I Guess I’d Better Put on My Running Shoes


Nike Shopping Spree

It’s a really good thing I had the forethought to buy all these Nikes the other day when I took Jason to buy shoes because I’m gonna NEED them this week! Yes, that’s exactly what it was…forethought…planning. Not a total impulse-buy since I didn’t need any shoes to begin with. No, that wasn’t it at all.

PS, Shoe Carnival’s having a wicked sale right now. 😉

But seriously, we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty here, folks. I have less than FOUR days before my ass (and half those shoes) are on a plane heading to BLEND! And there’s still so much to doooooo!


Which is why I forced myself out of bed after only six hours of sleep the other day to mow and weed-eat the grass until my arms went numb. Here’s hoping my little case of Jim Carey syndrome fades fast because it’s gonna be a busy week!

Wine Fest -Me Mom & Tori

First I’ve got to sleep like NOW. Then I have a Mother’s Day dinner tonight with those two gorgeous women up there, my dad’s graduation lunch tomorrow, a full day in the car to go see the girls on Wednesday, annnnnnd at SOME point I have to find some shoes to go with my sexy ass dress that I found last week when I was NOT shopping for sneakers.

Me & Jason

Not to mention I have to do laundry, pack, replace the battery in my alarm system (uh-huh, so don’t be getting any thoughts about cozying up to my big screen), finish eating all the perishables in the fridge and love on this guy as much as possible before I go! This will be the longest we’ve been apart since last year’s Blend. Lord knows what he’ll do while I’m gone. I may have to pry the Doritos out of his hands once I get back! Lol

Coffee Mugs TJ Maxx

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some sleep to catch before I fill these mugs (that were also not an impulse buy) with ALL THE COFFEE so I can make this to-do list my biotch!

Be sure to follow all my adventures and shenanigans on Instagram! Otherwise, I guess I’ll catch you guys next week! Unless you’re going to Blend and then you better catch ME because I’ve got hugs to give and a running start! 😉

What’s at the top of your to-do list this week?

What’s your favorite brand of running shoe?

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9 Responses to I Guess I’d Better Put on My Running Shoes

  1. Tara says:

    Sounds like a busy week! Blend always sounds like so much fun- I love reading all the blogger recaps of it. Though it’s really funny that during Blend there are never any blogs to read 🙂

    I will be working my little heart out this week before taking off on Thursday to head upstate and visit my parents for the weekend. I’m also running my first-ever 5K on Saturday that ends with a festival of cupcakes at the finish line (no joke, it’s called the Cupcake Classic). Haha, should be fun!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Haha! Omg, love it! I always hear of races that end with beer and stuff, but yeah, I’d much rather have a cupcake than a beer after a run! Hope you had fun!

  2. Um so you know it’s been raining in Colorado….like a lot, so you might want to pack an old pair of sneakers. Ones you don’t care if they get muddy. Just some food for thought. I’d still keep the others though.

    Can’t wait to see your fine ass. Literally.

  3. Have a blast at BLEND!!!!

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