Music Monday: The Summer Playlist Edition

And just like that…

It’s freakin’ JUUUUUUUUNE!

Holy hell, where is the time goin? Like seriously, wasn’t it just…January, or February, or some month where I wouldn’t shut up about the cold? Ha. I guess I’ll have to start complaining about the heat here pretty soon because umm yeah, curly hair and southern humidity do.not.mix!

Anyway, here I was like WHAAAP, smacked in the face with a calendar this morning when all of a sudden (could’ve been the whapping), I was like “Ohhhh, I make a playlist for the summer!” Translate that into, check all my Spotify playlists to see what I’ve been adding lately and then WAM BAM, combine them into one killer playlist! Whew, things are getting a little violent today, huh? Guess we better just focus all this extra energy (what can I say, good music gets me excited!) into some booty shaking…’cause this little collection of tunes is gonna have you kickin off those flip-flops and movin’ to the beat!

Summer Playlist

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Note: Songs are listed in no particular order…because I have ADD! 😉

1. Where Are U Now (feat. Justin Beiber) – Jack U

2. Somebody – Natalie La Rose

Can we just take a second to appreciate the throwback to the days of my youth in this video?! Ahhh, bring back the 90’s! 😀

3. Talking Body – Tove Lo

4. Worth It (feat Kid Ink) – Fifth Harmony

5. Hey Mama (feat. Nicki Minaj) – David Guetta

I know Katie will be pleased to see this made the cut. HOW many times have you hit repeat on this one now? Yup, I’m just as guilty! 😆

6. Nobody Love – Tori Kelly

7. Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding

8. Wild Eyes (feat. RAVVEL) – Broiler

Relax. Close your eyes. And allow that sexy sax to seduce you! 😉

9. Cardiac Arrest – Bad Suns

10. Reflections – Misterwives

And that’s the TOP TEN songs on my playlist for the summer…or at least for right now. Give me another month and it’ll probably all be different. Well, except for Misterwives. I’ve had that album on repeat since I saw them in Nashville and? They’re gonna be at LOUFEST this September! Which I bought tickets for just a couple of weeks ago. Yep, I had so much fun last year, I’m going again. Wonder if my liver will survive this time around? 😉

What songs are getting you pumped for summer?

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6 Responses to Music Monday: The Summer Playlist Edition

  1. Half of these are on my workout playlist and the other half… those are being added ASAP! 🙂 haha Happy Monday, Heather!

  2. Tara says:

    I’m going to a music festival next weekend so I’ve been listening to all the bands I’ll be seeing to prepare. Actually, Shakey Graves (who I had never heard of until I read about him on your blog-thanks for the tip!) will be there! I’m also super pumped for the Black Keys and Grace Potter.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Omg, that sounds like it’s gonna be awesome! I would LOVE to see Black Keys live. And Grace Potter, wow, it’s been forever since I’ve listened to her. You gotta let me know what you think of Shakey. I swear he sounds so different live.

  3. Dance on my friend, dance on.

  4. I like the playlist. It’s awesome.

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