That Weekend Where I Joined a Cult…

Happy Monday, loves!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! After doing practically NOTHING on Thursday and Friday, and then being out of the house almost all day Saturday, I’d say this weekend had the perfect amount of balance!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last linked up with The Diva and all her merry Monday friends so howabouts we do some recappin’ marvelous style??

Marvelous is…

Walk at the Park - Book

Walking, reading, AND snacking at the park in, are you ready for this?? SEVENTY DEGREE WEATHER (21°C)!!!! 😀 It was such a fabulous day, I couldn’t understand why more people weren’t out, but I took advantage of the solitude and blazed through about seven chapters in my latest book…which is kind of a big deal since I’m a slow reader. Where’s my sticker?!?

Marvelous is….


Finding another way to break in the new food processor with a new-to-me ingredient…and tasting LOVING every minute of it! Review AND recipe coming soon!

Marvelous is…

Girls Night at the Movies

Dinner and a movie with my girls from work…and getting a chance to rock my new somewhat smooshed red lipstick!

Macaroni Grill - Wild Mushroom & Goat Cheese Flatbread

Dinner: Wild Mushroom & Goat Cheese Flatbread from The Macaroni Grill…and wine and bread…of course there was a LOT of bread!

Holy Flatbread!

Flatbread to scale! 😯


And the Moooooooooovie!!

Wanna know the trick is to watching a movie AFTER reading the book and not leaving pissed because they ended up changing so much? Just have a memory of a goldfish, like me, and let three or four (mmm, Four!!) months pass after you’ve read the books. I swear I didn’t remember like 50% of the damn book! For what it’s worth, I think Four was pretty yummy…I mean the movie wasn’t crummy! 😉

Marvelous is…

Elvira's Tattoo - Raja Hot Yoga

Elvira’s new “tattoo”…nevermind that she is in desperate need of a bath! Let it be known that I have NEVER placed a bumper sticker/decal on ANY car I’ve ever owned! This is SURRRRRRious!

Raja Hot Yoga Month

And my new commitment to go to hot yoga even MORE! I never even set foot in the gym this weekend! I went to yoga every day and even sat in on two of the satsangs, or open discussions after class and really enjoyed them. Oh and I also finally invested in one of these so the probability of me eating the floor is much less now!

So yeah, I guess I’m drinking the Koolaid…but mark my words, I will NEVER stop shaving my legs and wearing deodorant! 😉

Marvelous is…


Getting a DEEP TISSUE massage scheduled at the last minute…unfortunately, it was right before work last night, but after having some unexplainable back pain last week, I didn’t want to take any chances. Going to yoga all weekend helped a LOT and I actually thought about canceling, but I’m glad I kept it because holy moley, that was one of the BEST friggin’ massages of my LIFE!

For any locals out there: Massage Envy…ask for Josh!

What did you get into this weekend?

Anyone else go see Divergent?
Team Fourplay! 😉

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29 Responses to That Weekend Where I Joined a Cult…

  1. Fun weekend! That flatbread pizza looks amazing! I could totally go for that for breakfast now! 😉

  2. Yay for so much Yoga!! It sure is one of my favorite workouts too.
    I can’t wait for that recipe!

  3. Hot yoga will always be one of my favourites. And I haven’t Divergent yet, but I’ve been hearing mixed reviews so I’m a little iffy on it! But ohmygod, massage…ya, I could go for one of those.

  4. That pizza looks fantastic, although I’m always a big sucker for anything with mushrooms. I try to make it to yoga at my gym at least one night a week, I always find it such a relaxing workout, it looks like you will be able to get in lots of awesome yoga!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh yes, relaxing indeed! But I will say that after four days, I can definitely feel some soreness in my quads…that I’m a pretty happy to complain about! 😉

  5. KAT says:

    I want Divergent NOW but Ive just been so freaking busy!! Although now that I know how the 3rd book ends… I’m kind of hoping they go no further than this movie. I don’t need to be bawling my eyes out in a teen flick. Not that that would be the most embarrassing thing Ive ever done in my life. There was that one time I fell off the treadmill at the gym….

