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Coconut Almond Pancakes with Mango

Happy Pancake Sunday! Before I get into today’s mango lovin’ pancake recipe, I fear there is need for a PSA regarding my last post… It has been brought to my attention that some of you could be allergic to the … Continue reading

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Strawberry Kisses & A Rant

Contact Dermatitis. Ever heard of it? [source] Well, as you can see Web MD refers to it as a type of skin reaction caused my a “foreign substance”. Enter “foreign substance” Yep, that’s right, after the other night’s DELICIOUS bowl … Continue reading

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A Very Stylish Pancake Sunday

Happy Sunday my lovely friends! Of course this morning I could NOT wait to celebrate Pancake Sunday…any excuse to make pancakes is alright by me! I wish inventing cookie creations came as easily to me as making up new pancake … Continue reading

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