Confessions of a Lazy Foodie

Alternative post title: That Time I Joined the Brown Food Club

Alright guys, it’s time I came clean.

Pumpkin Cereal & Figs

I ate cereal for two out of my three meals THREE days last week. 😯

Bacon Pizza

I’ve started convincing myself that “making” a pizza homemade consists of throwing mozzarella balls on a frozen pizza.


And coming from a self-proclaimed oatmeal connoisseur, this is just embarrassing BUT I’m sorry, there’s just something about warm strawberry oats mixed with plain Greek yogurt topped with peanuts…that’s ready in like two minutes.

Grilled Cheese

Three words: ghetto grilled cheese
Explanation: Toast bread -> sandwich cheese between toast -> microwave -> consume.
Statement made in my defense: I only do this at work when I don’t have access to a stove.

Soup & Sandwich

And I dunked that ghetto grilled cheese in a big ol’ mug of CANNED tomato soup!


When I DO actually make soup from “scratch” it involves throwing precooked meatballs and everything else in my kitchen in a soup pot, simmering it for an hour, and then eating dinner at midnight.

Egg Sandwich

And all the eggs I’ve eaten over the last few weeks have been scrambled (because it’s quicker) and sandwiched between two slices of bread with mayo (because I lack creativity it reminds me of my childhood).

So yeah, I’ve gotten in a rut. I haven’t cooked…I mean REALLY cooked in ages. I can’t actually remember the last time I had a green leafy vegetable. But I have been blowing up my Pinterest boards with soups and easy one-pot dishes so hopefully soon, I’ll dig out on of my sauce pans, and uncover my kitchen mojo. Until then…I’ll be over here, ya know, perfecting my semi-homemade skills! 😉

What do you do to get out of a rut?

What’s the last thing you COOKED?

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20 Responses to Confessions of a Lazy Foodie

  1. What do you mean, you can’t make legit pizza by throwing mozerella balls on top? I used to do that all the time!

    And I love scrambled eggs. I love eggs, period, actually.

  2. I’m in a rut too…I’ve been blaming being back at home and not really doing any grocery shopping (my dad does it) and while YES, i COULD go buy some food that I want, that’s where my laziness kicks in. Most of the time it’s smoothies, eggs, bars or veggies with his homemade hummus. 🙂

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh yeah, I’ve definitely been making a dent in my bar stash too! Hmm, maybe I’ll start out with some homemade hummus…I just happen to have a lonely can of chickpeas hanging out in my pantry right now. 🙂

  3. Haha I’ve been so busy I haven’t really been cooking either! I Did make a HUGE tray of macaroni and cheese and we ate off of that for a couple of days haha. Sometimes life gets in the way and there isn’t time to make much!

  4. Sam @ Pancakewarriors says:

    Your ghetto grilled geese cracked me up! I think as long as you are enjoying your food it’s ok to be in a cooking rut. How could you not enjoy cereal!! Lol best of luck finding your mojo!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Thank you, Sam! And that’s an excellent way of looking at it…I can’t say I’m hating this rut AT.ALL! 😀

  5. and I’ve toooootally have the all brown food days too. 🙂

  6. Ready for some Dr. King time? I think this totally happened for a reason. Remember not too terribly long ago a certain convo we had over frozen foods when … making new friends? Remember? And now look… see, it all comes around. Hope my cryptic message makes a lick of sense

  7. Dude, I love ghetto grilled cheese!! *guilty* And dipped in canned tomato soup?!?!? Best lunch, ever! Kiddo and I eat these quite often on weekends. YUM!

  8. Diana says:

    Hmm, to get out of a rut
    1. Go to whole foods and grab something premade
    2. Omelet
    3. overnight oats (all the time)
    4. Peanut butter and banana
    I could eat oats and peanut butter 3x per day 🙂

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Eggs are always a good option! So versatile…and I do love me some omelets! Sadly though, the nearest Whole Foods is like an hour away. Boo!

  9. I will get into a run once my CSA ends which, considering I just signed up for another six week season, should be sometime next year. If it helps though, I’ve eaten a bowl of egg noodles with butter for dinner once a week for the past three weeks. I also eat tons of eggs. If I’ve got them precut, some veggies will join the eggs, although more often than not, it’s just the eggs.

    It’ll come around. After a bit, you’ll crave some green stuff and how it makes you feel and then before you know it, it’ll be all veggies and soups.

    Sometimes we just need lazy and that’s ok too.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Hmm, egg noodles and butter sound pretty damn good! I got in my pantry today and did a little rearranging/organizing and decided that I’m going to have to start figuring out something to do with all the grains I have in there…but I’m starting small with the packages of precooked rice first (ya know, ease my way into it! Ha!) And I think I’d be fine with only getting my veggies through soups from now until the end of winter. Though I do hear this winter is going to be the worst in the last 25 years…ugh!

      PS, one of my bowls of soup recently was your cauliflower soup recovered from the farrrrrrrr depths of the freezer! 😀

  10. I recognize those oatmeal price stickers… BIG LOTS! haha. I love Big Lots. And girl, your ghetto grilled cheese looks BALLIN!; )

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh yes, Big Lots is my STORE! Second only to TJ Maxx! I only started shopping there a couple of years ago though…I never knew they even carried food until then! Obviously I have to make up for all that lost time now! Lol! Oh and can you believe that I actually got the strawberry oats on markdown clearance for 25 cents? For a WHOLE BOX!! #winning 😉

  11. YESSSSSS. This is keeping it real. And there is no shame in that whatsoever. Ghetto grilled cheese was my childhood because my mum did not ever teach me or make me the classic version- how I was deceived.

    Truth- I ate a batch of granola over 4 days for meals because I was lazy. Well, because it was delicious.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Omg, I never knew a REAL grilled cheese until almost my teenage years. I just happened to have a babysitter one summer who totally opened my eyes. Before that, the only “rilled cheese” I knew of was my mom’s broiled cheese toast that always ended up with this weird film on top of the cheese! I still shudder at the thought of it!

      And oh yeah, I can definitely do some damage on delicious granola. My last batch of Almond Joy granola didn’t last three days! Lol

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