March: The Month of Rebellion

What up, broccoli kissers!

Well, it’s about that time of month again…can you believe it? As much as I’ve complained about winter, I honestly didn’t think it’d EVER come to an end, and here we are saying good-bye to March and hello to spring four weeks of continually grey skies and lots of rain. Hey, what can I say, I’m a realist!

N-E-wayyyy, let’s get this post a-going with a red-lipped rockin’ selfie, eh?


For the record, I was stopped at a stop sign totally driving when I snapped this pic! 😯

Current Book: 

Book - The Orchard

After flying through some pages in February, I actually had a hard time getting into the reading grove again this month, but I will say that picking up this bargain book at the store a couple of weeks ago was a bright idea…Theresa Weir really has a way of transporting you right into the scenes she paints in this enchanting memoir.

Hmm, what do ya say, have I got a future in literary criticism? 😉

 Current Music: 

I’ve alluded to my knew-found infatuation with Lana Del Ray and other songs that give me an excuse to bust out the sailor language (as if I really need an excuse), but this on is actually on the PG side…and has been on repeat for the last few weeks…just ask Melissa! 😉

Current Guilty Pleasure: 


Yep, totally beat the system with these No-Bake Protein “Buzz” Bites! Muahahaha! Just um…don’t tell my therapist, mmmkay? I may be a rebel but I’m a goody-goody at heart!

Current Nail Color:

Nubbaaaaaay! 😉

Current Entertainment:

Spot-i-fy! Oh and randomly going through my social media pages and deleting people…it’s my version of Spring cleaning!

Current Wish/Needs:

The bites are good y’all…no lying there…and I’m all for settling out the matter of this insomnia nonsense, but for serious?! Can a girl getta cup of friggin’ COFFEE?!?! Never has it been clearer to me that you always want whatever it is that you know you can’t have!

Current Food:

Farmer's Market Cheese

As of yesterday…the cheese stands alone. As in GONE. Ok, so maybe the table stands alone? Whatevs…the funny thing is the blue cheese, which was the first one I tried, was the last one I finished! The Sartori Espresso (as in coated IN espresso) was my favorite…for many obvious and continually rebellious reasons!

Current Drink:


Beachaven Wine TastingFancy Pants Wine.jpg

Hello, my name is Heather and I’m a recovering practicing alcoholic! Laura, you should know that I blame THANK you for this! 😉

Current Triumphs:

Finally realizing that I’m more intuitive now than I’ve been in several years. Not saying I’m completely “healed” as far as my relationship with food, especially since this has been a trying week for me, but like I mentioned in THIS POST, I’m well on my way…and definitely proud of myself for it! 

Current Bane of Existence:

My back! I’m not sure why, but for the last couple of weeks, I’ve had the worse shooting pains come out of nowhere…to the point where one day I couldn’t even bend over! Definitely hasn’t made the last week any easier. 🙁

Current Blogger Crush:

Have you met Tatum? I’ve totally been blog/Instagram-stalking her for over a month now. This girl’s attitude and sarcasm…seriously? My sister from another mister. And just when I’m planning on confessing my love and adoration of her at Blend this summer, she totally breaks my heart and puts her ticket on sale on IG!

So yeah, if you’re looking for a ticket…you can take her place, but you will never TAKE HER PLACE! Why Tatum…whyyyyyy?!?!

Current Indulgence: 


And a much-needed indulgence at that (see Bane of Existence). Not one but TWO massages this month…and I swear, if I had the time, I’d have gotten another! Or maybe the trouble is that I haven’t been drinking any wine this week. Hmm…

Current Blessing:

A good job that pays well enough for me to indulge myself in two massages in one month, my mama who picks me pretty spring flowers, getting to spend an entire weekend with Melissa, good friends who offer great advice and a change in perspective, Snapchat…because well, I’m addicted, and ALL THE HOT YOGA!

Current Outfit:

Tie-dyed harem pants, a thick headband to tie up my new dreadlocks, a tree of life medallion, and an overall scent of patchouli… 😉

Current Excitement:

 I’m going with the rebellious theme here and I’m…not telling!

Current Link:

Spotify…24/7! Did you know from the computer, you get unlimited skips?!!

Current Mood:

Anxious! Come back Monday and I’ll tell you why!

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