Thinking Out Loud: Ridiculously Happy


Oh my gosh you guys, I have SO much to talk about! Guess it’s a good thing it’s Thursday…no sense wasting time trying to come up with a witty intro…let’s get right to it!


Things have been abso-freaking-lutely disgustingly happy around here…you know, if you couldn’t guess by the ridiculous smile on my face! 😉 As you guys know, I usually have a problem getting back to “normal” after vacation, but the fact that I have slid right back into place…or possibly an even BETTER place with my diet and exercise has me pretty darn excited.

After about a MONTH away from the mat, I’m back in the studio and loving it more than ever. I was actually really surprised with how well I did on my first day back…not near as wobbly as I thought I’d be. And yesterday? How about I attempted birds of paradise for the first time? Granted, my bird looked a bit like a clumsy one-winged stork, but STILL!

Gym Selfie - GPP Also, I’ve been in the gym not once but TWICE this week! On Tuesday, I woke up with an itch that only throwing around some dumbbells in a weight room full of dudes could scratch…and since then, I’ve let out a little wimper every time I’ve raised my arms above my head! Ha!

Kombucha!! I made sure to set up another batch so that it would be ready for Farmer Heather to harvest after getting back from Blend. AFTER a quick run to the store, I played around with some new flavors and they are ALL winners!

Homemade Kombucha

Lemon ginger, blueberry, peach ginger, and lavender lemon!

Speaking of a “quick” run to the store…after yoga the other day (yes after…as in I was a sweaty beast and really hoped no one got close enough to smell me), I ran into TJ Maxx for a matter of EXTREME importance: buy the bag of cookies & cream coffee that for some idiotic reason I did NOT buy when I picked it up last week (what’s the word for the opposite of buyer’s remorse??). Anywho! I found my coffee…the LAST bag might I add (whew!) but then, I found THESE!

Lesser Evil Snacks - Nacho Cheese

Impulse buy at it’s absolute BEST! Omg, I’m totally going back for more!

Selfie with the Besties

But it’s not just what’s in my hand on my plate or where my sweat is falling, I’ve been LIVING! Like I mentioned last week, I had another girls night scheduled with the besties last weekend and it proved to be another one for the books…stuffing our faces with LOADS of fondue, laughing our asses off, and drinking way too much wine!

Also, I hung out with my music soul mate again last weekend and I gotta give myself a lil’ pat on the back for the level of impression my taste in music seems to have…my current song obsession that wow’ed? This remix from Flight Facilities…

I’d like to think that if Bumblebee made music (wait for it at…1:08), this is what it would sound like! 😉 Oh and how cool is it that I first discovered this song in yoga? Ha!

What’s making YOU happy right now?

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