Duct Tape Fixes Everything!

Hey hey guys and gals!

I am LOVING reading the stories about your first experiences with protein powders! Sounds like a lot of you had some pretty negative (and hilarious, might I add) first impressions, but hooray for sticking with the experimentation and finding flavors or mix-ins to make it work for you!

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So how about title of this post?

It’s kind of an on-going joke here in the south that we use duct tape to fix everything. Speaking from experience (my old futon was duct taped about a bazillon times before meeting the big wood-whittler in the sky), I have to say that some people are right on the money with their “red-neck engineering”!


Ok, how about a few “visual aides”?


Torn sandal straps?…Duct tape!


Faulty pumbing?…Duct tape!


Misplaced the moving truck?…

Ok, so this one was a bit of a stretch! 😉

For the last few months I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for some problems with my left hip. I’ve mentioned it a few times on Twitter, but I don’t think I’ve really talked about it on the blog, just because it’s kind of one of those “hard to explain/I swear I’m not a hypochondriac” things….ya know what I mean?

It seems that the muscles in my hip (specifically my psoas muscle and iliotibial band) hate me have a hard time learning to relax and after a few months of increasing my activity level, it got to a point where I could barely even walk without a bit of a limp. After weeks of chiropractic therapy, stretching, and massage, the doctor informs me during today’s appointment of a new approach he’d like to take!

The skepticism started when I was told to don the oh so fashionable “patient” ensemble!

Yep, duct tape fixes EVERYTHING!

Ok, ok, so maybe it’s kinesiology tape and not duct tape, but regardless, could I look like a bigger loser?! I mean, I have TAPE…on my leg!

Oh yeah, and then he says, “Now I want you to wear this for five days.”

Um, sure doc, that’s fine…wait, did you say FIVE days?!?!


Supposedly, over the next FIVE days these little magical bands will support the muscles in my hip and possibly help to alleviate the discomfort/stiffness I’ve been dealing with over the past few months.

Until then, you can find me at TJ Maxx…buying up their supply of exercise pants and tights so I don’t get any weird looks at the gym! 😉

Anyone got any totally vain “I can’t believe my doctor is making me do this” horror stories?
I once got a deep cut on my eyeball and had to wear a gauze patch for 24 hours…luckily my mom went into the pharmacy alone to fill my prescription alone and left me in the car to “hide” my Quasimodo looking face from the general public! Haha!

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19 Responses to Duct Tape Fixes Everything!

  1. chelsea says:

    All the gymnasts in my gym wear that tape! It really works like magic because every single one of them goes to a certain doctor that gives it to them haha! Just wait and let the power of the tape heal you 😉

    He’s not whack I promise you! I think it looks crazy too haha.

  2. Jennifer J. says:

    Well……I am guessing your hip will feel better. I honestly haven’t had to wear it, but I trust him.
    I have a dr story for you…..I went to the dr to talk about weighloss. She ran no tests, no medications, no referrals to nutritionist. She told me it was all in my mind and to wake up every morning for a week and to tell myself “I’m beautiful” in the mirror 5 times each day. I felt like I had tried everything before going to her….and that’s what I got in return. Smh

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Hahaha! So wait, if I wake up everyday, look in the mirror and tell myself that I’m a millionaire, would that work too?! Yessssss!

      Ugh, some doctors are such quacks! :-/

  3. EJ says:

    I think you should rock the tape in shorts. Most gym people will think you’re super bad as$. 🙂 I had to wear that stuff once after I did some damage to my IT band. It worked for me, which proved (to me) that it wasn’t mental since I completely doubted it and thought seriously of changing Drs. I don’t remember how I stumbled across your site – blog hopping I think – but I’ve very much enjoyed it. Hope you feel better soon!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Alright! Proof that I’m not walking around looking ridiculous for nothing! Hmm, bad a$$ huh? Maybe I should also tie a bandana around my head and get to work on my “stank face.” Hahaha! I’m so glad you found me, Emily! Now I’m off to go check out your site! 🙂

  4. you TOTALLY need to wear shorts and rock that tape!

    I had eye surgery once, and when I left the hospital (it was an outpatient day surgery) I walked out with gauze – they had placed that big white tape across my whole forehead, over my eye and to my ear – and another piece from my forehead halfway down my cheek! I looked like Massive Headwound Harry. 😀 It was close to Halloween, so I figured everyone thought I was in costume…

  5. Amber says:

    You can totally rock that tape… and you do NOT look like a loser!!!
    Have you looked into NMES/Estim therapy?? I have seen some amazing results where I work with this type of unit, and it may be something to look into, it’s helpful without requiring medications, etc.

    Hope you have a great night and that you start to feel better 🙂

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Thanks Amber! I hadn’t heard of that procedure before. If the tape thing doesn’t end up working, I’ll be sure to bring it up with my doc at my next appointment….sounds like it would be really good for me!

