November: Comfort, Coffee, and Unicorns

Happy CYBER Monday, people!


So who’s gonna be at it with me today…flying from site to site with over-caffeinated clicker fingers knocking off Christmas list items left and right all while enjoying the comfort of a fuzzy robe and slippers? Because, as I’m sure you know, the best part about being patient through all the Black Friday sales that seem to start earlier and end later each year is the fact that on Cyber Monday there are NO crowds, NO lines, and? NO PANTS!


Current Confession:

I honestly have no idea what I’m getting anyone for Christmas this year. I’m sorta keeping my fingers crossed for sudden inspiration while cyber shopping today. And I do solemnly vow NOT to buy anything for myself…unless its a REALLY good deal! 😉

Current Book:

Blood Sucking Fiends Book

With the holiday, last week was a bit of a blur. I haven’t been able to pick up another book since my last book binge. But all that will have to change next month…and quickly! I only need to read TWO more books to hit a whopping twenty-four for the year. Funny, it wasn’t so long ago that my goal was twelve books in a year and I came up shy by eleven.

Current Music:

So I figured it’s about time I posted this. I’ve been listening to Halsey’s debut album for about two months now, but haven’t had a chance to mention it due to all the concerts I’ve been going to lately. This album is one of those play, shuffle, repeat albums. It has everything I love…a great beat, electronic feel, and of course, explicit lyrics. Because we all know how much I like to sing four-letter words. 😛

Current Guilty Pleasure:


Taking Jason to McKay’s to trade in four boxes of HIS books and then buying stuff for myself with the credit. Though I hardly put a dent in it with my $4 purchase. What can I say? I’m a bargain shopper!

Current Entertainment:

Since I just finished reading A Clash of Kings at the beginning of the month, Jason and I re(binge)watched the second season of Game of Thrones. I have to say it was MUCH easier to follow having read the book. I used to always get so confused on who was who when I first watched it.

Current Wish/Need:

I might as well break the news now…I don’t think Elvira will be with us much longer. We just celebrated our fourth year together, but apparently her transmission doesn’t feel the love. I’ve kinda been ignoring the problem for a while now, but I know it’s only a matter of time. I definitely don’t wish it, but I guess I will need a new car soon.

Current Food:

Cheeseburger Soup

Soup, soup, and MORE SOUP!! The temperatures are just started to dip, but Jason and I have been prepping for weeks. And if it’s not soup, it’s something saucy that we can dredge some hearty bread in. In other words, comfort food!

Current Drink:

Coffee, coffee, and MORE COFFEE! I try my best to keep it to one cup a day (physical, not actual…who the hell only drinks eight ounces of coffee at a time?!), but I’ve been sneaking in an extra cup a day here and there. It’s just so damn good!

Current Triumph:

Thanksgiving 2015

Hello, my name is Heather and I would like to be praised for cooking not only one but TWO Thanksgiving dinners in two days. And I only had one eensie weensie panic attack when the garbage disposal backed up and I burned the brussels sprouts (but they still tasted good!). Please refer to Instagram for drool-worthy plate pics and a dessert spread lined with sugared up creepers kiddos.

Current Bane of Existence:

My thumbs? I know I’m getting old and all, but I swear I’m too young for arthritis to be setting in. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but I haven’t been able to stretch out my palms without pain for about a month now. Hmm, maybe I should go to the doc before my insurance deductible renews.

Current Blogger Crush:

Sorry, I’m gonna have to duck out of this one as my tech time has been miniscule this month. Though I can’t really apologize for that…coming from someone who used to have the hardest time unplugging.

Current Indulgence:


So I kinda fell in love with this oversized plush unicorn at gas station a couple of weeks ago. And I kinda didn’t tell Jason NOT to get it for me. And I kinda acted surprised when it was waiting for me in the car after I came back from the restroom. Everyone, meet Twinkle Toes. I may be turning another year older next week, but…fuck it, I don’t need an excuse. Look at him, he’s adorable!

Current Blessing:

Being able to cook for and host Thanksgiving for mine and Jason’s family this year. The surprise of getting the girls last Tuesday and having our first Thanksgiving as a little family. This is something I’ve wanted for so long…but only now realizing it.

Current Outfit:

Please see beginning of post for Cyber Monday dress code. 😛

Current Excitement:

Did you see it up there? Next week is my BIRTHDAY!! For the last few years, the birthday wishes have been less and less (oh look at that, I’m growing up) and honestly, after spending two whole weeks organizing all of mine and Jason’s stuff, the last thing I want is more STUFF. So, in lieu of presents, I have made one simple request…froyo with

Current Link:

Crossing my fingers that they’ll have the PSL flavor next week!

Current Mood:

I know I’ve used this before, but well…I’m still content. 😀

If you celebrated Thanksgiving last week, what was your favorite memory? Favorite dish?

What is your current blessing?

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6 Responses to November: Comfort, Coffee, and Unicorns

  1. Big round of applause from me for the thanksgiving cooking! That’s an awesome achievement!
    And I love Twinkle toes! I don’t think you are ever too old for a new toy 🙂

    Hope you get that well deserved birthday froyo! X

  2. Cooking a whole Thanksgiving dinner would stress me out to the MAX! Yours looks like it turned out wonderfully though. I’m sure no one even noticed the brussels sprouts – they taste better crispy anyways. 😉

    My current blessing is a much needed vacation next week. I’ve been feeling a bit burnt out at work lately, so the timing couldn’t be better.

    Have an awesome birthday girl!

  3. Froyo, or in my case gelato or ice cream, is the best birthday present I could get. Anndddd maybe a lululemon gift card if people are feeling extra generous 😉

    Great job on the Thanksgiving spreadSSS. I come home and want to tackle the celebratory holiday dinners because I love to cook and want to cook all the things. My Dad generally does the main protein (i.e. the turkey) but my Mom and I do the rest. It’s a fun way to spend time with her.

  4. You had me at explicit lyrics. I need that unicorn too. I saw one in a commercial this week and almost lost it.

    I think instead of stuff for your birthday you should take a trip west. Just saying… 😉

  5. Kat says:

    Oh my gosh YES to a big unicorn! Not going to lie, I pretty much texted every contact in my phone when the new unicorn emoji came out. I was too excited not too 😉
    And I got a crazy good cyber Monday deal! I got myself a huge 7×10 plush rug for only $150! I squealed like crazy when I saw it!

  6. I feel like we’re never too old to be have something child like in our lives (that stuffed animal). In fact, when that does happen, then we’re too old and the world has lost some of it’s appeal. Hmm, where did that come from? I’m all kinds of sentimental this morning. Must be pregnancy hormones.

    In any event, congrats on Thanksgiving feats. That’s damn impressive and I took a picture of your book so I can add it to my list.

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