One MARVELOUS Birthday!

Wake up annnnnd…

Birthday Flowers

Smell the roses BAM…you’re THIRTY!

While I’m still trying to figure out just how the hell THAT happened so fast, I have to say, I’m looking forward to the next decade of my life, especially since it was rung in in the most MARVELOUS way possible…with wine, laughter, wine, good home-cooked food, wine, great company, and…wait, did I already mention the wine? 😉


On my way out of town early Saturday afternoon (which for all practical purposes, I pretended was my birthday this year*), I stopped in at a gas station to fuel up, pee (duh), and snap a selfie in the bathroom once I noticed that my hair and makeup on POINT (rainy day curls are the best, ya know)!

But just WHERE was I headed??

Remember how I was marvelously spontaneous earlier this year ended up joining a wine club? Well, I finally got a chance to revisit Bean’s Creek Winery after ten long months and I definitely made the most out of it. Not only did I snatch up a case of some of my favorite wines (at a 25% discount I might add) but I also got to attend one of their wine tasting classes that I’ve been pining over for months!

Bean's Creek Wine Tasting

During the class, we learned all about Riedel Wine Glass Company and how they have tailor-made glasses to enhance the flavor of certain wines. We also got to see, first hand, how a particular glasses can affect the taste of different wines and seriously, you guys, it was like magic. But the best part? I got to keep all five of my glasses!

I’m now well on my way to becoming the wine snob I’ve always hoped to be! 😉

Especially after the food pairing section of the class!

Bean's Creek Wine Tasting - Food Pairing

Clockwise from the top we have: sausage and spinach stuffed mushrooms (INcredible!), cracker topped with an herbed-caper spread and smoked salmon, almond cookie, and a cheese-wrapped grape (heaVEN!). The recipes for the mushrooms and the grapes can be found here. I loved the burlap table runner bulk in every table in the restaurant, it looks elegant! like I highly suggest you make one (or BOTH!) for your next holiday shindig because they are the shee-UT! 😉

But the birthday fun had only JUST begun!

My buzzed little booty then found itself in the middle of Foodie Mecca where it then began frolicking among the flavored coffees, internationally themed sauces, COCONUT RICE, and mysteriously flavored Greek yogurts…

Super Target

Ba ba ba BAAAAAAAA! Superrrrrr TarrrrrrGET-all-my-money-out-and-hand-it-over-to-a-girl-clad-in-red. 

I’m pretty sure she was an elf. Or maybe that was just the wine goggles. Regardless, I came away with quite the haul…which deserves a post all to itself so stay tuned for that!

The culmination of birthday events and excitements was set to end at the place where it all began…well, not technically since we lived in Portsmouth, VA when I came into this world, but uh…well shit, now I’ve ruined the poetic moment I had going on. Forget it.

LOOK, guys, FOOD!

Birthday Dinner - Pot Roast

Upon my request, Broccoli Mama made one of my all-time favorites: pot roast with gravy, potatoes, carrots, and biscuits…and then some green beans because she said (and I quote), “It’ll make for a prettier picture!” God, I love this woman! And not just because she makes me mouth-watering birthday dinners.

Birthday Brownie

She ALSO makes my FAVORITE brownies!

There are many many things I will take over a slice of cake…but brownies are at the TOP of that list (along with cookies…but there were no cookies…at least none that I could see before being hypnotized by the scent of dark chocolate Ghiradelli brownies (with ooey gooey melty chocolate CHIPS hidden inside))…and yes, I did take the middle one! 😉

After dinner, there were ab-inducing laughs, cheers with some of the metric ton of wine I had in the car, and of course, PRESENTS!

Birthday Books

There was also a trio of earrings that managed to escape a picture since I was already engrossed in my literary adventures. Seriously, these books were FUCKING made for me, right?! And a total surprise! The problem is I can’t seem to read more than a page or two at a time without switching books? Lol.

*Yesterday was actually my birthday, but I couldn’t get all three days of my weekend covered at work. When it came down to it, it made more sense to have Friday off so I could have all day Saturday to spend with the people I love. 

