Pretty F-ing Marvelous!


HOW is it Monday already?!

Sorry I’m not sorry for the abrupt intro, but DAMN! Is it just me or does it feel that the further we get in the year, the shorter the weekends get? Thanks for nothing, Daylight Savings Time! Figure out how to “save” me an extra 24 hours in there somewhere and THEN we’ll talk!

Nevertheless, I can’t think of any other way I’d rather have spent the last few days…they were full of fun times, friends and family, and of course some fantastic food. I guess you could say this weekend was…


Pizza with Bacon & Feta


I swear it’s there (under all that bacon those other scrumdiddlyumptious toppings)! Ok, I have to confess, I wasn’t sure if it was gonna work with the other toppings, but my friend convinced me and man, as soon as I got that “pop” of flavor in my first bite, I was SOLD!

Lily Flower


What would a weekend be without at least ONE walk? Made even better with perfect weather (sunny with a light breeze) and great conversation with a friend. I just HAD to snap a picture of the lilies they had at the beginning of the trails…one of my favorite flowers!


My back and shoulders put up a good fight, but they were NO match for my dreadlocked, gauged-ear masseuse at the spa the other day. Thank you, Josh, for making me feel like I’d been beat up when I woke up the next day helping me walk like a normal person again!

Me, Mom & ToriMe & Dad


Remember how I mentioned that we would have to postpone our Mother’s Day celebration since my mom had to work all last weekend? Well, yesterday, we all got together over at my parent’s house and had a great time!



And as tempting as it was to knock off Mr. Tom Strut-Your-Stuff-ALL-Over-The-Front-Lawn…we opted for another fine feathered friend when it came time for dinner!


Mother's Day Plate


This parmesan crusted chicken (sounds gross, tastes amazing!) with corn on the cob, steamed green beans, roasted red potatoes, cucumber and onion salad, annnnnnd a Hawaiian roll…am I the only one out there who is a complete sucker for these?

Fruit Salad


And of course, what family get-together of mine would it be without a fruit salad the size of a small child? I got the idea of adding mandarin oranges from some of the pre-made (read: incredibly overpriced) fruit bowls in the produce section and now I’m thinking all future fruit salads will HAVE to have them! Served up alongside some fluffy angel food cake and some leftover whipped cream, it was delicious!


Season three of Game of Thrones is now behind me. And…? I feel…? I just have to say…Davida said it ALL in this comment!


I could’ve had this “F-ing” post up this morning after I got home from work, BUT that would’ve required at least another hour and some sort of miracle in the brain power department. I said forget that and opted for sleep instead. And now that I’ve been up for a couple of hours…I’m going to start my day right…by going BACK to bed! 😉

Give me three F’s from your weekend!

What is your favorite flower?
I love almost all lilies, but calla lilies are my favorite!


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32 Responses to Pretty F-ing Marvelous!

  1. So many F words in one post!! 😉 Love your cleverness with words. Family was a big part of my weekend since I went home to see my brother off for his big move to KC!

  2. Hilary says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the feasting! My oh my I can not get enough of this cauliflower pizza! My new favorite! Cheese, cheese, cheese!

  3. KAT says:

    Omg those flowers are GORGEOUS!! Gerber daisies are my favorite… they were my wedding flower as well 😉
    Lets see… three Fs…..
    Friends… fellowship…. and FREEDOM!!
    Sometimes you just have to get some sh*t off your shoulders, let it go, and be free of it 🙂

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      A – to the FREAKING – MEN, SISTAH! I know exactly what you mean…the feeling is incredible! Aww, this makes me so happy for you! 🙂

  4. Cute post 🙂 My weekend was Funny, Frolickiing-y, and Fanfreakintabulous!

  5. I F-ing love your Fs. I just with my weekend had involved my favorite F. 😉

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Haha! What? You mean to tell me there was no membership to the mile high club on your trip back? Well! 😉

  6. Confession: I don’t know if I’ve ever had a Hawaiian roll. I’m assuming that’s a bad thing. And I’m with you on the calla lily love! It’s always been my favourite.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh lord, your world (or at least the way you look at dinner rolls) will be forever changed the moment you do! It’s like a traditional yeasty dinner roll but with a little added sweetness…and it goes great with ANYTHING!

