Week In Review: The Vacation Edition

Hey guys! Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a FANTASTIC weekend! I’m recapping my vacation today and I’ve got a LOT to cover…so let’s get to it!!



 At 3am, running on fumes and maybe a few questionable energy drinks, the man-friend and I finally made it to Florida…but not quite to our destination of Panama City. Instead of driving another hour or so and waking our friends in the middle of the night, we decided to tuck into a little hotel, get a bit of shut-eye and meet them in the morning a few hours…

Egg & I Breakfast


We went to a little place called Egg & I and I swear, it took me FOREVER to decide what to get…there were so many choices! I ended up going with the Wild Mushroom & Veggie Hash topped with poached eggs and feta with rye toast and tomato hollandaise on the side. I wasn’t a fan of the sauce, but omg, that skillet…one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever eaten out! And I just HAD to get a picture of my friend’s Banana Nut Waffle topped with bananas, strawberries, and whipped cream…isn’t it gorgeous?!


Vacation: The Man-Friend and Me

On Sunday, we planned on spending the day at the beach since we didn’t really get much time the day before, but about an hour after I took this pic, a “monsoon” came out of nowhere! So instead, we lounged around the condo snacking and watching crap TV until it was time for dinner…


Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from our meal when our friends suggested we go to Schooner’s beach bar for dinner, but I was pleasantly surprised with myself AND my entree creation!

I wasn’t really feeling any of the salad combos on the menu, so I decided to get a little “obnoxious” for a change and make something of my own. I took their Greek Salad as my base, kept the sun-dried tomatoes and kalamata olives, nixed the capers and the croutons, added red onions, substituted feta for mozzarella (Really, why would you use anything else on a GREEK salad?!), and topped it with a seared tuna steak!

Schooner's Seared Tuna Salad

Helloooooo gorgeous!!


Vacation Pool Time

Yeah, this pretty much explains Monday. 😉


Vacation OIAJAfter finally getting to sleep LATE, I enjoyed some deeeeelicious OIAJ on the balcony and then spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out with our friends before it was time to part ways. We piggy-backed on the end of their vacation but then made plans for some solo time in Gulf Shores. We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn which wasn’t a bad place (though I wish our balcony had faced the beach) but the best part?

Water Station Hilton Garden Inn

Coffee AND TEA in the morning and FLAVORED WATER the rest of the day! Oh, and do you see those little baked goodies under that dome back there?

Mixed Berry Oat Bars

Mixed berry oat bars with dried blueberries, dried cranberries, white chocolate chips, oats, and a little sprinkle of sugar on top…they taste like muffins…they taste like scones…they make you wanna

Smack yo’ mama!!

I had one of these every.single.day we were there (and may or may not have snuck some home with me). I actually asked the staff where they got these and after an EXTENSIVE Google search, came up with nothing so now, my mission in life is recreate these babies!


On Wednesday, the man-friend asked if I wanted to go shopping to which I answered, “Eh, not really, but if you really want to go…”


Two and a half hours later HE was dragging ME out of the stores! See? I told you I have a problem! I mean seriously, the ‘gators had to frickin’ CHASE me away!

Alligator Attack

After my narrowing encounter with death, we came back and spent some time at the beach/pool, but then we were out AGAIN for some nighttime fun…

Putt Putt GolfI totally kicked the man-friend’s ARSE in putt putt!

Arcade FunBut then he redeemed himself in skee ball AND air hockey!


On Thursday, I decided to get up early and walk the beach so I could watch the sunrise…

Sunrise over Orange Beach

It was breath-taking!

Originally, I had thought I’d go back to bed after snapping a few pics, but I actually had to walk pretty far down the beach to get a good view so by the time I was done, I was pretty energized…

Hotel GymMight as well make the most of it, right? 😉 Oh and for the record, that’s just some REALLY good lighting…no way my arms are that ripped! Lol

Then it was time for breakfast!


Yogurt, berries, and PLENTY of peanut butter for me…

Hotel BreakfastOverpriced hotel bar buffet for the man-friend! For the record, he said mine was probably better! 😉


I got up early again on Friday to watch the sunrise and soak up as much of the sun, sand, and ocean as I could before we headed back to Tennessee. It was a LONNNNNNG trip home with lots of traffic and mayyyyybe a small detour to catch up with this gal…


I only wish we had had more than an hour or so to spend together! Time went by WAY too fast!

