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What is UP my peoples?! I hope you are all having a great week! Mine is actually over now being as today was my “Friday” Don’t be jealous, I’m sure none of you would want to work my 10 hour … Continue reading

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How The Crock-pot Saved Potluck

Happy Friday foodies! What’s the best thing about having a mini-vacation end on a Wednesday? Only having to work 2 days before it’s time to relax again! Didn’t hurt that we ended the workweek with a birthday potluck! The theme … Continue reading

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Decking the Halls

Ok, so they weren’t halls per se…more like a hospital conference room. Every month, the imaging department that I work in puts on a potluck to celebrate the month’s birthdays. To divvy up the responsibilities, each sub-department hosts twice a … Continue reading

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