The “Currently” post first started making it’s way around blog world in 2013, as survey-style post that was picked up by bloggers here and there. It ran it’s course and mostly disappeared after a few months, but I was just having too much fun to give it up. After posting regularly for a year, I revised the questions a little to fit me better and haven’t looked back since.

Not only does it indulge the quiz-taking addict in me (Cosmo quizzes, anyone?) but it’s also a fun way to look back and see what exciting things were happening in my life, what things were striking my fancy, and how each changed from month to month.

Fuzzy SlippersCurrently: January 2013

Currently: February 2013

Currently: March 2013

Currently: April 2013

Currently: May 2013

Currently: June 2013

Coconut Coffee

Currently: July 2013

Currently: August 2013

Currently: September 2013

Currently: October 2013

Currently: November 2013

Currently: December 2013

Currently - Divergent Books

Januar-ily (2014)

February (2014): The Month of Deliciousness and Deliriousness

March (2014): The Month of Rebellion

April (2014): The Month of Teeter-Tottering

May (2014): The Month of Music & Merriment

June (2014): The Month of Time Warps & Monkey Love

Freeze Pleeze Almond Milk Ice Cream

July (2014): The Month of Selfies & Sunsets

August (2014): The Month of Magic

September (2014): The Month of Pumped Up Picks

October (2014): The Month of Concerts, Cookies, & Costumes

November (2014): The Month of Ermahgerd

December (2014): The Month of ME!!

JIF Whips Peanut Butter Collection

January (2015): Goin’ Greek & Feelin’ Chic

Fifty Shades of February

March: Sun, Fun, & Fulfillment

April: Love, Indulgence, and Joywaves

May: Blends, Balance, and Blessings

June: Rapunzel, Pizza, and Poison


July: Swimming, Sweets, and Swelling with Love

August: Always, Adorned, and Addicted

September: A Bookworm in the Pumpkin Patch

October: Brought To You By The Letter “M”

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