July: The Month of Selfies & Sunsets

Geez, Louise!

Wasn’t it just like…July 4th?? I know, I know…I feel like a broken record saying that every month but wow, I just can’t believe another one’s behind us! You know what that means…time for another monthly wrap-up aka “Currently” post!

It’s no secret that I’ve been a little MIA in the kitchen lately…truth be told I’ve just been feeling kinda lazy. How about we blame the summer heat? Honestly though, I’ve just had so much going on in my life lately that I don’t even realize I’m hungry until I’m HANGRY. Cereal for nearly every meal it is! So there may not be very many foodie pics in my library at the moment, but hey, I’ve got plenty of selfies and sunsets! 😀

July - Selfies & Sunsets

Current Book:

I’m almost done with the Bride Quartet Series by Nora Roberts! I devoured the “make me wanna eat ALL THE FOODS”  so I made a mad dash to the library before work last week to pick up the fourth and final book (see middle selfie above) annnnnd? I’m already halfway through it!

Current Music:

Yes, I’m STILL playing the Arctic Monkeys’ album on repeat. No I still can’t pick ONE favorite song.


Current Guilty Pleasure:

Nature Valley Greek Yogurt Bars

Actually, I feel guilty for not feeling guilty! Those coconut protein bars aren’t the only goodies I’ve been enjoying from my Nature Valley friends and you guys, I am totally smitten with these strawberry Greek yogurt bars! When when faced with anything yogurt-covered, I’m all like, “IN MY FAAAAACE!” but typically, those type of snacks aren’t very filling…hence the reason I can put down an entire bag of yogurt-covered pretzels in a minute. But these bars have a good amount of protein that leaves me satisfied for at least a couple of hours. And? It tastes like a friggin’ PB&J!!

Current Nail Color:

 No comment. Stupid freaking nubs!

Current Entertainment:

Orange is the New Black + Wine

Seriously, WHY is this show so freaking addicting?! With only FOUR episodes left, I have to say this season is even better than the last!

Current Wish/Needs:

An idea of what to buy my sister for her birthday…in EIGHT DAYS! 😯

Current Food:

Super Stack Sandwich

Look! I can eat something other than cereal! I told you folks, the STACK is BACK! I’ve had a sandwich for dinner every day this week and nope, not getting tired of it! Also, I’m finally powering through the shitton of condiments I have in the fridge!


Current Drink:


And STILL coffee! Though I traded in my cookies and cream for what tastes like almond shortbread cookies…which you know, is my absolute FAVORITE!

Current Triumphs:

 Making further strides in my journey with intuitive eating…specifically having wine AND chocolate all by myself WITHOUT feeling guilty about it.

Current Bane of Existence:

Remember how I told you my garage door was broken? Well how about I had a friend come over to try to help me fix it and we…BROKE IT EVEN MORE!? Yep, the damn thing’s been out of commission for over four months now! On the bright side, you should see my calves and hammies from making the trek up the driveway every damn day! 😉

Current Blogger Crush:

This one kinda snuck up on me…after stalking her on Instagram for MONTHS! At first I lurked in the shadows, but then the woman just had to go and post foodporn after foodporn during her trip to Chicago (I swear I gained 10 pounds just scrolling through)! After that, I noticed the balance of her feed…not all decadent sweets, but also savory nibbles, home-cooked meals, and some of the cutest little boys I’ve ever seen! So the other day, I finally took a cruise on over to her blog. And now, I am officially in love with Maegan, aka The Baker Mama. Or at least, at the moment I am…other times I’m wishing she’d adopt me or thinking about stealing her husband! Umm, sorry, Meagan!

But seriously, have you SEEN this Chicken Pesto Peach Panini? That baby has my name written all over it with the alliteration alone, but HELLO! Peaches…and pesto…and THAT CHEEEEEESE!

Current Indulgence:

Freeze Pleeze Almond Milk Ice Cream

The best kind of indulgence is the kind you can feel GOOD about! You can’t beat a bowl of made-in-minutes all-natural flash frozen ice cream that won’t leave your (my) crazy lactose-challenged tummy in knots! I can’t get enough! And I’m already planning to another run to Freeze Pleeze tomorrow after the farmer’s market! Hmm, what should I get?

Current Blessing:

 My mom. This woman has been with me through it all…always supporting me in any way that she can…at any time of day/night. She’s shown me what a true mother’s love should be and a couple of weeks ago, I finally had the chance to give her something she’s always wanted…and watched as her face lit up and stars danced in her eyes. And that? Well just typing that made me tear up. Love you, Mama!

Current Outfit:

 I may or may not be on my back porch…in my PJ’s…sipping some coffee delicious almond cookie coffee and refusing to start my day until I can see the bottom of my cup. Ok, I totally am!

Current Excitement: 

Cereal Coupons

Does it show my age when I get THISFREAKINGEXCITED about couponing? Now I’m not going extreme couponer on you guys, but seriously, I went to the store the other day and along with these beauties (some of which are soon to be the players in my next cereal mixing adventure), I managed to rack up a TWENTY dollar savings on my total! I may or may not have done a little happy dance at the register! And yes, I realize that I’m only further fueling the cereal addiction. 😉


Current Link:

This Buzzfeed article had me laughing till I about peed my pants the other day!

