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Confessions of a Pancake Queen: The Rockstar Edition

Testing…testing… Geez, is this thing on?? *clears throat* Happ-yyyyyyyyyyy PANCAKE Sundaaaaaaaaay!! Um, yeah…so it’s been a while, huh? I was honestly starting to think that after SIX months, I might never flip again! But lo and behold, here I am! That’s … Continue reading

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Falling for Summer

Happy Friday, pumpkins! Wait…no, no, NO!!! Ok, I enjoy fall as much as the next pumpkin-obsessed foodie. I mean, it IS my favorite season, but this summer just went by WAY too fast! The weather here didn’t get too hot, … Continue reading

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Rockin’, Flowin’, and Zippin’ Through the Week!

What uhhhhhhhhhp?! Happy Thursday broccoli fans! I know, I know…I have entirely too much energy right now…on a Thursday morning…but that’s probably becawwwwwse I just had a cup of coffee the size of my face in order to assure myself … Continue reading

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