Spring Break Shenanigans!

Happy day after Easter, my little chickadees!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend…whether you’re into all that religion stuff or not. The weather around here has been absolutely incredible, except for the last few frosty mornings…where I may or may not have forgotten to turn my heat back on. Yeah, I’m still working at getting the feeling back in all my fingers. So please, forgive me for any spelling errowerrs. ūüėČ

I swear this past week went by faster than a squirrel¬†on Peeps!¬†But when you cram a month’s worth of activities into five short days, I guess you can’t expect anything less. As much as I need a day to recuperate now that it’s all over, the laughs shared, the adventures had, and the memories created¬†made it all worth it!

Yep, last¬†week was filled with some pretty¬†MARVELOUS things…


Like crystal blue skies with fluffy white clouds and temperatures in the mid seventies (Fahrenheit…that would be around the twenties in Celsius).


Like a tour through the new pet store spent harassing the salt water fishies and gawking at the hamster that stuffed THREE food pellets in his mouth at one time.

Little Broccoli

Like stumbling over a baby broccoli!!

Fish Tacos

Like some super quick/super EASY dinner of fish tacos after a long and tiring day.

Roasting Marshmallows

Like sitting out on the patio for hours after roasting hot dogs for dinner listening to music and cracking jokes.

Oreo S'mores

Like following up that dinner with copious amounts of chocolate via s’mores¬†of all shapes and sizes.

Day at the Lake

Like an incredible day at the lake picnicking, boating, fishing, and stalking baby turtles.

Grilling Out

Like getting together with family and grilling ALL THE THINGS!

April Fools

Like waking up to hilarious April Fools jokes.


Like late afternoon park walks that end with beautiful sunsets.

Which Wich - The Elvis

Like finally getting around to ordering The Elvis Wich at Which Wich and then dying and going to sweet and salty heaven.


Like making the most out of the ONE rainy day and by bowling enough games to make give yourself a Hulk arm.

Easter Eggs

Like dyeing Easter eggs for the first time in twenty years…and not even hiding the fact that you’re absolutely giddy over it.

Easter Pancakes

Like having too much fun flipping some super cute¬†Easter pancakes…which just HAD to have sprinkles because…duh.


And¬†like basically having this huge make-my-cheeks-hurt grin plastered on my face. Never mind the fact that midway through the week I got the worst case of hayfever I’ve ever had in my life (still recovering). Never mind that I got a sunburn at the lake because I ONLY remember to put sunscreen on my shoulders. Never mind that I “lost” my debit card, canceled it, and then found it in my pocket hours later. And never mind that I didn’t manage to get more than four consecutive hours of sleep every night.Because¬†I’d still do it ALL¬†again in a heart beat!

What shenanigans did you find yourself a part of last week?

Does your family have any Easter traditions?

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5 Responses to Spring Break Shenanigans!

  1. Is that an Oreo s’more?! I don’t know if I want that or the Elvis sandwich more. What if you made an Oreo Elvis s’more? Ah!

  2. I mean the sprinkles were absolutely a necessity ūüėČ

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