So, if you made it through all of that…CONGRATULATIONS! Come back tomorrow and I’ll give you a sticker! 😉


 But for now, how about hopping on over to Meghan’s neck of the webs to see what everyone else was up to last week!

Do you ever get “obnoxious” when ordering at restaurants?

When was the last time you played putt-putt?

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31 Responses to Week In Review: The Vacation Edition

  1. People quite often roll their eyes at me whenever I order anything at a restaurant particularly my boyfriend. I’m always like I’ll have this but can you change, this, this and this and add this instead 🙂

    That veggie hash looks and sounded like it was so good! Looks like you had a very relaxing and wonderful week. You are making me crave a holiday badly!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Well hey, the way I see it is if you are out and PAYING for a meal, you might as well be totally satisfied with it! I just make sure I’m super nice about it…you know, so I don’t end up with some kind of “special sauce” or anything! Lol

  2. Lucie says:

    That holiday looks like so much fun! I LOVE that pic of you with the gun. I swear there is no one who can make a better Lara Croft face expression than you!! 🙂
    I always have some special wishes at the restaurant but since I always ask soooo friendly, there is no way they can roll their eyes 🙂
    btw, the food (except the hotelbar breakfast) looks so good!!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Alright! Lara Croft! Now I feel even MORE like a badass! 😉

      And I do the same thing…I make sure to ask nicely and say please whenever I’m overhauling the menu…don’t want to risk getting a garnish of spit ya know! Haha! Ewwww!

  3. Yay for being an obnoxious orderer!!! I do it everywhere. I’m paying good money – why not get what I like? 🙂

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      EXACTLY! And I couldn’t help it once I started reading over all the different ingredients they had on the other salads…I still can’t get over the fact that their Greek salad had mozzarella on it when the kitchen had feta the whole time! Honestly, I think they could have benefited from a little broccoli advice, but I didn’t want to overwhelm them with my creativity! 😉

  4. Glad that you had a great vacation! As for orders, it depends on where I am…if I’m at a chain or a roadhouse or something I have no problem with being creative with my order, but if I’m at a fancier or high-end place I leave the dishes alone and order as-in…I figure the chef must have paired them together for a reason!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Thanks girlie! And oh yeah, I feel the same way when it comes to nice places! I think the chain restaurants tend to lack a bit when it comes to creativity. I used to have this notion that what was on the menu was the only option, but luckily Laura opened my eyes to customization! Hey, I figure if I’m PAYING for something, I might as well get what I want!

  5. i find it funny, not surprising and totally acceptable that you of course met Sarah in a grocery store. #foodbloggerproblems

    it looks like you had a great vacation and i really hope you relaxed and enjoyed yourself! welcome back to the real world though. boo. haha

    ps. i totally always steal goodies from hotels!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Haha! I know, right? I have to admit I was a little excited to see an Earthfare for the first time too! And those Reed’s kombuchas that we ended up buying were SO good! I’m gonna have to look for them at Whole Foods!

      PS, glad to know I’m not the only hotel klepto around here! 😉

  6. Whoop! Gold star for me! 😀 Especially since reading your recap is giving me serious vacation nostalgia and making me miss my last trip to the beach! Those sunrises and sunsets? Omigosh I don’t think I could ever get tired of those. And I’m pretty bad when it comes to ordering at restaurants… I blame my allergies though! I usually end up having to customize my order and ask the waiter like 5 times if he’s SURE there are no peanuts in my dish… Maybe I’m a bit paranoid, but one trip to the hospital was enough for this girl!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Paranoia is TOTALLY justified in your position! I’d be nervous too! I’m just glad I don’t live in Hawaii or something (did I really just say that?!) where tropical fruits (read: kiwi death fruit) are really popular or I’d have the same problem!

      And I swear, there is just something about sunrises and sunsets over the ocean. I mean, the colors are gorgeous anywhere, but I guess when you’re in such a relaxing and calming environment, you just soak it in more! Ahhh, I want to go back!

