Under the Influence of Apple Pie

Happy Monday peeps!

Did everyone have a good weekend?

When I last left you guys, BB and I were about to go dive head first into a big plate of my Granny’s Chicken Stuff at my parent’s. Dinner couldn’t have been better but it ended with me indulging in a bit too much apple pie and BB and I having to stay the night (whoops!)

FYI: Don’t drink and Instagram…

The following are uploads with captions over a 3 hour time period following dinner:

Homemade apple pie!

Cornbread Tetrus

Getting drunk with the parentals…so much fun!

Don’t ask me why my mom has a coffee filter on her head. 😉

Kissy Kissy

Yep, pretty sure I’m feel right now! Lol

And by “feel” I obviously meant “drunk”



Gotta love my dad!

Nice Appel dipper dined caged <3

Drunkeness and auto correct don’t mix but the pineapple upside down cake was pretty darn tasty!

After that, my phone was confiscated…

Which was probably a good thing!

This gem didn’t make Instagram but I just love my dad’s face and had to share

You know what’s funny about Instagram?

You can’t delete captions!

I swear I’m not a lush!

My weekend DID include sober other festivities…complete with a sushi dinner, trucker hats, fro-yo, and Trader Joe’s, but I’ll save that for tomorrow! 😉

What was the best part about your weekend?

Any delicious eats?

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8 Responses to Under the Influence of Apple Pie

  1. HAHA! This post cracks me up! Looks like you had a heck of a weekend 🙂

  2. I actually didn’t know that you can’t delete Instagram captions—thanks for the info! Haha I’m nervous now…Going back to delete tipsy Facebook posts is embarrassing enough! This weekend I enjoyed an especially delicious bowl of steel-cut oats with pumpkin and apple—it helped counteract the effects of the previous evening’s scotch & club soda…

  3. This is absolutely hilarious and brought a much-needed smile to my face… so thank you for that! <3

  4. Hahaha even though I follow you on instagram I didn’t quite catch those so thanks for bringing your drunken antics to out attention. Hilarious!!

  5. Hahaha you and your family are hilarious!

    My weekend didn’t involve any shenanigans like like – just a low key dinner with a friend, some shopping, and a movie night. It was exactly what I needed though!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      I think I’m actually overdue for a nice low key weekend! It’s fun to go out and do stuff, but sometimes you get back to the grind on Monday and feel like you never got a break!

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