When Foodie Met Foodie

If there is one thing the man-friend and I love,

Old Chicago PizzaBella Nashville PizzaMichael's PizzaPizza

It’s Pizza.

Sushi 1. Sushi 2Sushi 4Sushi 3Sushi 3.1

Or it could be sushi.

Froyo with The Man-FriendFro-yo

Sweet CeCe's FroyoNo…no, it’s definitely froyo*

Let it be known that HIS is the one with the fruit…and this is the ONLY pic I have of a cup of his since he’s usually a quarter of the way through it before mine even gets to the scale! Ha!

Or maybe it’s…

FoodiesBreakfast, carrot juice, fish and chips, white wine, ice cream, grilled deliciousness, German food, southern grub, or freshly popped popcorn 


Whether it’s firing up the grill at homerelaxing by the laketraveling to fun and exciting cities, or  going to Sam’s for “lunch”, we definitely know how to get our grub on and get it on good. We both love trying new cuisine, get excited for weekend trips to the farmers’ market, and could spend HAVE SPENT hours shopping for fun foodie finds! I never hesitate to share with him one of my newest creations and he never fails to hide his enthusiasm for my love of cooking…even if that means advertising my blog to his friends everyone we meet! 😯

I’ll admit it, the first thing that lured me in (besides his super sexy thumb and forearms…did you see those?! ;)) was his energy and how passionately he spoke of his food experiences while traveling to other countries (he’s seen a LOT and I’m totally jealous!)…but I was putty in his hands the minute I realized  I didn’t have to break out Wikipedia to explain quinoa, chia seeds, or kombucha! And as I think about how we cuddled on the couch last weekend, watching episodes of Best Food Ever and totally dreaming up vacation destinations based on what we were currently drooling over, I can’t help but smile.

WIAW TealBe sure to head on over to Peas & Crayons, where Jenn knows a thing or two about being a good foodie and hosting the best shindig to hit blogworld since overnight oats! 😉

Does your significant other (or closest friend, if your single) share your foodie enthusiasm?

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46 Responses to When Foodie Met Foodie

  1. Jessie says:

    ..and if theres one thing I love it’s drooling over all your delicious food photos every single freaking day 🙂 Sadly, my husband doesn’t share the same food love with me 🙁

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Aww, thanks girlie!! So sad to hear about the hubby’s “affliction”…surely there’s a vaccine or some remedy for that! I mean, has he even TRIED one of your amazing smoothies?!!?

  2. Um this is absolutely ADORABLE!! I’m so happy you met a foodie!! Dave loves food, but he definitely thinks some things I eat or talk about are weird. And he doesn’t like cottage cheese so I almost disowned him when I heard that…. 😉

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Hahaha!! I have to admit, I only came around to cottage cheese within the last year or so…I used to be totally turned off by the texture of it! Aww, I love Dave! You should get him to do another post soon!!

  3. Lucie says:

    I am so happy for you that the man-friend is also a food-friend!! There’s nothing better than share your passion with someone you love.
    Sandro is a Foodie too, but maybe not as much as I am or not as healthy 🙂

  4. I don’t have one at the moment but it would be a prerequisite! That is one heck of a load of pizza 🙂

  5. That’s so nice to hear. I’m so happy you have someone to share your love for food with! I know that I bond with ANYONE who I can spark up a conversation with about recipes, foodie finds, etc. Have a lovely day, Heather!

  6. That is the best!!! When you can share a mutual love, especially for food with your loved one 😉

  7. Fran@BCDC says:

    It sounds like a match made in heaven, Heather!! I still have to explain certain foodie/vegetarian things to Ralph. But I must admit, he always thinks about Me finding things I can eat when we are out or when we’re traveling. I’m lucky. I pick Pizza!!! Have a great day!

  8. My hubby loves food too, but we do have very different tastes.

  9. My OH LOVES FOOD. So much, like, more than me, which I didn’t think was possible.

    I reckon we talk about food 80% of the time. Oh wow we sound super cool.. not.

    Our faves are pizza + fro-yo too. Let’s double date?!


    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Haha! Yeah, I’d say our conversations are about the same…80% food, 15% work, 5% “other” 😉

  10. Haha, I’m a sucker for a nice set of forearms too, and it’s the first thing I noticed about my now husband 😉 It’s so nice to share a passion/interest, especially when it’s food! Sounds like you have a wonderful relationship.