If this birthday is ANY indication of how the next year is gonna go or the rest of my thirties, I say bring it! Just umm, go easy on me with the gray hairs, would ya, Daddy Time? 😉

What has been your most MARVELOUS birthday to date?

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30 Responses to One MARVELOUS Birthday!

  1. Happy happy 30th birthday you lovely lady!!!
    I can ASSURE you, that it only gets better from here. And I can tell you from an almost SEVEN years experience now!!! (OMGGGGGGGGG)
    The only sad thing in my life is, that in these 36 and a half years I have NEVER seen a SUPERTARGET from the inside. Not even Target. Am I alive at all?

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Aww, thank you, my sweet friend! *hugs*

      Wait a minute…you’re telling me you’ve never even seen a TARGET?!? Oh my dear god, that seriously needs to be remedied! They have the best foodie goodies (some just exclusively sold there) and believe it or not, most of the REALLY cool stuff is their own brand. I could spend hours in a good one. Seriously, a life-changing experience for foodies like us. 😉

  2. Awe! Love that you had such a wonderful time. Please tell me you took notes during the wine tasting so you can send them to me and I can be a wine snob too??
    Love you!

  3. Glad to hear that you had such an awesome birthday, lady! I’m less than a month away from my 30th and totally looking forward to starting a new decade. Actually, it sounds a little freaky when I say it that way, but I honestly can’t wait. Hope it’s an awesome year for ya!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      It does, doesn’t it? Kinda makes me feel old when I say it that way and umm, like I should know what the heck it means to be a “grown up” already! Haha!

  4. Shelly says:

    Welcome to 30! I’ve been here since August. 🙂
    I’m going to eat some cheesecake this evening for my husband’s birthday, but I’ll pretend it’s for you! Happy belated birthday!

  5. KAT says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Looks like you had a great day 🙂
    I’ll be 26 in a few months and I literally can’t believe it. Sometimes I feel like I JUST graduated high school!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Aww, thanks, love!

      Ohhhhhh 26! Wow, that feels so long ago yet also like it was just yesterday! Enjoy the next half of your twenties…for me, it was even better than the first! 🙂

  6. Happy birthday! You seriously don’t look 30 – hell you could probably pass for 23!

    Spending the day drinking wine sounds like the best possible way to spend your birthday. 😉 Actually it sounds like my last birthday when JZ surprised me with a biking wine tour. That was probably one of my best to date.

    Also I am so with you on brownies > cake. Unless we’re talking cheesecake. Nothing trumps cheesecake haha.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Well! You should know that I’m grinning from EAR TO EAR right now! Thanks girlie!

      Aww, I remember that trip! It did look like an amazing day! You’ve got yourself a keeper for sure!

      Ohhh, what about…cheescake BROWNIES?! Mind = BLOWN! 😀

  7. Happy Birthday Babydoll!!! I’m glad you had a fantastic day, and I can’t wait for you to cook me something from one of those books.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Thanks girlie!! I’ve pretty much skimmed most of the Drunk Kitchen one and umm…I’m pretty sure you’ll want me to stick to the OTHER book for recipes. Well, unless you just get one of those can’t-be-denied-cravings for miniature pb&j sandwiches! 😉

  8. I’m so glad it was a good birthday! And you KNOW how proud I am of you becoming a wine snob. Separated at birth. :*

  9. Julie says:

    Happy 30th! Super exciting!

  10. Happy birthday again, stunner! Here’s to what this new decade holds in all regards!!

    I can’t believe you went past a target. Silly goose.

  11. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ENJOY! Ohhh what I wouldn’t give to be 30 again! Geeze, I remember turning 30 and feeling old, we won’t even discuss MY age! Have a great one!

  12. Happy Birthday!! My most marvelous birthday to date was this past one because we rented a limo and went wine tasting with my best friends! It was fun to let loose and not worry about driving! 🙂

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Thank you, Melissa! And oh wow, that DOES sound like an incredible birthday! Confession: I’ve never been in a limo before! 😯

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