Breast Exams, Bear Assaults, and the Mustache Motif

Happy Friday everybody!

Hopefully you’re not getting tired of all my Blend Recaps, because after today’s post, I still have ONE more…and if you are tired of them, well…too bad! 😛

So far, I’ve highlighted the swag, the food, and the fitness, but I honestly, the most fun I had this weekend was just getting to know my fellow Blends…

I was so overwhelmed (in a good way) with all the excitement on Friday night that I didn’t even remember to take out my camera and capture some of those moments. Thankfully, Janetha took care of that for me:

Photo credit: Janetha

Actually, the only picture I have of myself all dolled up for the night is this one that I took with Sarah…after we practically grabbed each other’s arms and jumped up and down when we first saw each other!

God, I love this girl…Gingers unite!

I also snagged this one of our three hostesses for the weekend dressed in their best!

Because obviously when you get a group of foodies gathered in the same room with a table FULL of cupcakes, the sugar in the air gets to them a bit…

Lindsay and Katie might’ve been trying to introduce our sponsors for the night, but Janetha felt compelled to tell all us about the importance of self breast exams 😉

Haha! And that was even before anyone had had a bite of sugar!

But as soon as dinner was over, you better believe I got some photo documentation of
The Great Cupcake Stampede of Blend 2012:

Small children and the handicap beware!

No one stands between a foodie and her cupcake…don’t believe me? Just take a look one at Calee’s face.

Sorry girl…I HAD to! 😉
(Photo compliments of Janetha…again) 

After lunch and drinks on Saturday afternoon, Gina, Callee and I got a chance to peruse the artsy fartsy part of downtown Boulder:

Live music, homemade gemstone jewelry, Barbie shoe earrings, a balsamic vinegar tasting tent, and even a little shop that did HEENA tattoos!

You think those are anything like the henna ones? 😉

I was so envious of all the creativity and craftiness in the square…I may pin the heck out of the DIY stuff on Pinterest, but without a step-by-step tutorial, I am at a total loss…

I mean, how do you look at some fabric, buttons, and cotton stuffing and come up with this? Soooo cute!

But you wanna know one thing I AM good at?

Sexually harassing strange stuffed bears in the middle of a crowded shopping strip…hopefully BB won’t get too jealous!  😉

After our afternoon of artsy enlightenment and my bear mauling, we were off to meet up with a bunch of the other girls at Rio Grande and unlike Friday night, I didn’t forget to pick up my camera this time!

Actually, I don’t really remember ever sitting it down! Lol

Obviously a little tequila makes me snap-happy! Oh and speaking of…thanks for the shots, Christine! 🙂

Time flew by and I couldn’t believe when it time to head back for the night…

I ended up walking back to the Missions Lodge with Lindsay, Katie, Janetha, and Katy (Lindsay’s gorgeous and hilarious sister) and even though we were still full from dinner (and shots) once we stumbled upon a frozen custard shop, there was no saying no!

First time ever trying frozen custard! Um, yellow cake batter with cookies and sprinkles? Don’t mind if I do!

Once we got back to the cabins (2.5 miles later…how bout that for sobering a person up?) we changed into comfy clothes and hung out in the common area for a while snacking on food leftover from breakfast…yeah, remember me saying something about still being full from dinner? Well that goes out the window when there is a coffee table full of muffins, bagels, and homemade jam in front of you! And seriously…who’s to blame for bringing out that Oogies popcorn?!

While talking/laughing about our night out, we were surprised by a little impromtu fashion show of sorts…

“How to Strut Yo ‘Stache” performed by Courtney, Jillian, Tina, and Alyssa:

Afterwards, there was an encore which I hear is all the rage in Europe…

“The Art of the Unibrow”

(And AGAIN, thanks for the pics, Janetha!)

Are you a crafty kind of person? What is your favorite craft to do?
I guess I can’t say I’m completely retarded when it comes to creativity…I do possess SOME painting ability…but I don’t know ONE thing about operating a sewing machine!

Have you ever tried frozen custard?

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18 Responses to Breast Exams, Bear Assaults, and the Mustache Motif

  1. janetha @ meals & moves says:

    hahahahaha WHAT i am dying. what was i doing?!

  2. I love that you put the bear photo in there. Be sure to file it with all the rest of your bear photos! 🙂

    SO glad you got a pic of the HEENA tattoos.

    And I love the group pic of you, Lindsay, Janetha and Katie towards the bottom!

    PS you should send me the pix I’m in at full size sometime! When the craziness dies down. I’m still trying to compile all my stuff. I’ve got 2 more posts.

    • lindsay says:

      love that face!! Priceless!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Heck yeah! Bear folder has already been compiled…it’s next to the giraffe one! 😉

      Craziness for sure! I JUST got up my last post and I can’t believe how long it took to go through all the pics…I’m hoping to get some uploaded onto the Facebook page sometime this weekend, but I will gladly email you any of them…just let me know!

      Love ya!

  3. Also … I already “featured” that lovely pic of me on my blog … twice. So no worries. 🙂

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Haha, I know…that’s how I figured you really wouldn’t mind…and of course it’s all in fun anyway! Gotta love candid photography! 😉

  4. You got some awesome pics girl! You are welcome (biz expense right off under entertainment) 😉

    I hope you’ll share the larger pixel images with me. There are some great shots in these collages.

    I never thought I would see the day a blend retreater is harassing a stuffed bear, Janetha is doing breast exams and Calee is enjoying those cupcakes too much. LOL. Ah…. such a great time!

  5. Those sock puppets are awesome! I can’t believe were were just getting started about a week ago, can’t wait to do it again! 🙂

  6. Seriously adorable photo collages!! And I wish I had seen that artsy fartsy part of Boulder! I totally missed you sexually harassing a bear 🙁

    P.S. I want that pic of you, me and Christine!! We actually looked decent after tequila shots haha! E-mail to me?? <3 <3

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Well consider us even because I’m seriously jealous of all you ladies who got to see the farmer’s market….I didn’t even know they had one! Ha, like I needed to add anymore food to my duffle bag of swag! lol

      Your wish is my command m’dear…email is on it’s way! 🙂

  7. Ok now I’m reeeeeeally mad I didn’t she’ll out the cash monies and come see you ladies! Next year!! Now get ur ass down here miss thang

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      You BETTER be there next year…don’t make me hurt you! And I’m on my way…I’ll keep you posted on the deets! 🙂 So excited to finally get to see you!

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