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Chocolate Covered Orange Pancakes

So remember when I said I WASN’T a chocoholic? Well, I think I lied. When I first created these super fluffy pancakes for Meghan during my visit to Cleveland and then again a couple of weeks ago for the man-friend (don’t hate … Continue reading

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Brownie Points

Back in the day, when I just was a wee little lass… What the heck, three days into March and I’m already talking like a leprechaun?! Anywho!…Each week, I donned a little brown uniform, complete with a skirt, vest, and … Continue reading

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What’s Up {Peanut} Butter Cup?

Hello my loves! So, remember that drool-tastic foodporn shot I teased you with the other day? Oh, well, in case you’ve forgotten… Just TRY to tell me you don’t want to dive headfirst fork-first …no, I had it right the first time…HEADFIRST … Continue reading

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