  6. Amy says:

    I empathize! I once leaned in too close to my cat and it caused a deep scratch on my eyeball. I had to wear gauze and a very attractive pirate patch….to school…at age 8….for (wait for it)….a whole week!!!! I thought I might like to die of embarrassment! At least you can hide this one? (Or maybe not now that you have it on your blog for the whole world to see….but meh, you can hide it in real life :P)

    Then there was the time I fell off my bike and Mum made me go to school with savlon spray on my leg for a couple of weeks while it healed (Savlon spray used to be fluorescent yellow!). Then when it finally healed we discovered some of the gravel had actually had the skin grow over it. I never knew what happened. One day, years and years later I just noticed it was gone (and now I freak myself out that it’s busy traveling through my veins……….)

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Bwahahaha! Oh my gosh, Amy! I’m sorry I can’t help but laugh at that last sentence! You poor thing…with the pirate comment, I can’t help but automatically wanting to call you Captain Yellar Leg! Lol!

  7. “it’s kind of one of those “hard to explain/I swear I’m not a hypochondriac” things….ya know what I mean?”

    ahaha…yeah, i know what you mean, as you may recall my “i swear i’m not a hypochondriac!” post! and up here we have the same joke about duct tape. well, it’s a joke at first…but it really does work half the time 😛

    i hope your hip feels better soon! glad you’re working towards finding the answer for it, though. luckily I (knock on wood) don’t have any crazy doctor stories, yet at least! i was debating going for my foot the other day, but it’s not bothering me anymore. (once again, knock on wood.) i’m kind of worried i need new shoes since that was the second time i had weird foot soreness after a run that went away the next day :[ maybe i’ll just tape ’em! hehe.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Haha! Girl, I think I’m in need of a new pair of shoes too…I couldn’t help but think of you and your hypochondriac post when I was running yesterday and started getting a weird pain on the inside of my…lower calf/above my ankle?? I was like…how would you Google this?? Haha!

  8. Eric says:

    Stop being old and breaking hips! hahaah

  9. Aw, I hope it feels better! Don’t feel too bad about it, my sister in law puts that stuff on her shoulders sometimes it it really helps her out! I think the shoulder thing runs in the family because she did it for my hubby when his shoulder was bugging him and it helped him too. I think people at the gym will understand 😀
    I don’t have any horrific stories from the doctor making me do something but I once burned my forehead with my hair straightener 🙁 I was in grade 12 and I just moved to that school at the beginning of the year. It was pretty awful for a couple days, haha. Thankfully my now husband just laughed at me and didn’t think I was a total horrible klutz, haha.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh my gosh!! Haha! That reminds me of the time in 5th grade when I let my aunt convince me to perm my hair and tease my bangs! I looked like some kind of punk rocker from the 80’s! Hoooooooorifying!!

  10. claudia says:

    i’ve had problems with my ITB since foreverrrrr! (or, ya know, 3 years) and when i went to the chiropractor he gave me that tape too! but you have to wear it proud, girl! you get a lot of attention because people are just like “OMG what happened?” or like “What’s that on your leg??” it’s kinda fun actually haha. But after all I’ve tried, the thing that helps the most when I have issues with my IT band is a foam roller, I really suggest getting one. and this routine also helps to strengthen the stabilizing muscles to stop the problem at the root http://strengthrunning.com/2011/02/the-itb-rehab-routine-video-demonstration/
    as for duct tape, my 2nd Garmin’s strap broke :'( and I’ve been using super glue but it keeps falling apart, I’m seriously considering duct tape now…

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh my gosh, THANK YOU so much Claudia! This info is great!! I’m definitely going to look into foam rolling for sure! And I’m totally going to rock my “tape leg” at the gym tomorrow in your honor! 😉

      PS, super glue is for amateurs…slap some duct tape on that thing fo sure! Lol

  11. Virginia says:

    I think the tape could work! Rock those gym shorts!

    My horror story was when I was pregnant with my son, my protein levels were down and I was having a really hard time keeping my blood sugar levels high enough for my baby and myself (I am hypoglycemic so it always drops) anywho, I went in for a checkup, my OB/GYN and the RN were both in there as well. My Dr was going on and on what I should eat blah blah blah and then this spews from his face, “You know that since you aren’t comfortable having sex right now, pleasing your husband and swallowing his ejaculate is very high in protein and will be great for you, baby and your husband will be thrilled.” O.O <My eyes about bugged out of my head and I looked at the RN and I think her face was as red as mine.. It was so bad, but I can look back and giggle now. I was so shocked that he actually said that to me. SMH lol.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh my GOSH!! Um, yeah…I’m pretty sure you get the award for the most awkward experience in a doctor’s office EVER!! I seriously had to read this twice just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating…ahhhh, I would have DIED!! Lol

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