you loved and I can’t thank you anymore! I thought it was great!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Awesome! It is definitely my TOP favorite flavor! All the other ones have paled in comparison!

      Eeek! I was just thinking about tomorrow and I’m soooooo nervous!

  11. Katie says:

    I love morning workouts because I have the rest of the day to get other things done like, work, errands, relaxing, whatever I need to do! I had those oats this morning too…weird! Mine were a bit liquidy though πŸ™ I am going to decrease the liquid by about 1/4 c. next time. I might try adding protein powder too! There are so many different options with it!

    Congrats to making new buddies at the gym! That is a goal of mine right now. I am completely friendless right now. πŸ™ I just broke up with my boyfriend of about 2 years and I am left by my lonesome. It sucks. I gotta keep my head held high though!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Yeah, mine didn’t turn out quite as thick as her’s did in the pictures, but still pretty good. The texture is definitely different though isn’t it?

      Keep your head up girlie! When my ex and I got divorced last year, it took me a while to get out there and start having a life again….as in it has just happened within the passed couple of months! You just gotta get out there and do stuff! New activities means new people and possibly new friends!

  12. Kelsey says:

    morning workouts are not always easy, but once I get into a routine, I love ’em! I do feel better for the rest of the day.

    I LOVE!!! your breakfasts for dinner :). A perfect way to fix a bad day. OR make a great day even better!

  13. So neat about your gym friends! And you’ll kick that 7 miler’s booty:)
    I am a morning workout person – I can’t start my day without one usually! But I do find I have more energy for runs later in the afternoon.

  14. I’m not very good at getting up in the morning to work out but on the days I do, I find I have way more energy throughout the day even though I woke up earlier to work out–funny how that works! πŸ™‚

  15. I am a early morning workout girl! I feel sorta tired if I don’t get to move in the morning, it keeps my energy up all day. AND a better mood πŸ˜€

  16. Ideally, I would work out early every morning, but I can’t remember the last time I went before work or school! I need to get on that again. It’s such a good feeling to be over and done with and have the whole day ahead of you!

  17. elise says:

    yea! making new friends is so fun. this is going to make me sound old, but its hard to seriously bond with people once you are a certain, ahem, age. slash not in college. slash not drunk. so i totally get the new friend high.

  18. I’m a firm believer that breakfast for breakfast, lunch and dinner can un-do any bad mojo =) even a code brown — eewwww!!!!!!

  19. I NEED and WANT to do morning workouts… that is until the mornings roll around and I don’t wanna get out of bed! But I do feel better when I actually get up n’ go!

  20. Been eyeing Elisa’s pudding every since you first posted about it. Must make soon. Sorry about the bad day, but it sounds like your new workout buddies made up for crazy yelling lady at work, right? πŸ™‚

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