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BawitdaBAR da Bang a Dang CHIPpy CHIPpy…

Ha! Now how’s THAT for a post title? ūüėČ Oh you know, just some¬†overcompensation for Tuesday. If you don’t get the song reference, I’m sorry, but we can’t be friends. Kidd Rock isn’t my idol or anything, but a few … Continue reading

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Bye Bye [Food] Baggage!

Alternative post title: That time I went on a trip and didn’t pack an extra suitcase just for food. I noticed something after I got back from St. Louis last week…I uploaded the¬†few food pics I had in my phone … Continue reading

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Thinking Out Loud: Ridiculously Happy

TGITeeeeeeee!! Oh my gosh you guys, I have SO much to talk about! Guess it’s a good thing it’s Thursday…no sense wasting time trying to come up with a¬†witty intro…let’s get right to it! Things have been abso-freaking-lutely disgustingly happy¬†around … Continue reading

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