  7. Emily says:

    Gold Star for me! I actually loved every ounce of that recap, even though it left me dying for a vacation. So jealous!
    I’m glad you and the man-friend enjoyed yourselves. You deserved it. (:

    And that breakfast skillet looks/sounds AMAZING.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Aww, thank you Emily!! Big FAT gold star…with glitter and sparkles…for YOU! 😀 And seriously, I’m gonna have to learn how to make a good hash because I’ve been dreaming of that breakfast from the moment we left the restaurant! Lol

  8. Ahhh looks like SUCH a fun week!

    Your salad creation looks awesome – I totally agree, who doesn’t use feta in a Greek salad?! That’s just plain weird! I feel like I’m always obnoxious at restaurants because I have so many flipping allergies and I make the server run back and forth to the kitchen so that the chef can answer my questions haha.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Thanks Chelsea! And well in YOUR case, it’s a matter of life and death to be obnoxious! Just let someone try to argue that…I’ll show ’em! Lol

  9. Hey girl somebody better call the vet because your pythons look sic! Good lighting, my ass.
    I want your Monday. I think it’s abominable someone would use anything other than Feta on a Greek salad, and I have a great scone recipe with orange zest, cranberries and whit chocolate chips. Tastes kinda like a scone, kinda like a muffin. I may have to impart this recipe with you.
    You look way too at ease with that gun, and I think you should have rode that alligator. Show ’em who’s boss. I’m glad you had a great vacation. Much deserved my friend.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Hahaha! Omg, I haven’t heard that python comment in forever! Love it! And thanks for making a gal feel good! 😀

      Yes, you MUST share this recipe you speak of! Seriously, cranberries and white chocolate chips are my favorite!! I’ve always loved them in cookies, but hell, forget the cookies, “scuffins” are where it’s at now! Lol

      Oh, and thanks for not making me feel like a moron! Apparently I didn’t get the memo that WIR wasn’t going down today…I didn’t even think about it being a holiday until I woke up for work this afternoon and remembered I had to go in an hour early (our holiday shifts run 7-7…boo for 12 hour shifts but hell frickin’ yeah for some time and a half)! 😉

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  11. That looks like a pretty great vacation!! OMG, that waffle… yum! Haha, I had to chuckle at your comment about that monsoon… such typical FL weather! It’ll be sunny & hot one minute, then dark & pouring rain the next… or sunny & pouring rain. LOL! Makes me miss living there. Never been to Panama Beach though. Glad you had a great trip!! 🙂

  12. Oh friend.. with my allergies, I’m so obnoxious when ordering! lol! I’m so jealous of your beach time and that you got to see Sarah! xoxo

  13. Jamie says:

    I think I would consider myself obnoxious every time I’m at a restaurant 🙂 I went to PF Changs the other day and ordered the beef and noodle salad without the beef and noodles and added chicken and extra lettuce! The waiter definiteky thought I was insane but I wanted all the other goodies that came on that salad lol

  14. jen says:

    So, did you ever find the recipe for the oatmeal bars of goodness?! I am in a Hilton Garden Inn right now and have had one of these cookies every night. I am leaving in 2 days and do not wanna go without some cookies!!! I have googled, came up empty!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Omg, so you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about!! I wasn’t able to find any recipes that I thought were close…and I don’t trust my amateur baking knowledge to try it myself. I have a baker friend who was supposed to help me out with it…I think I may need to hound her about it since I’m down to two in my freezer (yes, I “stole” them on my way out)! Haha!

  15. Jill says:

    Please let me know if you figure out the recipe! I have been on a google hunt too and have come up with nothing. I even took a cookie home with me to try to deconstruct it and then make them myself. If I get close, I will let you know but please do the same. Thanks!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh of COURSE!! I’m not much of a baker, but I’ve got a friend of mine on it…which reminds me…it’s time to start pestering her again! 😉

  16. Stacy B says:

    So it’s 5 a.m. and I’m in a Hampton Inn instead of a Hilton Garden Inn at the end of a week long trip to FL. And I had the HE I Welcome Bars on the way down and woke up thinking about them. Wondering why, oh why, weren’t there rooms at HGI last night so I could taste their yummy goodness one last time. . .

  17. Rozina Williams-Castor says:

    OMG! I’M going crazy … I can’t believe nobody can HELP us figure this recipe out. I have been to STAR BUCKS, PANERA BREAD and any other bakery. I am trying anything that look like them. PLEASE ! PLEASE! HELP! I’M A WOMAN IN NEEED:)

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Ok, so it’s not the SAME thing, but I will say that I had one of Nature Valley’s blueberry soft baked oatmeal squares the other day and it totally reminded me of these! It’s a little softer/not as dense but pretty darn close to what I remember! 🙂

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