The Luck of the Irish

Hey guys and happy Friday!

Can you believe tomorrow will really be the last day of March? It’s been a fabulous month including some delicious food, fishing, and now, my very first Foodie Pen Pal exchange!

Maybe you guys have noticed this little button hanging out in the sidebar for the last couple of weeks?

Well, last month after drooling reading over Sarah’s post on her pen pal package, I got curious enough to sign up and give it a go! And you’ll never believe who I got as my very first pen pal…

Seriously, what are the odds?!

Like she mentioned in her post, I’m not sure if it was an alignment of the stars or some luck-of-the-Irish sort of magic, but I did in fact get paired up with Miss Smart herself!

I KNEW whatever she decided to send me would be amazing annnnnnd possibly a little “out of the box” if you will since we are pretty much foodie soul mates when it comes to our quirky flavor combos.

But I still underestimated her generosity:

And her sense of color coordination! 😉

It was only a matter of seconds before I chose the first thing I wanted to try:

Her Cranberry Ginger Walnut Cookies which became the inspiration for my
Cranberry Walnut Ginger Pancakes!

I am still amazed by the flavor combination…definitely a new favorite!

She also sent along some of her Irish soda bread that had similar ingredients, but unfortunately, with the moisture inside the package, they failed to make the journey alive 🙁

Surprisingly, the locally grown apple she sent arrived unscathed and boy was I grateful!

Perfectly crisp, sweet and tart, and oh so gone in like 5 minutes!

The Oskri bar she sent was equally amazing.

The only ingredients are coconut, almonds, and rice syrup…it was like eating the inside of an Almond Joy bar! It was definitely one of those treats that saddens you when you finish it and I’m already trying to think of a way to create something similar on my own.

After all the sweet, comes the spicy…

Don’t let the “mango” fool you, the first bite of this salsa totally knocked me back a bit…but I loved it because I’m a little sadistic my love for spicy food is forever increasing.

And you have to know I saved the best for last:

The homemade nut butters she sent me made for incredible…

paper weights!

Don’t worry guys, I didn’t lose my willpower (although it was tempting), but you better believe I’m cracking these little cuties open on Easter morning! Who needs ham and deviled eggs when you’ve nut butter and a spoon?!

Just a little over a week to go!

Thank you so so much Sarah for spoiling me for my first (of many more to come) Foodie Pen Pal exchange!

If you’d like to be spoiled/feel like it’s your birthday when the mailman arrives, you too can join the exchange. It’s easy to sign up, fun, and open to not only bloggers but blog READERS as well!

I was actually paired up with a blog reader for this month, Miss Rachel Frank. Take a look at her brand new Facebook page, Life in the Fresh Lane, to see a glimpse of the goodies I sent her!

A few details of the program:

  • Open to US and Canada residents
  • You receive your pen pal pair up on the 5th of the month
  • Fill your box with local foodie treats, homemade eats, etc spending no more than $15.
  • Send out your package before the 15th of the month.
  • And then wait in anticipation for YOUR goodies!

Sound like fun?

Then click here and fill out the form to join Foodie Pen Pals for April!

You won’t regret it!

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13 Responses to The Luck of the Irish

  1. sarah sends THE BEST packages 🙂 i WANT some of those cookies!

  2. lindsay says:

    LUCKY LUCKY!! Sarah gots some serious goods! and now, you do. Enjoy!

  3. That is a seriously awesome package – that’s so sweet of her to send you so many homemade goods! Those are the best kind of goods to receive. 😀

  4. I can’t wait for you…because I reaaaly want to know how “dill cashew butter” tastes.
    Also, I kept signing up because I desperately wanted her to be my penpal. Maybe this month I’ll get lucky!

  5. Thanks for the glowing post! (And I am so sorry the bread didn’t make it…I promise it was delicious when it wasn’t also functioning as a strain of antibiotic. ;))

  6. kris says:

    wow everything looks delicious! and dill pickle cashew butter sounds so interesting!

  7. I signed up. 🙂 It’s going to be interesting and fun to find out who I get (maybe a blogger I never read before) and then trying to figure out what to put in the darn box!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Yay, I’m so excited! You’re going to have so much fun with it! Who knows, maybe I’ll get you! 🙂

  8. This made me want an apple, haha. Awesome stuff you got there! I’m participating in this month’s foodie pen pals for the first time so I’m super excited about it also. I just received my package actually, but too bad we have to wait till last of the month to post! lol

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