November: The Month of Ermahgerd

Hey guys!

I know I’m posting a lot later than I normally do, but damn, this weekend (or entire week, rather) has gotten away from me!  What is it about the holidays that makes time go by in a flash? We’ll be celebrating the new year in no time…eeeek!

Selfie - Haircut

Anyhoodles, I wanted to pop in with my “currentlies” for November…partly because you guys know I LOVE this post each month and partly because I feel like we haven’t “talked” in a while! Oh and look at that, I got a haircut! Yep, this is what happens when you go to get a “trim” after six months of dead and split end build up…I had to say goodbye to TWO INCHES of my Rapunzel lock, but hot damn, look at that volume!

Current Book:

I was in the mood for a good, fun read this month, so I pulled The Nanny Diaries out of my bookcase and shook the dust off. I bought it at a used bookstore years ago and never read it. Within the first three pages I was laughing my ass off. It’s pretty much the babysitter’s version of The Devil Wears Prada…only WITHOUT a happy ending. I wanted to chuck the luckily-it-was-only-twenty-five-cents book across the room! Seriously, I believe all books without happy endings should come with a warning label. Grrr!

Current Music:

Still gearing up (and practically shaking with excitement) for the Glass Animals concert…in THREE DAYS!!!!

Current Guilty Pleasure:

Pumpkin Chapstick

ALL THE PUMPKIN THINGS!!! Somebody stop me! Umm, no wait…don’t. 😉

Current Nail Color:


I am so impatient when it comes to painting my nails…I almost always end up smudging more than half of them before they’re completely dry. But I did miraculously find the time to do a little at-home manicure twice this month…rocking an ancient bottle of Avon polish!

Current Entertainment:

Netflix released new episodes of The Carrie Diaries!!! For a girl who’s never watched more than five episodes of Sex in the City, I sure do get excited! 😆

Current Wish/Needs:

Honestly? I’m feeling overwhelmingly content at the moment. I have everything I could want out of life right now which feels absolutely incredible.

Current Food:

Snack Bars

I think it’s safe to say, I expressed my love of bars this month…is it bad that I just obtained two more boxes to my already never-ending stash? FYI, the correct answer is no.

Current Drink:

Bailey's Coffee Creamer

The ongoing obsession…which only helps me justify my coffee buying addiction. Ha!

Current Triumphs:

I made up for the fact that I waited a YEAR to get Elvira’s oil changed by renewing my driver’s license AND my car tags a whole MONTH early!

*jazz hands*

Current Bane of Existence:

 The dark days of hell winter hell.

Current Blogger Crush:

 Tracy aka Tracy Shutterbean. I’ll confess that this has been going on for a WHILE now. I’ve been stalking her on Instagram for umm, almost a year? She takes the most beautiful photos…of anything! She’s a list lover, an amazing cook, has a fabulous eye for organization and decor, and one of the coolest moms out there!
Also, I NEEEEEED her kitchen table!

Current Indulgence:


I got a massage a couple of weeks ago…first one in MONTHS! Omg, it felt so good!

Current Blessing:

Not sure if it’s just that time of year or what, but I can’t help but pause and feel so incredibly thankful for everything (and one) in my life right now. Family, friends, coworkers, person who let me out in traffic the other day…I know, *gag*! 😆

Current Outfit: 


My goal to go pant-less for the entire winter season just got a little easier with yet ANOTHER addition to the leggings collection. Thank you TJ Maxx!

Current Excitement:

Beans Creek Wine

Oh my god you guys…! Not only did I get Friday and Saturday off for my birthday (which is actually on Sunday), but I also get to travel to my favorite winery for a WINE TASTING CLASS! It was only $45 for a ticket and they teach you all about how to be a wine snob…and you get a set of glasses to take home with you!

Current Link:

Netflix. Watch this. Watch this. Watch this for the billionth time. But, for the love of god do NOT watch this. <- consider yourself warned.

Current Mood:


What’s gotten you sthuper duper excited this month? 😉

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16 Responses to November: The Month of Ermahgerd

  1. Okay it’s funny what I used to do with coffee creamer: I used to eat it by the spoonful and chew and swallow that sh**!

  2. Cat says:

    I love wine tasting! I went to one last month and feel like I’ve earned my first star towards wine snobbery. Of course, I’m happy to turn any Friday evening into a wine tasting. Or Wednesday or…

  3. I’ve seen almost every episode of Sex and the City, but I’ve never seen The Carrie Diaries before. It might have to be my next Netflix show after I finish 90210 (clearly I watch very intellectually stimulating tv shows hahaha).

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Hahaha! Hey, we all need a little escape from life every once in a while! At least it’s not bad reality tv…which, in my opinion, is like entertainment’s equivalent to jelly beans. I just saw a COMMERCIAL for MTV’s Real World the other day and thought I was gonna die before it was over. Lol

  4. I’m totally with you on the no-pants thing. I don’t have to dress up at my new job and I need to be comfy, so I’m cool with wearing leggings forever. I like the ones you got!

  5. You’re current wish made me grin. So happy for you. I’m right there with ya. Maybe we should meet a the winery one day? How far is it?

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Omg, I was JUST thinking that the other day! I think it’s about halfway for both of us. It’s exit 111 on I24. Takes me about an hour and 45 minutes to get there. I want to take my mom to one of the tastings one day. You should see if Linda would want to come and they can finally meet! Oh yeah, now I’m seriously excited!

  6. I’m happy you’re happy. That is all.

    Ok not really, this is me after all. You really need to watch Sex in the City. I’m actually a click sad you haven’t. Not really, but you get the idea. Also, I need to check out your blogger crush since she’s a fellow list lover. We’re a rare breed, ya know. Some might even say special.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Haha! Oh I KNOW you’ll love her! I actually wanted to link to you in that paragraph to give you a heads up, but it was getting all kinds of wordy and I just couldn’t make it work. #bloggerproblems? Lol

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