Winter Rants & Other Rambles

Hey hey, it’s Thursday!

Annnnnnd cue the randomness!

Snopocalpse Winter 2014.jpg

Behold: Snowpocalpse!

1. It sleeted and hailed all night Sunday and come Monday morning, we had one gigantic sheet of ice UNDER about two inches of snow. And whatever has thawed in the last couple of days only refreezes each night. I swear I lose a life each and every time I have to skate my way through the parking lot at the hospital…

Elvira Winter 2014 Snow.jpg

2. Or when I have to hike up the mountain that IS my driveway! Poor little Elvira has had to sit out in the cold every single day this week while I pull out my ropes and harness in order to make it to the front door!

Crazy Tennessee Weather

3. But get a load of the forecast for the next week! LOOK AT TOOOOOOOESDAY!?!
Yep, that’s Tennessee weather for ya! And for all my metric friends out there, 68°F = 20°C…yeah, I know!

Grocery Haul

4. I was honestly a bit surprised to find eggs still on the shelf when I went to grab some groceries the other day. And yeah, let it be known that I only went in for EGGS!

Question: Anyone tried these Al Fresco sausages before?
‘Nother question: Who wants to come over for breakfast?

Bring biscuits!

5. I actually ran by the store after my doctor’s appointment. Remember how I told you guys I was going to be seeing a therapist for my insomnia? Well how about during our next appointment, he wants to HYPNOTIZE ME!! After being asked if I would be comfortable trying this technique, I laughed a little and said BRING IT…just don’t make me bark like a dog! 😉

P28 Bagel with Blueberry Jam Quark & Bee Pollen

6. After Meghan linked up to an article on bee pollen the other day, I took my bottle out, blew off the dust, and sprinkled it onto yes, ANOTHER bagel! This time with blueberry (jam) spiked quark which I’ve decided that I sorta kinda like…but only when it’s mixed with sweet stuff.

7. A friend told me about Molly Gabraith’s 28-Day Love Your Body Challenge that’s currently going on this month and even though I’m a few days late, I’m totally jumping in on this! I think I’ve come leaps and bounds in the area of self-love since this summer, but lately, I’ve been feeling more of an indifference toward my body with the occasional, “ohhhh look at ‘dat ass!” and well, to be honest, I’d like the scale to tip a bit on that…pun definitely NOT intended!

Very Vanilla Vegan Pancake FAIL 9

8. So how about Tuesday was National Pancake Day…and the Pancake QUEEN did
NOT celebrate?! #fail

Sorry guys…I’m still just not feeling it!


9. Oh and speaking of feeling…I FEEL like I’m coming down with a cold! Not sure if it’s the weather or my friend’s son who sneezed all over me the other day, but my throat has been sore ALL week. Needless to say I’ve been sucking down Emergen-C like it’s my job. Favorite flavor? Pink LemONNNNNade! 😀

Use coupon code QQQ940 for a discount at!

10. Since I started cruising through all of the “moody” playlists on Spotify, which have a LOT of incredible indie tracks I might add, I’ve realized something…Lorde is pretty freakin’ awesome! I know, I know…I’m behind the times, but I don’t care, especially when I have this song on repeat!


Thank YOU to Amanda, my savior for Thursday post ideas! Now hop on over to Spoons and see what everybody else has on their minds this week! 😀

What song have you been loving lately?

Who wants to join me in the Love Yourself Challenge?!

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32 Responses to Winter Rants & Other Rambles

  1. I’m a few days late too, but I will definitely join in on that challenge!

  2. Julie says:

    I like the idea of adding some jam to your quark… and I still need to find some of those P28 bagels!

  3. I broke out my bee pollen after Meghan’s post too! I’ve been eating it with berries and a drizzle of honey to pre-game breakfast. Must try it on toast this weekend! With my ATL Fresh Greek cream cheese. 😉

    I will come over for breakfast and you don’t have to make me pancakes. Be there in about 5 hours. What time is breakfast for you, anyway?

    GET HYPNOTIZED!!! I’m so curious. See if he can make you think mustard tastes like maple syrup. Can you imagine the #strangebutgood?!

  4. I would take the weather you have ANY day next week, not just the 68 day! lol

  5. It is supposed to be in the 60s here in Nebraska this weekend and it is almost scary just how excited I am about it!!

  6. Bring on spring! I’m ready for it. sunshine and flip flops are some of my favorite things 😉 But at least the snow is pretty? haha

  7. I need to get me some bee pollen! It’s everywhere these days. I heard it taste very nature like lol – would you agree?

    I feel ya regarding the weather – I live in Canada and it’s ridiculously cold every day and there’s snow and ice everywhere!

    I currently love the song Latch by Disclosure – so good!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      It does have a unique flavor that I know a lot of people say takes getting used to, but I think it has a nice sweet taste to it…great with the tangy flavor of Greek yogurt!

      Seriously, I think you have to have some sort of superhuman abilities to withstand those temps in Canada…I would die!

      Just checked out that song – I like!! Off to check out some of their other stuff! 😀

  8. OMG please write me a long letter about your sleep study!
    And I’m working through the first three challenges today. Talk about me being a nuttzo…someone on my FB complimented me and I cried. Yes, cried. WTF?! I swear its my hormones (can I blame them for EVERYTHING?)

