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Sippin’ on a Soupie!

Happy Friday foodies! As I mentioned in yesterday’s CURRENT events, I’ve recently become obsessed with something I’ve coined a “soupie”… Smoothie + Soup = Soupie! Ya see, I don’t know about you guys, but just because it’s no longer 90+ … Continue reading

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Sweet As…Butter?

Sugar… Ba ba ba ba ba baaaaaaaaa! RAAAAAAW honey, honey… Ba ba ba ba ba baaaaaaaaa! You are my candy nutty girl* and you got me wanting youuuuuuuu! *Not to be confused with this nutty girl! 😉 Honey Vanilla Almond … Continue reading

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Sushi Eating Zombies & Chuck Norris

T….G…I…F! Even though my weekend technically started yesterday, I couldn’t be more excited for today…because now YOU guys get to join me! The night shift has been…well, the night shift. Let’s just say that as soon as I think I … Continue reading

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