  11. You guys are so cute! And I think I spot a chin too… 😉
    But seriously, I love it.

    I do have some foodie and fitness interested friends (obviously! 😉 ) and I love that it never makes for dull conversation – we ALWAYS have something to talk about!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      I know, right? Speaking of…any chance of you sliding down my way any time soon? You, me, and Brittany need to meet up!!!

  12. Aww omg you guys!! you are the most adorable duo! and btw- those pictures of pizza and then sushi and then froyo- my eyes were huge as i was scrolling down! i love that you two share a passion for food! my boyfriend and i are the same way- we love exploring new types of food and restaurants. like when we are trying to decide where to eat on a saturday we tend to pick a global location first (chinatown, little italy, middle eastern, african etc) and then we narrow down our choices from there.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      That’s a great plan to have! I wish our town was more sectioned out like that…it’s more of everything spread out everywhere! I’ve taken to camping out with Yelp for a bit before the weekend so I have a few ideas in case nothing else jumps out at us…hey, always good to have a backup plan! 😉

  13. cutest ever! I’m so happy for you to have found someone who ‘gets’ you. SO important. As someone who has never dated anyone, I can’t speak to my nonexistent significant other, but I’m hoping to find someone who understands my preferences and the things I like and dislike, etc, etc, blahblahblah.

  14. My boyfriend eats macaroni & cheese, top ramen, and frozen pizza. But, he’s always compliant when I force him to eat “weird” things. Good man.

    I love that your new man friend is so into food. It’s a pretty awesome passion to share, because food is kiiiiind of important in life. And those forearms- whew ;).

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Sounds LIKE a good man! I swear I could never be with someone who wasn’t at least open-minded when it comes to food…my dad is a total stick in the mud and it aggravates me to no end! One of his last complaints/comments at the table: Why can’t we just have “regular” lettuce (ice berg) instead of all this fancy shit (spinach)! Omg dad, get with it already! Lol

  15. Even though I’ve just had my lunch, I now want pizza with froyo for dessert. Yummmm!

  16. Aww, I love how you guys have had such a bonding over food! Eric is definitely not a foodie. When we first started dating, he told me that he saw food as a daily necessity and nothing else – when he was hungry he would ate what was available and didn’t really care about what it was…in his university years, that meant a lot of frozen fettuccine alfredo, canned chili, cereal and ramen noodles! Fortunately, I’ve been slowly but surely turning him to the foodie side of things…he ‘usually’ likes the dinners I make for him and likes going out for dinner dates. Fortunately he was a huge fan of sushi before we started dating, so he had that going for him 😉

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Thank GOD!! Saved by the sushi love! Lol I definitely put away my fair share of “convenience foods” when I was in college…I practically lived off cereal and pizza rolls for 2-3 years! If only I had had YOU to cook for me!! I would have been a foodie long before now! 😉

  17. That is so great that the two of you can bond over food. And a man who knows what both quinoa and chia seeds are? Dream… Sign me up! 😉

    I had determined that you are trying to taunt me with all of that frozen yogurt goodness… Then I got to your collage and what was the first (and only) thing that caught my eye? The cookie dough ice cream! Seriously. That’s the only picture I even looked at and that’s all that I can think about now. So thanks 🙂 I can’t even imagine how distracted I would be if you put a picture of the actual ice cream INSIDE and not just the container!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Hahaha! This totally made me crack up! As for the ice cream? About 10 minutes after that picture 2/3’s of the container was demolished between the man-friend and me…it wasn’t pretty…but it was OH SO DELICIOUS! 😉

  18. Foodie love. It’s such a beautiful thing.

  19. Now I am REALLY craving veggie pizza AND popcorn. I wonder how that happened?? 😉

  20. Lisa says:

    Foodie love between friends or spouses is the best. My friends definitely share my love for food which is awesome.
    That’s always awesome to get more bonding time in surrounded with food.

