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Fifty Shades of February

Umm, hi? šŸ˜Æ Yeah, sorry about going MIA on you guys, but you know, it really did me some good to unplug a bit for the last week. After a week of being cooped up in the house (so notĀ the … Continue reading

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I know it’s probably against some sort of writer code to title something with a hashtag, but have you ever tried to type that out before? Treat Yo’self? I don’t know, just looks weird to me.Ā Like IĀ start picturing some badass … Continue reading

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I Mustache You Some Questions

“Who wants a mustache ride?” Sometimes as a blogger, you have a hard time deciding what to post. And then sometimes, one of your best Blends telepathically senses your frustration, tagsĀ youĀ in a survey, and makes the decision for you.Ā Laura,Ā I don’t … Continue reading

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