Snackably Late

Hey guys!

Have you missed me? I can’t help but feeling a little guilty for my recent MIA status,
bah-UT, that’s not why I’m here…

Nope, today I’m here to parrrrrrrrty!

I just COULDN’T be left out of Jenn’s weekly shindig…especially when the theme is one of the things I’m the best at!
So, we’ll just say I’m a bit fashionably snackably late to this one 😉

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

This morning started out just like the last few mornings…I’ve recently rediscovered my love for egg white oats (post coming soon!) and have been playing around with different toppings all week! I’ve also been holding strong to having only ONE cup of coffee in the morning. I’ve found that I sip slower and actually savor it knowing it’s my only cup.

The color coordinating manicure is merely for added visual entertainment! 😉

My first “sensible snack” for the day was every bit of delicious.

I’ve been playing around a bit with the balance of my meals and snacks. I realized that I’ve developed a habit of only grabbing fruit when it comes to snacktimes. While it IS a healthier option than say reaching for a bag of Doritos, I like the fact that I can replace an apple with TWO CUPS of veggies and only have eaten a fraction of the calories and sugar I’d get from the fruit!

And let us take a minute to appreciate the thirst-quenching/sweet ‘n salty combo of cucumbers, baby carrots, and pistachios…so good!

For lunch I amped up some packaged butternut squash soup with crumbled tempeh and some smoked paprika (dust of the gods) and enjoyed it with some leftover roasted brussel sprouts that I made over the weekend.

Delicious…nutritious…and oh so filling (yay for protein and healthy fats!)

On my way to the gym after work, I tried a new-to-me Pure bar flavor, the cranberry orange. I liked the combo, but my heart still belongs to the blueberry!

After the gym, I wasn’t feeling very hungry, but I knew I needed to refuel my muscles after a great chest and triceps workout. I had the last of my Nectar protein sample packs…the Apple Ecstasy. I like the fruity protein flavors for after a workout, because honestly, the thought of drinking anything remotely resembling milk when I’m all hot an sweaty makes me want to gag. I have to say this one was pretty tasty…nice and tart with a little sweetness….definitely reminded me of SweeTarts!

For dinner, I REALLY wanted to make a cauliflower crust pizza (I actually thought about it during my workout) but after reading through the instructions, I realized I was going to run out of daylight/chew my arm off before it was finished cooking.

Instead, I decided to grill up a portobello mushroom and make one KILLER sandwich.

Toasted bread

Crisp Spinach

Grilled Portobello

Farmer’s Market Tomatoes

Smooth Avocado

Toasted Bread

The perfect combo of textures and flavors…the perfect celebratory end to this kind of party! Now, I just have to decide if I’m going to actually make that pizza tomorrow or have another one of these! 😉

What “sensible snacks” did you have today?

What is your favorite savory spice? sweet?
I could live the rest of my life with a bottle of smoked paprika and a bottle of cinnamon and never have a single regret!


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22 Responses to Snackably Late

  1. Carly says:

    First comment! (I saw your link because it was one above mine) anyways; I love thinking of what I’m going to eat later when I workout, especially when I’m swimming because it distracts me. I have to give a shoutout to Trader Joe’s for my favorite spice which is their African Smoke Spice Grinder (so good on sweet potatoes and really any roasted veg).

  2. I think a lot of time I choose fruit over veggies as a snack because it’s so much easier for me to grab an apple, butI don’t always have cut up veggies ready to go, you know? It’s all about being prepared!

    You have the most ADORABLE little snack bags too. Love it 🙂

  3. I do the same thing with fruits for snacks – and I’m definitely trying to switch to veggies if I can. Goodness knows I don’t need the extra sugar! My favorites are chopped veg and hummus, lettuce wraps, or carrots/celery dipped in nut butter (seriously amazing).
    Love your snack bags – are they lunchskins?
    Also, I love the way you color coded your description of the sandwich 🙂 Fantastic!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Mmm, carrots and nut butter were meant to be for sure! The bags are called WasteNot Saks…I found them on etsy, but here is they’re website: I’ve had them for about 4 years now and they are still as great as the first day I used them!

      Glad you liked the color coding…I thought it was fun! 🙂

  4. I’m the exact same way with snacks! I always grab fruit to snack on, but never veggies. I think it has something to do with my raging sweet tooth. 😛 But I find that if I pack some sort of dip, I’m more likely to snack on veggies.

    Also that sandwich looks killer!

  5. Oh those photos look appetizing! I use cinnamon allll the time. Not sure about savory spice, a do like cayenne I guess 🙂 for some heat!

  6. I know you I said in your instagram you should make me breakfasts. But you should also come make me lunches and dinners, too, kthx 🙂

  7. katie says:

    You make amazing pancakes and killer sandwiches! In fact, where are pancakes?! I have not seen them around 😉

    Happy Thursday girl! I hope your week is good! <3

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Aww, thanks love! I know…I have totally failed as the Pancake Queen lately…but I feel a comeback coming soon for sure! 😉

  8. Good choice for dinner! I was the same way last night. I was like a ferocious beast going through the kitchen last night. The kids were being all goofy and I had to ask them to leave the kitchen so I could make me some dinner! Your eats look perfectly delicious! Oh and I’m a cinnamon girl and I’ve been loving red pepper flakes on my savory eats lately. Just the right amount of heat! I hope you have a great Thursday Heather!

  9. Marie-Sophie says:

    Looking forward to that egg white oatmeal post! I have never made them as the thought of just dumping egg whites in, stirring and then eating has always freaked me out. I guess I don’t want to eat them remotely raw?? But since I like more natural protein sources in my breakfast and can’t always have cottage cheese in my oats (tummy ache), I would love to have the option of egg whites!!

    • Marie-Sophie says:

      OH, and my sensible snacks have been pretzel&chocolate and an organic yogurt with peanut butter – and a banana later on! Also guilty of the “snacking on fruit” thing … I think I am going to carry some baby tomatoes with me next time!!

  10. Mmmmm…I heart that soup! I love the sweet potato, it’s my fave!

  11. That sandwich does look tasty!
    Where did you snag the apple protein drink…sounds delish 🙂

  12. Yum at your portobello sandwich! Looks like a burger, deliciousness.

  13. I love the little bags you always put your snacks in! Where did you get them?

  14. yum. i’ll have what you’re having.

  15. I had some lemon Chobani today. And I cannot live without CUMIN!!!!

  16. That sandwich looks SO GOOD!!!

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