  21. purelytwins says:

    luckily being twins, Michelle and I do share the same love for food.
    my husband on the other does not really care, sometimes he does but not often, so when he shows more interest it makes me happy 🙂

  22. Okay you guys are seriously so cute. That’s awesome that he’s a foodie too! I don’t think I could ever NOT date a foodie. Otherwise I think I would drive a guy crazy with my constant talk of food. 😛

  23. This post was pizza porn at its finest! 😉

  24. This is adorable!!! My significant other is…non existent. My mom is my foodie partner in crime, and we are forever happy cowing and bookmarking recipes for each other (we share a pinterest board for what we want to make haha) I have decided though that if my future husband isn’t a foodie, he WILL be (or at least a sensitive vegan guy 😉 ) hahaha

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Haha! Well, since I’ve only started to embrace my food lovin’ ways in the last 3 years or so, I can totally vouch for the fact that a foodie CAN be made…given the right environment! And with your amazing dishes, that won’t be a problem AT ALL! 😀

      I love that you and your mom share a Pinterest board! What a great idea! My mom and I both have a subscription to The Food Network Magazine and are all the time talking about the dishes we see that we want to make…though we rarely ever commit to it! Lol

  25. Awwr gush – a match made in foodie heaven 😀 It’s always nice to have something to bond over, whether it be food, fashion, or collectible Star Trek figurines… I have to admit that being a foodie isn’t necessarily on my list of need-to-have qualities in a guy, but it would definitely be nice not to have to feel like a goofball for wanting to photograph a meal every now and then 😉

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Right? It’s funny, the last few times I haven’t taken a picture of something, he’s given me such a puzzled look! Lol I have to say, I’ve never actually sought out a foodie before…I just got lucky with this one! 🙂

  26. Lee says:

    While Jason and I don’t always eat the same way, he’s definitely open to trying any foods, which makes me happy.

  27. Not only good-looking and kind but also a fellow foodie for fancy food forages*? Clearly the best match ever and I’m SO happy for you, Heather. Now get a passport please and join him on his next travel to Germany so I can join your shenanigans, okay :)?!
    My last boyfriends weren’t interested in food other than it filling their stomaches. Though finding a foodie would be nice all I’d ask for would be somebody who’s at least up for cooking meals together every now and then.

    * I know this isn’t usually a nice term but please bear with me for the sake of alliteration to the max ;).

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Haha! Oh my ally in alluring alliteration…how I lovvvvvve you! See what I did there? With the A’s AND the L’s? Ohhh, you liked that didn’t you! 😉

      I have to agree…even with the best of the best restaurant adventures, the most fun has been when the man-friend and I have cooked (or grilled) together at home! And I will DEFINITELY be getting myself a passport very soon…I’m almost thirty, it’s about time I started seeing the world! Oh my gosh, I can only imagine the fun that would ensue from frolicking around a foreign land with one of my favorite foodie friends! Hot DAMN, I must be butter ’cause I’m ON A ROLL!!! 😆

  28. So glad that you have found someone who enjoys the same yummy looking food as you do! Twice the photos for us to drool over!

  29. Allie says:

    I <3 the HLB community largely because I DON'T have a good nearby friend that shares my passion for good food! (Well, other than you ;D) So glad you & the man-friend can share that–and froyo. Mmm, froyo. And I never manage a picture of my frozen treats for similar reasons–it's half gone by the time I remember cameras/phones/the outside world exists…

  30. Kat says:

    this post is too cute!! yes my hubby does share my love of food…except his food is not as great as mine lol He craves the junk…think twinkies, In ‘N Out and those nasty oatmeal sandwich things. We do love going out to eat together though, but we never get anything close to similar! Except the one time that we both got tostadas. I just about spit my water all over the waitress when my hubby ordered it lol

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Haha! Too funny! I can almost see the look on your face! But seriously? Oatmeal cream pies? You mean there are people out there who actually LIKE them?! Ewww!

  31. We are both blessed to have men who appreciate our enthusiasm for food! 🙂 I really NEED to meet him!!

  32. Damn girl, the man-friend has some nice forearms and big hands…so long as he knows how to use them, which based on the glowing recommendation of this post, I gather he does. I like man-friends that make you this happy.
    The Hubby doesn’t necessarily share my passion for food, but he is totally supportive of it and makes an excellent, willing and able sous chef. When I woke up from my much needed nap today, I found him freezing blueberries for me. Now that’s love.

  33. Amber Schaefer says:

    When are you gonna post a picture of your man-friend!! We all wanna see him 🙂

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