Thinking Out Loud: Summer Lessons

Ummm…hello…er…is this thing on?

*taps mic*

How about it, broccoli bites?! Have you missed me? Because I’ve missed YOU! I really have. I hope you are all doing well and I hope you had the best summer ever!
I know I sure did!

Summer Family Portrait

How could I have not with these three knuckleheads?

But the thing is…I learned a lot this summer. A lot about these two beautiful girls, a lot about the strength of my relationship, and a lot about myself.

Chess Squares

I learned how to make chess squares out of cake mix


I learned how to make more than four different flavors of buttercream frosting

And I learned that I have two very promising little bakers who not only make some mean desserts but know how to clean up as well!

Me & Lexie Selfie

I learned who to take the most outrageous selfies with…

Me & Brookie Selfie

I learned who just prefers to be a photo bomber…

And I learned that “chrome” is the most awesome photo filter!

iPhone Oops

I’ve learned that a phone can die a horrible death at my hand…

Plant Life

I’ve learned that something green can grow from my black thumb…

And I’ve learned how sparkly things look on a certain finger!

Cereal Killer

I’ve learned that peanut butter mixes well in milk…


I learned that cotton candy gelato is the best thing ever…

And I’ve learned that my once lactose-challenged tummy may not be so lactose-challenged anymore!

Family Summer Selfie

But the most important thing I learned all summer is that there could be no one else…on this Earth…as happy as I am right now.

And I’m gonna guess that it only took about 170 words before you were all gagging from the sappiness, right? I’ll be back on Monday with something fun…and trust me, you’ll be able to keep your lunch down! 😉


So glad to be back for another ToL! It’s been FAR too long! Be sure to head on over to Spoons and check out all the random fun everyone is linking up today!

What’s your favorite memory you made this summer?

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12 Responses to Thinking Out Loud: Summer Lessons

  1. Woah woah, back that as$ up. Did I hear ring and finger in the same sentence?! 😀
    I’ve missed me some broccoli, but happy to see all the fun that is happening for you!

  2. I’m sorry. Did you say sparkles?! I’m going to need more info on this and will be harassing you via text very soon. You may as well go ahead and send me a pic. 🙂

  3. Don’t think we didn’t notice the selfie stick too. :p

    Oh broccoli. This makes me so darn happy. But not THAT happy. It’s raining outside so I have my limits.

  4. Hold up! Wait a minute. You need to back that shit up! Did you say sparkly things on a certain finger.

    I am thrilled for you and your happiness and sappiness and all the nesses. You rock and you deserve it all.

  5. Sparkley things on fingers? And no extra details or pictures? You cruel cruel woman! Your next post better be a full report! 😉

  6. Sparkly things!!!! Ahh I want to know more!!! Do tell all!!
    And don’t worry, your sappiness makes me very happy, so keep going! 🙂

  7. This post made me smile. And it made me a little hungry… 😉
    I am excited about the ‘Sparkly thing on a certain finger’!

  8. jodie says:

    Im with everyone else! You cant just slip that comment in there!

  9. Aubrey says:

    I’m So glad your happy:) 🙂 🙂

  10. I’m texting you re: sparkly rings on fingers.

    I’m so happy you had such an awesome summer with your little fam <3.

  11. Something sparkly this way comes!

    I can’t wait to hear more!

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