Thinking Out Loud: Use Your Toodle

Hey there, my little toodly bits!

Yeah, umm…whatever…just go with it. You know what today is, right? The day where I get off scotch free in the intro department. Which translates into I get to say whatever the eff I want. Though I guess, since it is MY blog and all, I can really do that any ol’ day. So, ok, moving on. While I still haven’t figured out how to add more time to my days or get these blasted bunny ears off my head, I couldn’t POSSIBLY skip out on a chance to throw up some random toodly bits (again, go with it) so without further ado, because I know you’re eyes are practically bleeding by now, let’s get to it!

Reese's Oreo Cookies

As alluded to in yesterday’s post, this week has been one for the books and it hasn’t helped that work has been absolutely nuts. Luckily, I’ve had some sweet bits and BITES throughout the week. I’ve been super skeptical of all the limited edition Oreos thanks to my problematic packaged good past, but let it be known…Nabisco bit the freaking toodle on this one!

Farmer's Market Haul

Now if only I could balance out the cookies with a little more greens! This was my meager haul from the farmer’s market on Saturday after hardly making a DENT in what I bought last week…while the tomatoes (which were the sweetest little nuggets of goodness) only lasted a day, I’ve yet to toodle up what the bit I’m gonna do with all those friggin green beans!

Mutant Onion

But can we take a minute to just admire this mutant of an onion?! I’ve only used about 1/291645 of it at the moment…fingers crossed I haven’t bitten off more toodle than I can chew!

Quest Cookies & Cream Collage

I totally lost my toodles when these babies showed up on my doorstep yesterday! The awesome dudes and dudettes over at Quest promised all us Blendies a box of our very own JUST because they didn’t have ONE bar to put in our swag bag! I know, right? I showed my appreciation by ripping into the box within minutes and then proceeding to take half an hour to make this gorgeous collage in their honor! 😉

And well, what would a Thursday be without a little moooooosic?!

I’ve been drooling over these bad boys for months now and I figured it was about high time I shared in the monkey love…plus, who wouldn’t want someone to sing this song to them? It makes me all toodly in my bits!

Oh and just in case you were wondering…

Work Selfie

“Toodle” may be a new addition to my vocabulary, but “sane” never was.


Now how about toodling YOUR way over to Spoons and checking out all the other linkups? Sound good? I thought so!

Toodles! 😉

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