Marvelous Endings & Beginnings

Happy Monday, loves!

I hope you all had a fantastical weekend full of everything your mind and body needed! Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the beginning of June definitely took me by surprise, but as I look back on the weekend, I realize there couldn’t have been a better way to end one month and begin another…of course I’d have to say it was pretty marvelous! 😀

After a successful trip to the farmers’ market (as in I didn’t come home with fourteen bajillion things), I made it to the gym, got another much-needed massage, and treated myself to the best nap EVER! Then…? It was time to get together with the besties!

Selfie with Besties - Ladies Night

And just as we brought IN the month, we rang out May in style!

We used to have the hardest time getting all three of us together, but thanks to a change in jobs for one of them, the weekends are free and clear…and you have no idea how incredibly happy that makes me! There’s already a plan to get together again in TWO WEEKS!

Ladies Night - Wine & CheeseA little after 7pm, we clinked our first glasses. And while bestie #1 uncovered a tray of the most delicious tuna salad (with added sesame seeds!) bites, bestie #2 was digging out surprising us with presents…more coasters to add to the collection! I about lost it when I flipped through them and found the one on the top right…just like the towel I was kicking myself for not buying at wine fest!

As the girls settled in, sipping their glasses of Cajunfest, I set to work on a little cheese spread. Three of the five were part of my Atlanta haul from back in April (I may or may not have had to scrape off some blue parts…eh, a little extra penicillin never killed anyone!) along with a few others from the illustrious “cheese drawer” (clockwise from the top left): Cantealet, mozzarella, blue shropshire, bruschetta Jack, and blueberry stilton (the favorite of the night)! I also toasted up some whole wheat pita bread that I scored off the bargain bakery rack for just 80 CENTS!

We chatted up into the wee hours of the night, reliving old memories and catching each other up on all the latest gossip. Time flew by so quickly (as it often does) that I didn’t even realize it was nearly 2am by the time I said my last goodbye!

Obviously a good night with my girls is JUST what I needed for a kick of motivation to start a new month! I ended up staying up pretty late so I didn’t get started until around 2pm (hangover-free, might I add!), but once I got going, I couldn’t be stopped!

Food Prep - Farmer's Market Veggies & Cauliflower Pizza CrustsKnowing that I leave for Blend in only THREE SHORT DAYS, I knew I’d need to do some meal prep if I wanted to keep all of my fingers get through all my perishables before Thursday, so I set to work…chopping, roasting, boiling, food processor-ing…until a little over an hour later when I had one impressive spread!

I even salvaged TWO MONTH old head of cauliflower and whipped up a few of Laura’s cauliflower pizza crusts…and yeah, I totally cut off the black parts…please see reference to penicillin made above! 😉

Cauliflower Art

There was even time to stop and admire some fine art! I think I see an amoebae! Oh snap, I’m an imaginative genius AND I made a rhyme! 😉


And to top it ALL off, I kicked off the month with one helluva cardio sesh! And guess what? The elliptical didn’t kick my ass! Actually, I went UP in the resistance a bit! Yay for progress…and selfies…and running into my therapist while I was a hot sweaty mess?!
😯 Uhhhh…

What was the most MARVELOUS thing from your weekend?

When’s the last time you ran into someone looking like a HOT MESS?

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19 Responses to Marvelous Endings & Beginnings

  1. Isn’t girl time the best?!

  2. Hilary says:

    YESTERDAY ! I was a hot mess, playing a soccer game with one sub and 40 minutes halfs! It was quite the cardio sweat session!

  3. I spent all of yesterday afternoon in the park for a picnic to celebrate my friend’s birthday. It was so much fun—such a treat to be outside and enjoying good weather. I didn’t even realize how much I’d needed that!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Ahhh, I love it when you get that feeling! It’s amazing how revitalizing a good dose of fresh air can be!

  4. I can’t wait to see you in just a few days!!!

  5. Girl time is the best! I wish I got to see my best friend more often, so we could do more of that!

  6. My marvelous thing from this weekend was…your happiness 😉

  7. I slipped on some ice when I was walking home from the gym at my college a few years ago so I was a hot mess (with a concussion and a bruised tailbone) as I was taken by ambulance to the ER where I worked at the time. I got to see all of my coworkers, and of course the EMT who picked me up was smokin’ hot.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh man!! Ending up in my ER is one of my worst fears…like, oh god, don’t let it be laundry day! 😯 LOL

  8. The cheese I get but 2 month old cauliflower?! Actually, I’ve baed questionable cauli before (heat kills and bacteria!)… but I’ve never had one last that long withouht being eaten. I really love cauliflower.

    OMG. 3 days!!! I need a dress!

  9. Ahh, girls nights are so fun! I met up with my bestie for a drink Friday night, which is always nice. Highlight of my weekend though was surprising my mom with Cirque du Soileil tickets for her birthday.

    3 DAAAAAYS! 😀

  10. I love a good girls night – especially when wine is involved!

    The most marvelous thing from my weekend was definitely going on a wine tour by bike in Niagara on the Lake. Looks like we both had a wine filled weekend. 😉

    Ok I think I’ve said “wine” enough times in one comment haha.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Haha, well how about I WHINE about how I think you’re wine filled weekend trumps mine! Seriously…a bike tour? In Niagra?! Obviously my invitation got lost in the mail… 😉

  11. Hooray for marvelousness. I’m glad to see you kicking ass and taking names. And if that’s a recent gym picture, which I’m sure it is, you ain’t got shit to worry about.

    I never look at a hot mess (cough, cough), but I do hate when company shows up unexpectedly because I’m never wearing a bra and sometimes I’m without pants. You know how many big windows I have too, so it’s pretty damn hard to hide.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Hahaha! I thought of you today….I got out of the shower and went straight to the kitchen to get prep some food…and forgot I wasn’t wearing any clothes until I looked up and realized I was in front of the ONLY window in my kitchen! Oops?

  12. GiGi Eats says:

    GIRLLLL you make me want to treat myself to the most amazing massage and nap ever! AHH HA HA! Have so much fun at Blend! I am pretty bummed I cannot attend! 🙁 I’ll be looking for your recap!

  13. LOLOLOL. That would have been pretty epic- bumping into your therapist at the gym.

    I once saw my maths teacher at a garage sale….and said maths teacher would parade about in his BMW and show off his cartier watch. Um….you can prep cauliflower crusts? I need to try that out! I only make mine from scratch. And all that in an hour? I’m proud.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Haha, nice! Yup, Laura does it all the time…just bake em up, let em cool, and pop those suckers in the freezer! Bam! 😉

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