  9. Anna says:

    I have tried that chicken sausage and I love it! Their other flavors are good too. I put them into soup or pasta and it always adds a delicious little kick. And, I too, am an Emergen-C fiend. Maybe it’s psychological but I feel like it really helps.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Ha! I was thinking the same thing…especially since the packets I have expired about ummm, a year ago? Oops! Haha!

      I was super impressed by the sausage too! This of course was just the breakfast variety, but I know I will definitely be tracking down some of the other flavors…even though I’m not much of a pasta person, I can definitely see their roasted pepper and asiago being perfect with some pasta and homemade marinara! 🙂

  10. Noooo! Do not want to see pictures of snowpocalypses and Arctic wastelands! I only have a couple more days left in Hawaii, and I’m not looking forward to going back home 🙁 BUT! I -just- checked the forecast back in E-town and it’s actually supposed to be on the POSITIVE side of freezing when I get back. Okay. I can handle that. Still… spring can’t come soon enough.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh good! Those temps you were talking about before you left for your trip made my bones hurt! I swear I wouldn’t last one winter day in Canada! I’m still UBER jealous knowing you’ve been basking in the sun under palm trees while sipping tropical deliciousness all week! Couldn’t you have given me a heads up so I could make it in time to stowaway in your suitcase?! Sheesh! Some friend you are! 😉

  11. That’s so cool you’re going to be hypnotized! I’m really interested to hear how it goes. Maybe someone can hypnotize me to be able to sleep in past 6 am on weekends. 😛

  12. I think I definitely need to join in the love yourself challenge. It sounds like a good one.

    I’m yet to try bee pollen. It has always been one of those ingredients that just a bit too ‘out there’ for me even though I love my nutritional yeast and a bunch of other things ppl would think are out there too.

    Umm WTF is going on with your weather? (thank you for the conversion) That is bizarre to have snow then such a warm day. What the hell?

    I went to an uber expensive sleep therapist years ago and he gave all the usual tips: get up and go to bed at the same time even on weekends (don’t think with your work this is possible), cut out caffeine, take a warm bath 2 hours before bed, write down everything you are thinking about, only use your bed to sleep in e.g. no reading, being on your phone or watching tv. All stuff I’m sure you’ve heard all before. Fingers crossed the hypnosis works for you.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Yes!! Totally check out the challenge! I’m a few days behind now, but I’ve really been loving it so far…gets you to really dig deep and stuff, ya know? And yeah, obviously I’m the queen of eloquence! 😉

      Seriously, if you’re a nooch lover, then bee pollen is NOTHING! A lot of people say the flavor is “earthy” but I think it’s actually pretty sweet and it didn’t take me HALF as long to get used to the flavor compared to nutritional yeast!

      Weather update: How about Tuesday (today) ended up being 80F (27C) instead! Woo hoo! This is my island in the sun! <- Wait till the end! 😉 The MD I originally went to said all the same things too! I made sure to let the therapist know right away that I had tried all of the "traditional" methods and that continuing a night shift sleep schedule was not appealing (since it's incredibly lonely to be the only one awake at 3am) and that's when he mentioned the hypnosis and training the body to slip into a trance-like state. I'm a little anxious/nervous about it, but at this point, I'll try anything! Ha!

  13. I wish I could empathize with your weather problems…okay so that’s a lie hehe. But at least you can work on your frozen parking lot skating skills. 😉 I have been neglecting my bee pollen lately, it used to be a staple, I need to move it to the front of the fridge so I remember it is there. I haven’t been feeling pancakes for a while now, but I am fully on board the waffle train. There is just something much more satisfying about crunchy waffles over soggy pancakes for me right now.

  14. That weather definitely IS crazy!! We habe way to warm temps for the season over here but I don’t evem dare to complain – I love it!!
    I hope your throat is better soon, don’t get sick lady!! Just keep on eating those delicious bagels – I discovered pollen in Spain and I loved them!
    Lorde IS byond famtastic!!! Tennis Court is on repeat since January.

  15. I also missed pancake day, which is LAME. I blame it on the fact that there seems to be conflicting info on national pancake day – get your shit straight people so I can celebrate pancakes!

    I’m the same boat with my momma minivin when it snows. My driveaway is on a slight incline so no way that motha is getting back up it once she’s down! OVER the cold.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh I know what you mean…those damn food holidays can be so confusing! I think there’s like three or four different ones out there!

  16. Naww always thinking of others by doing the maths for us with those conversions 😉 But…..that is incredibly random. From snow to 20 degrees? Geebuz. I am confused.

    Guess what. There is a legitimate egg shortage in Australia. The signs posted are quite humorous and I’d laugh, except I kinda sorta really love my eggs. So…that breakfast invite. IS it still open?

    Song I’m loving- well not loving but it’s always on at the gym is that Shakira and Rihanna song.

  17. I’ve been hypnotized. When I quit smoking, and it is not at all like I suspected. Do it, and email me if you’re really curious. Oh, and it worked too since I’m still not smoking.

    I ordered a pound of bee pollen (over kill much?) and am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival. I can’t wait to pollinate everything. I totally mean it like that!!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Bahahaha! Omg, I just spit on my computer screen! Hahaha! I love you, woman! So much! Let me know what wild ideas you come up with to use the bee pollen with…I bought my little bottle over a year ago and still have pretty much the whole damn thing left! 😯

      I’m nervous/excited/anxious to see how my next appointment will go…wonder if I could get him to video tape me? Lol

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