Current Mood:

Satisfied, sweaty, and shocked that I got this post done in less than 1000 words!

Are you incredibly indecisive?

What (or who) is your biggest blessing at the moment?

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28 Responses to July: The Month of Selfies & Sunsets

  1. Are those aflafel sprouts in your sandwhich? I can’t tell. Looks like you had a great week 🙂 I love friday “currently” posts because it’s like a short glimpse into what’s hot in someone’s life.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Yep yep! A sandwich just isn’t a sandwich without a handful o’ sprouts! 😀 So glad you liked the currently posts…they’re definitely my favorite ones to do!

  2. Maegan @thebakermama says:

    Haha Heather! You crack me up! I love following you and your food (especially yolk!) porn too! You’re one brave cookie for wishing to be adopted into this craziness, but we’d take ya and maybe you could whip my dessert-filled rear into shape! 😉 Thanks for the shout out! Means so much! xoxo

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Omg, if only you could see the goofy grin on my face right now…is it sad that I’m a little starstruck?! Lol. I’ll get on those adoption papers ASAP! Until then, save me a s’mores milkshake!! 😀

  3. I am actually incredibly decisive. Most of the time 🙂

  4. I’ve never heard of that Freeze Please place but it sounds yummy!!! And oh my gosh Orange is the New Black is so addicting!!!

  5. Yes to the indecisive thing! It’s a tad ridiculous. Current blessing: Friends and blends that help me work through my feelings and give me a place to vent.

  6. My parents have both been a blessing this past month—I just got a puppy, and they’ve been sharing their wisdom and experience with me and have even been cool with me calling late at night a couple times when I’m, like, “OMG why won’t he sleep?!” And who am I kidding—the pup himself has been a major blessing for getting me away from the computer and outside talking to my neighbors on our walks.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh girl, you are a brave soul! I could never handle a dog…let alone a puppy! But it makes me happy to hear how the little fluffer is getting you out more. Awww! 😀

  7. I have been making lots of veggie sandwiches on Everything bagels lately and I am OBSESSED!

  8. I have been so lazy with cooking/baking this summer. I’m still eating plenty of yummy stuff, they just don’t involve recipes or switching it up a whole lot. I am planning a meal prep tomorrow though, so we shall see if it actually happens!

  9. that is NOT Jiff cereal…that CAN’T BE JIFF BLOODY CEREAL.

    I know many people say never get to the ‘hangry’ stage but honestly, I’m glad it’s happening to you- it’s showing you how little importance (in a good way) food is for you- and your progress with IE : )

    Biggest blessing- Having a blend who tends to be awake on my hours to send sneaky snaps to 😉

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      It is. And it’s AHHHHHHHmazing! 😉

      And funny you should mention snaps…because I just got one from you! Let’s see what it is! …oh you and that hair! Love it!

  10. I am extremely indecisive… something that I need to work on!! OITNB is SO addicting, definitely binged the second season in a weekend… oops. Now i’m onto Pretty Little Liars, feels like i’m in high school again but I just can’t stop!!! haha

    Current blessing would have to be awesome family and friends 🙂

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      I tried watching a couple of episodes of Pretty Little Liars but started getting irritated with all the secret stuff…which I guess is the whole point of the show! Haha! Not sure what’s keeping me locked in, but I seriously have NOT been able to stop watching Hemlock Grove now…I’m almost done with the first season and nothing has really even happened! lol

  11. That ice cream looks to-die-for!! What is flash frozen??

  12. Oh girl. I wanna be able to write blogposts like you – how do you do it, I always laugh out loud like a crazy disordered woman when I read your posts? That story with the garage. This could be me!! I ALWAYS break everything even more when I try to fix it. I’m so horribly untalented!!
    And pleaaaaaase make me that sandwich!! It’s been SO long since I had a REALLY good sandwich….I need it.
    Present for your sista – Spa Day? A membership for a magazine? A voucher for a boozenight with you (I guess you do that without a voucher lol)
    My current blessing is my new appartment in which I am SO happy!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Awww, Lucie! You always know how to make me smile! Picturing you sitting over there in Swissland giggling at my stupid humor seriously makes my day! Love you! Oh and you’ll be happy to hear I actually got my sis a massage for her b-day…and even scheduled the appointment for her so she’d be less likely to make excuses! Ha!

  13. I am not all indecisive. In fact, people who are wishy washy make me batty. Not you though m’dear, never you. 😉

    I’m going to have to make a veggie stacked and packed sandwich soon. You’re making me salivate!!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      I’m not wishy washy…most of the time when it comes down to two different things, if I can, I’ll choose BOTH! Hence the reason I have so many friggin clothes in my closet! 😯

  14. Currently not minding your selfies because I am obsessed with your hair and would trade my nappy roots for dem’ red curls any day. Currently thankful for your book recommendations since I am lonely in my new apartment in a new city and need a good book to get sucked into. Currently tempted to google how far away we are from each other now because I would truly love to see you before blend again somehow, someway. Let’s make it rain money.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      I keep trying to get that money tree to sprout in the backyard but those roots just won’t take…damn drought! Lol

  15. I read the first book in that bride quartet series, loved it! My library has the 2nd and 3rd on a waiting list right now. GRRRR

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