Thinking Out Loud: Butter Brain


I’ve had THIS song stuck in my head for the last few days. I’m not exactly complaining, baaaa-ut, when you’re at work and keep wanting to belt out “fuck you anyway”…yeah, that kinda makes things difficult! 😉

Baked Cookie Dough Quest Bar

I rediscovered my love for baked cookie dough Quest bars…with their crispy, crunchy outsides and pillowy soft and doughy insides. I swear it’s like absolute heaven! Then I found a way to make it even better…

Cookie Dough Quest Bar with Coconut Butter

My GAAAAAWD you guys!
This is like icing on the cake COOKIE! Do this…do this NOW!

Turn oven on to 35o°F (176°C), place bar on a cookie sheet, pop it in oven, cook until the bar starts to turn golden brown and then flip the oven to broil for just a bit to get it niiiiiiice and crispy! Use a spatula and a good swift scoop to get it off the pan, flip it over (because the bottom is a flatter surface), and slather that baby with melted coconut butter! BUT before you take a bite, you may want to call your mom, because your gonna DIE! 😉

P28 Bread with Coconut Butter & Persimmon

On second thought, just put coconut butter on everything! It’s official, I’ve been cheating on peanut butter! But seriously…how is that stuff even LEGAL?! And why do I always forget how frickin good it is?!

PS: persimmon + coconut butter > persimmon + peanut butter

PPS: I’m out of bagels! 🙁

Walk at the Park - Selfie.jpg

Remember how this Tuesday was supposed to get up to 68°F (20°C)? Well how about it was actually EIGHTY DEGREES (27°C)!!! I woke up around 4pm that day and after opening the front door and seeing how great it felt outside, me and Elvira were on the road and headed to the park (with the sunroof WIIIIIIIDE open) in a matter of minutes!

And yesterday it was forty degrees COLDER! Ha! <- Sometimes you just have to laugh to keep from crying! Oh and guess what?! I think I’m pretty sure I KNOW (yet I’m still in denial) that my heater is BROKEN! I came home this morning and it was 52°F (11°C) in the house even though the heat is set to 72°F (22°C)!?! I fiddled with it for a minute but got frustrated and decided to just crank up the electric blanket and faceplant under the covers. 🙁

Wish me (and my wallet) luck when I have to call the repairman today!

Mid Nite Sleep Aide

And wish me luck on my appointment with the therapist tomorrow because sleep this week has been oh I’d say on the average of SUCKINGMYFACEOFF! <- Yes, that’s numerical value! And also yes, I have officially taken every sleep aide that the pharmacy sells. I think this one works…sometimes…but no grogginess? HA, riiiiight!

Emergen-CI’m back to guzzling my Barbie juice too! Seems like there is a direct correlation with Heather’s sleep and Heather feeling like death eating a cracker. Mmm, crackers!

Am I the only one out there who craves the HELL out of salty crunchy stuff when I’m feeling under the weather? Because I seriously been putting away some chips, crackers, and pretzels like it’s ma J-O-B!

Speaking of jobs, I know I complain a lot about my sleep (or lack thereof), but I just want to say that I really like my job, the shift, and the people in the other departments that I work alongside. A position recently became available for the day shift, but after giving it a lot of thought, I decided not to put in for it. I know you’re thinking I must be crazy, but I just have to keep in mind the reason I chose this shift in the beginning.

Melissa & Me

Plus, it allows me to spend long weekends with my blends! Which is exactly what I will be doing THIS weekend when Melissa comes to visit!! Omg, I’m so freaking excited! And now I have to go because I’ve got a repairman to call, a house to clean, and a list of adventurous activities to write out! 😀


And as always, a BIG thanks to Amanda hosting ToL…aka, making it perfectly acceptable to leak wordy brain matter all over the blog! Be sure to hop on over to Spoons and check out all the “mindful” linkups today! 😉

Tell me, what’s on YOUR mind today!!

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