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April: The Month of Teeter Tottering

Hey guys!! Wow! Can you belieeeeeeeeve it? The last day of April!?! How in the HECK did that happen? We’ve been pretty lucky this month and have actually had some fan-TASTIC weather, but it seems lately that Mother Nature’s been making up … Continue reading

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That Weekend Where I Joined a Cult…

Happy Monday, loves! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! After doing practically NOTHING on Thursday and Friday, and then being out of the house almost all day Saturday, I’d say this weekend had the perfect amount of balance! … Continue reading

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Guilt, Party of ZERO?

Can I tell you a story? I’ve worked at the hospital for almost SEVEN years now (no, I am NOT a nurse), which  is officially the longest time I’ve ever been with a company. Since my very first job, where … Continue reading

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