Flamingo Friday

What up, peoples?


I have a BIG treat for your eyes today…besides my lovely face. Lol.

But before we began…well, umm, you may want to make yourself a little snack because, you see, this post could induce gnawing on mice, drooling on keyboards, or damaging other computer accessories due to uncontrollable Pavlov responses.

So it all started back in July when Jason took me to a little place in Paducah, KY for dinner called Flamingo Row. He’d been there before and said he knew I would love it…and he was right! I’ve wanted to tell you guys about it for a while but well, you know…life. Then we went again in August and I forgot to take pictures. THEN, on the way back from Loufest, we got the chance to go for the THIRD time AND introduce it to our friends. So now I’m basically bursting at the seams!

Flamingo Row - First Visit

The first time we went, I swear it took me twenty minutes to pick something off the menu. In the end, Jason was a true gentleman and ordered the other item I was thinking of as my second option. Yep, that’s when I knew he was a keeper. Lol. Also, I went with the item that came with the bacon-chive potato salad because Jason had talked it up pretty big…I was in NO way disappointed.

Flamingo Row - Monte Cristo Fillymingo

He ordered the Monte Cristo Fillymingo, one of their famous hand-stuffed sandwich that are baked fresh daily. This one was stuffed with ham, turkey, Swiss, and Provolone cheeses, sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with a side of raspberry jam. But would you just look at that #cheeseporn?!

Flamingo Row - Cuban Mojo

And if that wasn’t enough, my sandwich was over the top! I ended up with the Cuban Mojo: Panini Parmesan bread, roasted pork loin, Black Forest ham, Swiss, with spicy mojo sauce. I swear I wanted to lick that sauce off my fingers, the plate…if it had fallen to the floor, I may have checked to see no one was looking…you only THINK I’m kidding!

Flamingo Row - Bamboo Sticks

The second time we went, I only managed to get a picture of our appetizer, the Bamboo Stick: Bread stick filled with Muenster and caramelized onions served with butter, garlic oil and marinara. The caramelized onions weren’t very pronounced, but holy JEEZ that cheese was good…especially with that butter garlic sauce.

After that, we were a little disappointed with our entree selections as we both took a chance and ordered something other than one of their sandwiches. But they were edible AND when I asked the waitress about all the amazing sounding sauces they have, she brought a sample of most of them to our table! I tried the “Lizard sauce” (habanero pepper, raspberry preserves, and liquid gold), horseradish raspberry mustard, and the mango chipotle barbecue sauce. I was in heaven.

Flamingo Row - Chicken Nachos

When we took our friends, I was so excited that they wanted to try the nachos. I’d seen them brought to a table on one of our other visits, but knew we’d NEVER be able to finish our meal if we ordered them. And split between four people, we STILL weren’t able to finish our meals! These things were amazing. Perfectly cheesy, not too spicy with the jalapenos, and the sour cream came spiked with some sort of spices that was insanely good.

Flamingo Row - Club Fillymingo

This time, I ordered another of the Fillymingos, The Club. It was stuffed with ham, turkey, bacon & Colby-Jack cheese and I asked for a side of “Lizard sauce” for dipping. Also, I couldn’t very well go without the bacon-chive potato salad…even though I didn’t even touch it until I got home.

Flamingo Row - Carribean Dip

And Jason went with the Caribbean Dip, medium rare roast beef, jalapeno mayo, and melted Provolone on a toasted baguette with au jus and? bacon-chive potato salad! We both loved our picks and each others so it worked out perfectly that we were able to eat about half and trade leftovers later that day. 😀

What’s the best restaurant you’ve been to lately?

What did you order?


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7 Responses to Flamingo Friday

  1. Mmm, you are making me hungry! The best restaurant I’ve been to lately here in Austin is Gourdough’s. They specialize in donut entrees…as in their sandwiches are made with donut bread. Look it up! And if you’re ever in Austin, you MUST try it! For dinner or dessert because if you think their dinner donuts are great, wait until you try their dessert donuts.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh my GOD!! How in the hell are you supposed to choose when it comes to those dessert donuts?? My eyes are as big as saucers right now. Lol

  2. Aubrey says:

    yum! food looks so good:)

  3. You can never go wrong with a restaurant that serves good sandwiches!

    At the best restaurant that I’ve been to recently I had short rib gnocchi with caramelized onions and horseradish. I seriously wanted to go back the next day just so that I could eat it all over again lol!

  4. Wow that place sounds SO good and I love when Alex orders the other thing on the menu I’m thinking about 😉 haha That’s definitely a sign of a keeper!

  5. Please excuse me as I foodgasm.

    Carry on.

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