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Wedgies, Waffles, and WINNERS!

What up, Wednesday?! I’m gonna make this one short and sweet today. Why you ask? Well, to be Frank (because sometimes that’s more exciting than just being Heather), I’m having a bad day…yesterday, by some act of GOD, I managed … Continue reading

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Forgive Me and I’ll Give You a Cookie!

I believe some apologies are in order… I’m sorry for teasing you guys with my vacation recap yesterday AND pretending to join in on a non-existent link up. 😯 In my defense, I didn’t get a nap before work, it … Continue reading

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Almond Joy Granola

It’s heeeeeeeeeere! Can you believe I didn’t like coconut when I was a kid? I know, right? Clin-ic-LY…in-SANE 😯 When I was growing up, we would always get together at my great granny’s house for lunch after church on Sundays. … Continue reading

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