September: The Month of Pumped Up Picks

And with that…September comes to an end.

Thus proving that time really does fly when you’re having fun (and when it still feels like summer…because we ALL know the winter months always just creep right along!). Feels like just yesterday, I was snapping selfies in the back of my friend’s car while driving up to St. Louis for Loufest.

Loufest Selfie

Though I won’t confess to how many takes OR how long it took me to edit/add those little music notes before I was happy with the final product. 😉

Current Book:

I’m currently flipping back and forth between Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (because the movie’s coming out soon) and Forever by Pete Hamill (because my mom loaned it to me and she has excellent taste in fiction. Problem is I can’t peel myself away from Netflix long enough to read more than a couple of pages. Whoops?

 Current Music:

Please see any and all music from this post. And I won’t tell you how many times I played Little Hurricane on repeat.

Current Guilty Pleasure: 


Hogging a pool table for over an hour while I showed all my friends my mad skills…there really aren’t words for how bad I suck at pool…yet I love it all the same! Lol

Current Nail Color:

No comment. 🙁

 Current Entertainment:

Netflix…all day errrrry day! And not just for marathoning TV shows I should’ve watched years ago. I also watched this, this, and this (hilarious!)..and yeah, I guess I’m on a bit of a Deniro kick now!

Current Wish/Needs:

A visit from the magical garage door fairy. Yes, my garage door is STILL broken. Don’t judge me. I’ve been busy surfing Netflix, sleeping, and salivating over…

Current Food:


Pizza…or more specifically cheese…or more specifically cheese AND BACON!!! Do yourself a favor and add fresh mozzarella BALLS to your next (homemade or store-bought) pizza…then you’ll get big pools of cheesy deliciousness just like this to dive into.

Leftovers - Salad & Buffalo Cauliflower

Salads…preferably ones that are the size of a small child that will feed me for an entire week.

Snack Attack!

And finally…ALL the crunchy things! Don’t go to the store hungry folks. Just don’t!

Current Drink:


RumChata and butterscotch schnapps. RumChata and coffee. Rumchata and cereal. RumChata ALL the things! What can I say? I feel in love in St. Louis and never looked back!

Current Triumphs:

I finally, after something like TWO YEARS, figured out how to remove songs from my iPhone that have been deleted from my iTunes for ages! Then I took it a step further and totally cleared the music from the phone so I can start fresh! Ahhh, it’s so liberating…like every woman at a concert just ripped off their bras at the same time! 😉

Current Bane of Existence:

SelfieWhat? Two selfies in one post?! Well ya see, I think this one portrays the problem at hand a little better. My curls have been rockin’ lately baaaaaa-ut, my hair is officially at the length of get-on-my-last-fucking-nerve status. It gets caught in or on everything!

Current Blogger Crush:

Skipping this one this month…because I suck.

Current Indulgence: 

Pumpkin Oreos

Omg, I want to die inside this pumpkin spice cream filling…like seriously. I’ve always been so disappointed with pumpkin-flavored things in the past, but these babies are SPOT ON!! Get yourself to a Wal-Mart or Kroger and buy these NOW!

Current Blessing:

To be at the place in my life where everything seems to be falling into place and I accept myself for who I am…flaws and all. See? Sometimes getting old is fun!

Current Outfit:

Dear fashion experts, please never let leggings and oversized shirts go out of style…especially the kind of leggings from Old Navy that have wide waist bands that are perfect for tucking in those extra Oreo cookies. 😉

Current Excitement:

I’m going to see Skrillex…in Nashville…TONIIIIIIIIGHT!!

Current Link:

Another guilty pleasure. I didn’t show you this. No, I did not.

Current Mood:


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12 Responses to September: The Month of Pumped Up Picks

  1. If leggings ever go out of style, I’m in BIG trouble!! lol

  2. Read Gone Girl. And then all other books by Gillian Flynn!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      I finally made it to the second chapter (which really makes me feel pathetic that it took me over a month) and now that I’ve read Amy’s perspective, I’m liking it more! 🙂

  3. I love your hair girl! BUT I do feel you when it get caught inEVERYTHING. I recently found a girl that specializes in curly hair and had the best haircut ever!! Maybe you need to come visit???

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      That’s awesome! It can be SO hard to find someone who really knows how to cut curly hair. And we do need to try to work out something…before little man ends up in Kindergarten! Lol

  4. Current pleasure for me?


  5. Don’t tell me about those Oreos…. I don’t want to knowwwww! 😉

  6. I just watched The Family recently – it was good! I’ve been meaning to watch The Big Wedding too.

    Mmm that pizza.

  7. Dude. Make a frittata and chuck mozzarella balls throughout. It’s like popping candy. But better.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      You’re a genius, my friend! I’ve definitely got to try that soon! Nothing better than cheesy eggy goodness!

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