  7. Last week you kick me in the crotch with your title, this week you twist my balls with all this F-ing language.

    Three F’s for me this weekend: f-ing, flaunting and frolicking. Hey, you asked. 🙂

  8. Fantastijazzical! That was my weekend 😀 Even more so because it was a long one, whiiiich I probably shouldn’t be rubbing in, especially since you guys will have the last laugh when you have next Monday off. Ugh. Jerks 😛 But holy Toledo… there’s like 2 weeks left until Blend! Can.not.COPE!!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Welllll, everyone but me! Damn hospital! Don’t they know we’d like holidays off too?! But ohmigosh, I seriously get all bouncy every time I think about Blend…gah, I’ve GOT to get shopping!

  9. Cat says:

    Just look at that f-ing PIZZA! Ok my weekend: Family, Food, and getting F-ing sunburnt! The sun always seems to take us Brits by surprise 😉

  10. Fantastic! Fucking sad! And Flowers!

    That was my weekend 🙂 Fantastic day and eve with Laura, Fucking sad cause she had to leave and Flowers are coming out everywhere – and I LOVE calla lilies as well, so beautiful!!

  11. I remember my friend way back in first year of university convinced me to try feta on pizza. I loved it!!

    Three Fs from my weekend:
    1. Friend time when I went out to dinner at Lettuce Love Cafe with my bff.
    2. Freaking out during season 3 of Breaking Bad
    3. Food (and lots of it!) at JZ’s cousin’s birthday party

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Sounds like an f-ing fantastic weekend to me! I’ve yet to catch an episode of Breaking Bad, but I’m thinking I might have to jump on that train soon…you know, now that I’m like 10 years behind everyone! Lol

  12. There has been a lot of FRUIT and FETA in my life lately 😉 There has ALSO been a lot of flying!! I’m headed to Nashville this morning so I wont’ be toooo far from you!

  13. Calee says:

    Your fam is pretty f-ing cute! Also, your pizza reminded me that I finally figured out that I can make a sauceless pizza that doesn’t suck and isn’t just another substitute pizza. Here’s how: replace sauce with pepperoni. 😉

  14. Pretty Flowers!!! And I NEED a massage. ASAP

  15. Missy says:

    Best intro to a Monday post EVER.
    Actually that’s kind of what runs through my mind first thing every Monday Morning.
    Working on that attitude, lol.

  16. What a FU–N weekend you had. Gimmie all the fruit salad!

    My favorite flower is a hibiscus probably because I have an obsession with traveling to Hawaii.

    AND I even have a favorite accent flower, antique lace. Because I’m pretty sure it’s like a weed so I couldn’t really call it my favorite flower. Yeahh let’s go with that.

  17. Looks like a marvelous weekend all around! Lillie’s are my favorite flower, I can’t wait for mine to start blooming :). Looks like Mother’s Day celebration was worth the wait, I hope your mom agreed! Hawaii rolls are just too good, as is fresh corn on the cob.

  18. My weekend was pretty flippin’ fantastic, because I was finally able to go swimming! 😀
    My favorite flowers are lillies. 😀

    Gah. care to share some of the food? 😉

  19. Myra says:

    Cut the angel food cake into wedges then place on the grill till grill marks appear. Taste’s like a toasted marshmallow. Spoon fruit and whipped cream on top. F-ing delicious!!!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      OMG, that’s genius! I’ve GOT to try that!! Funny, I was just telling my mom that day all about the beauty of grilled pound cake! 😉

  20. Pretty effing marvelous indeed buddy! I wish you did kinda eat that turkey though….and feta on a pizza- I’m abit torn with that- It really is dependent on the type of feta, some turn into dry rocks!

    3 F’s from the weekend- Friends, Food (Yum cha and dim sum- oh so good!) and felines? This stupid cat gave me the stink eye on the way to the supermarket. I should have eaten him.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Hmm, I bet he would’ve gone great ON the pizza! Haha! And I’m not sure, since I’m new to the whole feta on pizza world, but I think the trick may be putting it under some of the other toppings/more cheese…maybe it helps keep the moisture in?

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