Music Monday: The Loufest 2nd Edition

Hey there, kiddos!

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m typing this up BEFORE heading up to St. Louis for my second turn at outdoor musical festivities. I’ve already reviewed the park map, made a mental note of some of the eateries I want to try from the “Nosh Pit”, and of course compiled a playlist for the trip.

Though I’m not as pumped as I was last time, I did find a few bands other than Misterwives that I’m excited/curious to see. Also, I’m happy to announce that there will be quite a few Nashvillians on the stages this year…none of which are country! Yee haw!

Robert Delong

It only took me about five seconds to I fell head over heels in love with this guy after hitting play on this song. The more I listened, the more my excitement grew and I just HAD to hear more. Then, without even realizing it, I was singing right along. And if he doesn’t completely blow your mind with his impressive combination of beats AND lyrics, just look at the boy go…he’s a one man band!

Milo Greene

And now on the flip side, we have a quintet with FOUR lead singers and ONE name! This was the first song that piqued my interest. Then, after watching this video followed by this video, I was convinced that they’re live performances are amazing and ready to witness it first-hand. The only curiosity that remains is…how WILL Marlana’s hair look? 😉

Colony House

This is one of the bands that I’m so happy will be representing Nashville. While the lead singer and the drummer are sons of Christian pop musician Steven Curtis Chapman, they definitely have more of a rock edge. I was introduced to them back in February when they performed before Sir Sly at the KONGOS concert and they totally seriously brought down the house!

Lord Huron

More like Lord Have MERCY! There’s just something about that voice. I tend to lean more toward pop and rock side of the indie spectrum, but these guys make me say, “FOLK YEAH?!” <- Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Anyway, this video is super cute…and perhaps some of you might recognize Pretty Little Liars’ own Shane Correy as the fool?

Young the Giant

The first time I heard “Cough Syrup” back in 2011, I loved it, but unfortunately, I never really took the time to check out YTG more closely until recently. Since I pretty much gave up radio listening a year or so ago, I’ve missed the stuff off their newer album so it kinda feels like Christmas over here!

Alright, so just like last year, I was able to come up with a 50-song playlist only this time it’s more of a wider range sampling. And if you scroll down a bit…yep, you’re seeing that right, Billy Idol and Ludacris are gonna be there! Craziness!

What is your current favorite song?

What’s your best guess at Billy Idol’s age? 😉

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