Thinking Out Loud: All Over the Place!

What up, chitlins?

Please don’t look too far into that greeting. It’s early and I can’t always be held responsible for the words that come out of my mouth before coffee. But just a peek into the window of my warped little mind would tell you that chitlins = children = sometimes I say “hey kiddos!” So yeah, now it toooooootally makes sense, right? Moving on!

I wasn’t really sure if I’d post today, but being as Jason and I get the girls on Monday for the start of their summer break, I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging for too long. You might…get lonely. Here, have a picture so you don’t forget what I look like…

Gym Selfie

Gym selfie: I don’t sweat, I sparkle! 😉

So, since the start of the summer of chaos…FUN! I mean FUN, is about to begin, this week’s been pretty mellow, but that doesn’t mean it’s been anything short of amazing.

On Monday night, Jason and I met up with some friends (whom we haven’t seen in MONTHS) at one of our old favorites, Pbody’s! Now, even though this place serves up some killer (and free) house-made chips with every meal, the last time we visited, I wasn’t too impressed with my entrée salad so I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting much this time. Boy, was I wrong!

Pbody's Monterrey Chicken

I ordered the Monterrey Chicken which is topped with sautéed mushrooms and onions and melty Jack cheese and served over rice pilaf along with some steamed broccoli and a house salad and was totally blown away by BOTH! For a house salad, the toppings were great: bits of ham, bacon, cheese, and RIPE tomatoes and as for the entrée, everything was cooked to perfection. Jason ordered the Chicken Parm and I have to say, the bite I ninja’d was pretty darn tasty. Also? Two baskets of chips were harmed during this dinner. 😉

Premier Jewelry Bracelet

On Tuesday, I went by my mom’s and picked up my Premier Jewelry order from the party she hosted a couple of weeks ago . I wasn’t really sure about the bracelet I ordered at first (I’m really not much of a jewelry person) , but after a couple of days of wearing it,
I’m now in love.


Later that day, Jason and I decided to go for a walk at the park down by the river. We don’t go to this one much because it can be pretty windy and even on pretty days can feel kinda chilly, but this was the perfect day. After he humored me and my little mushroom photo-shoot, we found ourselves walking right past the back entrance to Pbody’s and started joking about how we should go in and get chips and drinks.

Pbody's DrinksSo that’s exactly what we did! I ordered the Strawberry Lemonade (which I swear tasted like freakin Koolaid) and he got the Electric something-or-other which I found oh so amusing that it came out in a girlier glass than mine! And seriously…those chips?


Yesterday, we took another walk…this time without a happy hour intermission, but it was just as much fun. You don’t realize how much you lose interaction when you sit in front of the TV together ya know? And? Since my clutz-burger self is always watching where I put my feet, I found a little friend! Is it just me or do you just not see as many snails these days? For obvious reasons I had to harass the poor thing all paparazzi-style. 😉


Then I took a little “me” time and drooled on myself for TWO WHOLE HOURS! I decided to discontinue my Massage Envy membership since I’m not really making it in as regularly as I’d like and I could kinda use the money to go elsewhere this summer (we’re thinking about taking the girls to the beach!). Wouldn’t ya know this, the final massage of my year and a half long membership would be the best on yet!

And the day just got better after that becaaaaaaaause…

S'mores Oreos

I found the cookie of my DREAMS!!!

Seriously you guys, last week, I drug Jason ALL OVER TOWN looking for these little bastards. We went to five stores in two days and came home with nothing. Then, just as soon as I give up, I walk into Wal-Mart and BAM, a freaking wall of them! The graham flavored cookie and the marshmallow/chocolate swirl filling is spot.on! So worth the wait!


Meow, if you’ll excuse me, there is something else that I’m sure will be worth the wait…we’ve been waiting for months to see Lexie perform in the musical Cats and today is THE DAY! Ohh, do you see what I did there?


Be sure to hop on over to Spoons and see what it is everyone else is thinking on and out loud today! I’ll see ya on the flip-side! xoxo

Name three places you’ve been this week!

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten lately?

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16 Responses to Thinking Out Loud: All Over the Place!

  1. Now that’s one impressive snail. Just keep him/her/it away from my mom. She had a serious snail situation in her backyard a few years back, and I think she developed a slight vendetta against them. As in… kill on sight. I personally don’t have any issues with them, but I also hardly ever see them… so there’s that. And promise not to abandon us for too long. PROMISE!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      A snail vendetta?! Bahaha! Oh my gosh, I’m gonna be cracking up over that for the rest of the day. I promise won’t go MIA on y’all! Love you!!

  2. I’m obsessed with all things Smores this summer (mostly thanks to Starbucks) so I NEED to try those oreos! Their new flavors usually don’t interest me, but those sound amazing!

    This week I’ve been to my local running store for run club, to the tennis court to play a game, and to Hofbrauhaus for dinner! It’s been a good, slow week!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Out of all the limited edition flavors, these are by far the BEST! So…that s’mores drink at Starbucks is good? Jason’s been curious.

  3. I love those impromptu Happy Hour date stops. And drinks. And Oreos. I must try. 16 days…

  4. Oh my goodness… your strawberry lemonade is giving me cravings! I need to get my hands on some.

  5. These Oreos…omg.
    And I LOVE drinks and chips!! Now that it is summer even more.
    3 places:

    Summer Lounge (with drinks and chips, haha)
    MY BED! Sleep is a rarity these days so I have to mention it.
    The pool! My luchtime currently.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh girl, I hear ya! I’ve been sucking on the sleep front lately…well, until last night when I took matters into my own hands. Let’s just say a little rose’ helps the [sleep] medicine go down! 😉

  6. your newest post wont let me comment but……your happiness is infectious 🙂

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Awww, I’m sorry hon! Not sure what was going on that you couldn’t comment. Thanks for taking the time to still leave me some love! It makes me happy to know that people can feel the emotion coming through my words because as it is, I’m about to burst! 😀

  7. Sarah says:

    Long-time reader, coming out of hiding to tell you that those leggings/pants in your last picture are ADORABLE. Can I ask where you got them? (and PS, love this blog!).

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Aww, yay! So glad to hear from you, long-time lurker Sarah! 😉 The leggings are from Walgreens of all places! The store here in town has been keeping a rotating stock of them for the last few months and they’re only $6 a pair! 😀

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