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      No way!!! Omg, that is one of my worst fears! I totally saw a kid eat it a few weeks ago! He just jumped right back up and dusted himself off, but I wanted to run over and be like, “ARE YOU OKAYYYYYYY?!?!” Haha!

  6. I went to my first ever hot yoga class last week! OH MY GOODNESS I feel in love! I love that you had a great weekend! I get to see you next weekend!!! We need to talk books. I need suggestions. I’m a sloooooowwwww reader and I need something that will get my attention. Hugs friend!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      YESSSSSSS! Oh Sarena, I’m so glad you know what I’m talking about…I swear I’ve always thought yoga was nice and all, but until I tried HOT yoga, I just never really knew! I’m seriously addicted and yeah, part of me is going to miss it next weekend, but I’m sure I’ll forget all about it when I’m burning my booty with you at glute camp! Haha! Can’t wait to see you again, love!

      I’d definitely recommend Dogs of Babel by Carolyn Parkhurst for a good, suck you in and keep your attention sort of book. I read it in like 3-4 days! And The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is on my to-read list since I saw the movie trailer this weekend! Amanda (Running with Spoons) loved it and I’ve always found her recommendations to be spot on with my tastes!

  7. juli says:

    Where did you get that coffee mug? Love it!!

  8. Ummmm Four was yummy in a MAJOR way. Ohhh man. His tattoo .. *swoon*. I wish I had the funds to support my yoga obsession, I would love to spend all my time at the studio. But like you, this girl is never stopping the leg shaving. No way no how.

  9. 70 degrees?! Jealous!!! It’s still freaking cold here in MI and we’re supposed to get snow over the next two days. Done. Done. DONE.

  10. The weather was soooo nice while it lasted. Stupid bi-polar South. I’m cold today!!! It better warm up for us this weekend. I have adventures planned!

  11. That is a marvelous looking weekend 🙂 I have not seen or read Divergent yet. I love to read the books first even though it usually makes the movie a disappointment. It will have to wait until the summer though so I can get through the end of the semester! I had a pretty great weekend as well. I visited some old friends and my sister-in-law flew into town for a quick visit. I am ready to be back to the grind though.

  12. Ooh you and hot yoga are at the bumper sticker stage now, huh? It must almost be time to meet the parents! 😉

    That mushroom flatbread looks fabulous!

  13. Oh please like you shave your legs and wear deodorant now. I know better. 😉

    I love me some hot yoga; keep talking about it, and I’m gonna have to find a class. I’ve got regular yogas on Wednesday but since it’s still frigid here in Cleveland, some hot yoga might hit the spot. Bow chick a wow wow.

  14. I need those balls. I don’t even care what flavor they are, I need them in my mouth.

    And now that I’ve been inappropriate enough for the both of us, happy Monday!

  15. Purelytwins says:

    miss hot yoga, we need to start taking classes again!

  16. Girl, it looked like you did have a marvelous weekend! Jealous.
    Reading, pizza, seeing Divergent, hot yoga, and a massage?!
    Switch me places! Pretty please. 😀

  17. Ohhh I just got a new food processor so I might need to break mine in that way, too 😉

  18. I saw the movie, but luckily I read the book a few years ago when it came out, so I also didn’t remember enough to be pissed.

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  20. That is without a doubt the KEY to any movie adapted from a book- never see the film first. This new method of waiting time…genius. Confession- I still need to start on it- it’s been dancing solo in my kindle for a while now….

    I’m loving how you’ve embraced yoga- There are 6 studios within a 1km radius of me. SIX. Maybe it’s a sign…

    PS That is a decent serving of flatbread pizza.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Hmm, I don’t know Arman…six is a bit ominous don’tcha think? How many fro-yo shops?? 😉

      Only decent if there were potatoes on it! Lol

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