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April: Love, Indulgence, and Joywaves

Good MORRRRRNING, peeps! I hope you are all having a great week. Mine’s been a bit on the busy side, but in a good way…especially since I’ve been killing sheep and taking names. Errr, what I mean to say is … Continue reading

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May: The Month of Music & Merriment

And just like that, it’s the FIRST day of June! Wow, how the HECK did I let that happen? I swear I thought we had one more May day left, but well, obviously I was mistaken. Looks like my little “currently” post is … Continue reading

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Thinking Out Loud: Duck, Duck, VEGAN!

Hey there my little Broccoli bites! I’ve got a lot on my mind today so howabouts we just get to it, mmkay? The weather has been FANTASTIC this week! I’m really hoping it carries on into the weekend so I … Continue reading

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