If There Were More Time…

Umm, how is it already Tuesday? Or more importantly…

How in the HELL is June already HALF WAY OVER?!!?

I seriously don’t know how to keep up right now. There are so many things I want to talk about but no time to just sit down and get all the words out. Why can’t my computer just KNOW what I want to say and type it all out for me? Or…how about we all get together for a mind-reading lesson? Just do me a favor and sign this waiver saying that I’m won’t be held responsible for any brain damage you may incur after getting that close to my mind! 😉

So , while we work out the logistics of our little telepathic seminar, I’ll just continue to run around here like a chicken with my head cut off, like a kid hyped up on Koolaid AND sugar cookies, like…like…

White Rabbit Photoshop Selfie

Oh yeah, I still gots mad photoshop PicMonkey skillz, yo! Question: Do these ears make my head look big? 😉

While I did manage to find the time yesterday to clear out the chaos in my email inbox, respond to blog comments (even if they were from like three weeks ago), and get a couple of things prepped for future posts, I’ve noticed that blogging isn’t the only area in my life where I’ve felt the time crunch. Over the last week or so, I’ve been cutting corners left and right because let’s face it, sometimes it’s all about prioritizing!

If there were more time…I’d learn how to sew.

PillowsBut until then, I’ll just spend $100 on fancy pillows and pillow covers from Target and Bed Bath & Beyond.

If there were more time…I’d actually COOK a meal.

Pasta Salad

But until then, I’m perfectly content with boiling up a box of pasta, throwing it in a bowl with random farmer’s market goodies and half a bottle of Italian dressing, and having my lunch match my couch! 😉

If there were more time…I’d make it to the studio more.

Living Room Yoga

But until then, I’ll make do with my living room floor and Raja’s home edition video on YouTube (led by the famous Barefoot Billy himself).

If there were more time…I’d figure out what the heck to buy my dad for Father’s Day and other gift-giving celebrations.

Father's Day Steak DinnerBut until then, I’ll just be over here polishing up my Daughter of the Year trophy for taking him out for a mouth-watering TWENTY OUNCE steak with a plate of bacon cheddar fries the size of a small child. FYI: Everything’s big in Texas [Roadhouse]!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go find some time and catch up with all of YOU!

Finish this sentence: If there were more time…

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