Thinking Out Loud: Use Your Toodle

Hey there, my little toodly bits!

Yeah, umm…whatever…just go with it. You know what today is, right? The day where I get off scotch free in the intro department. Which translates into I get to say whatever the eff I want. Though I guess, since it is MY blog and all, I can really do that any ol’ day. So, ok, moving on. While I still haven’t figured out how to add more time to my days or get these blasted bunny ears off my head, I couldn’t POSSIBLY skip out on a chance to throw up some random toodly bits (again, go with it) so without further ado, because I know you’re eyes are practically bleeding by now, let’s get to it!

Reese's Oreo Cookies

As alluded to in yesterday’s post, this week has been one for the books and it hasn’t helped that work has been absolutely nuts. Luckily, I’ve had some sweet bits and BITES throughout the week. I’ve been super skeptical of all the limited edition Oreos thanks to my problematic packaged good past, but let it be known…Nabisco bit the freaking toodle on this one!

Farmer's Market Haul

Now if only I could balance out the cookies with a little more greens! This was my meager haul from the farmer’s market on Saturday after hardly making a DENT in what I bought last week…while the tomatoes (which were the sweetest little nuggets of goodness) only lasted a day, I’ve yet to toodle up what the bit I’m gonna do with all those friggin green beans!

Mutant Onion

But can we take a minute to just admire this mutant of an onion?! I’ve only used about 1/291645 of it at the moment…fingers crossed I haven’t bitten off more toodle than I can chew!

Quest Cookies & Cream Collage

I totally lost my toodles when these babies showed up on my doorstep yesterday! The awesome dudes and dudettes over at Quest promised all us Blendies a box of our very own JUST because they didn’t have ONE bar to put in our swag bag! I know, right? I showed my appreciation by ripping into the box within minutes and then proceeding to take half an hour to make this gorgeous collage in their honor! 😉

And well, what would a Thursday be without a little moooooosic?!

I’ve been drooling over these bad boys for months now and I figured it was about high time I shared in the monkey love…plus, who wouldn’t want someone to sing this song to them? It makes me all toodly in my bits!

Oh and just in case you were wondering…

Work Selfie

“Toodle” may be a new addition to my vocabulary, but “sane” never was.


Now how about toodling YOUR way over to Spoons and checking out all the other linkups? Sound good? I thought so!

Toodles! 😉

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28 Responses to Thinking Out Loud: Use Your Toodle

  1. Isn’t that Arctic Monkeys album pretty fantastic?! I sure do enjoy it! Haven’t listened to it for awhile so I might have to break it out again today! 🙂

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      I know, right? I was just telling my friend yesterday how every time I think I have my favorite song picked out from that album, I listen to another one and change my mind! Ha!

  2. I totally need those Oreos in my life like sooner rather than later! I’m pretty sure I could eat that entire carton in one sitting! Ha! And yes to the cookies n’ cream Quest bars! They’re amazing. I’m just finished my last one the other day. I need more now!

  3. Confession: When I was browsing the entries in ToL, I totally knew this one belonged to you just from the title and pic… I guess that means you got a signature style 😉

    And that onion is insane. I can’t even remember the last time I bought an onion because my stomach doesn’t handle them well, so that monster would probably last me -years-…. or go bad and need to be thrown out 😆

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      BAM! I got style, yo! 😉

      Ohhh you could totally sprout that shit and grow me an onion tree! 😀

  4. Love your blog so much! You always seem to make me laugh! Btw I love your greek yogurt pancakes!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      And I love comments like these (and the ones on Instagram) that totally brighten my day! Aww, thank you so SO much! And I’m so glad you like the pancakes…it’s been forever since I’ve made any, but those were always some of my favorites! 😀

  5. That ONION! How awesome is that thing?!

    And those Oreos…yup, definitely need to get some. Those are my epitome of the perfect combo right there.

  6. Tina muir says:

    Ahhhh! I saw those oreos yesterday, and managed to resist the urge…..but now I have seen they are good…….not sure I can be as strong next time. I also bought the sister of that onion, SO HUGE! The man next to me asked if we could share an onion hahahah! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Haha! Wait…was he cute?? Omg, how funny would that story be to tell your grandchildren someday…we bonded over a mutant onion! It was love at first layer! Oh man, I crack myself up! 😆

  7. Hilary says:

    I am so jealous of your Quest Bar collection! I am holding on to my last two quest bars, I am so afraid of being out!

  8. God. I just spit on my iPad when I saw the last pic of you – girl, this face cracks me up everytime!! But where were the bunny ears??

    I just bought a ton of bags of oreos covered with white chocolate in Spain for my office colleagues. We thought we are SO on top of trend now. Obvioulsy not, cause THIS flavor??? Oh my lawwwwwwwd!!!

  9. Those Oreos are the jam… except I think the whole middle should have been PB. You already have the chocolate on the outside. Duh.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh yeah, definitely! I guess they thought they had to make it a little different since they already have the peanut butter ones? Though I’ve never tried those because let’s face it, Reese’s PB > any other PB! But the real question…are these better than the cookie dough? I still haven’t found those yet!

  10. I used to listen to the Arctic Monkeys like 10 years ago, but then I totally forgot about them! I heard that song on the radio just the other day and was reminded how much I like them.

  11. Roast that onion! All crispy and crunchy and gloriously awesome. Or just mail it to me. Because honestly, the speed at which I go through those bags of shallots makes it ridiculous to even still buy those instead of regular red onions.
    Those Quest bars… no words. Or one: jealousy.
    And now you totally lost me in oodles of toodles so I’d better call it a night already.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Too funny, that’s exactly what I did tonight for dinner! I roasted up a BIG pan of squash and onions, mixed it with salsa and avocado, and totally turned that shit into some chunky dip! Because you know…I’m a dipaholic! 😉

      You just say the word lady when you’re ready to do our little swap and the Quest bars will be YOURRRRRS! xoxo

  12. kyla says:

    Where did the onion go to have a few drinks? The salad bar. Sorry, had to. I’m yet to try the cookies and cream quest bar, i need to get on that asap. I love the Arctic Monkeys – they toured Aus not long ago, but i missed out and i’m still kind of kicking myself. I hope your weekend is a bit calmer than the week so far!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Haha! Oh how I love a good pun! I’m totally in love with the cookies and cream…perhaps even just a BIIIIIT more than my beloved cookie dough! *gasp* Lol

  13. Just ate one of those exact flavor Quest bars. LOVE!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Right? The cookie dough was always my top favorite, but this one (especially with this box of super soft and squishy ones) is totally giving them a run for their money! It’s cookie versus COOKIE! Watch out! Lol

  14. Carlie says:

    I’m laughing at the “gastro & barium” on the whiteboard behind you! I know about those shenanigans all too well. 😉

  15. Toodles- this twat from high school used to say that- Toodles and Totes.

    I think she’s doing a Gap year in Argentina, herding sheep or something. Thank Goodness.

    I’m surprised Nabisco has only JUST decided to put that combination in Oreo form- Hopefully it is successful so it becomes permanent! Hope those quests weren’t all bendy lol!

  16. Who the hell are you calling a toodle? You take that back right now. Or I will come over that and slap the toodle out of you.
    Alright now I’m talking your weird language which means it’s contagious or else I’m equally as sane, which is really not very much.
    Love the farmers market produce, especially your onion, who has obviously been juicing with the good stuff.

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