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Grilled & Marvelous

Hello there, my lovely readers! How was your weekend? Or better yet, how was your WEEK? Was it MARVELOUS?! I skipped out on ya yesterday, didn’t I? Well, there’s a very good explanation for that… It’s called…my sanity! Yep, I … Continue reading

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BBQ Teriyaki Stir Fry

Alternate post titles: Feeling Sau-saaaay!… A Dash of This, A Squirt of That… Culinary Adventures of a Condiment Whore… Last week’s recipe took me back to my weird foodie roots… I may come up with some quirky combos, but some … Continue reading

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Kids Are Strange…

Just the other day, my co-worker was telling me about her venture to Publix and how much her little grandson was enjoying the trip. After leaving the bakery, with a freshly baked sugar cookie, they headed over to the deli … Continue reading

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