June: The Month of Time Warps & Monkey Love

Where am I?!

Ok, so wasn’t I JUST lamenting over the fact that we’re halfway through June? Now it’s the last day of the month?! What gives? Is there something in the water? Am I in Narnia? Or more importantly, do I get a pet lion and a magical horn and a date with James McAvoy to stay young and fresh and wrinkle-free forever!?


Though I can’t say I’d be that disappointed if, years from now, when I’m old and gray (and still damn good-looking) you can still trace my laugh lines! 🙂

But enough with introductions and fantasies of dating half goat men, I do believe we have a “Currently” post to attend to, don’t we? This is of course one of my favorite things about blogging!

Current Book:

I have made it tooooooo….the SECOND book in the Bride Quartet series…actually I’ve been there for weeks now. I seriously “flew” through the first book (what with all those flight delays…haha, get it?), but lately work has been FAR too busy to sit for more than five minutes and when it comes to those beloved walks in the park? Well, I’ve kinda sorta been sleeping through my “allotted” workout times. Whoops?

Current Music:

Ha, what did you THINK I meant with that post title?! Get yo’ minds outta the gutter, people! 😛 Seriously though, I’ve been mad crushing on these guys for months now, but after getting my music soulmate hooked on them, I’ve only rekindled the love…and? I just bought tickets to see them at Loufest come September! Now, which underwear should I take to throw on stage? 😉

Current Guilty Pleasure: 

Guilty Pleasure - Ice Breakers Gum

For a person who used to SWEAR that she didn’t like chewing gum and could only handle one piece a day, over the last month or so, I seem to have developed jaws of steel…and an addiction to any new and flashy flavors from Ice Breakers. Oh and I have my six month checkup with the dentist next week…ha!

Current Nail Color:

While I haven’t tried chopping any of my digits off this month, I’ve yet to get my nails to look like anything but nubby ends since coming back from Blend…the altitude pretty much sucked my will to live! Please I haven’t aged myself too much with that movie reference!

Current Entertainment:

Still loving me some Game of Thrones…especially since the bestie got me the hookup on HBOGo! I am now carefully spreading out the last of the few episodes I have of the fourth season because I’m just not ready to let it go for a full freaking YEAR!

Current Wish/Needs:

For it to be summer FOREVERRRRR!

Current Food:

Cereal with Fairlife Milk

While I hate to announce that I am now hoarding my last bottle of Fairlife milk, the cereal-addiction is in full force…especially since I’ve rediscovered one of my hidden talents. Just call me Cer[eal] Mix Alot! 😉 And yes, those would be more marshmallows from my favorite Mennonite market!*

*Bonus points for unintentional alliteration!*

Current Drink:

Cookies & Cream Coffee

I would like to make an announcement! I have officially made my way back to FULL CAFFEINATED COFFEE, people! And it only took TWO YEARS! Cue the coffee pots, open the bag of cookies…er, I mean, coffee, and let the liquid life force FLOW!!

Current Triumphs:

Well, besides my recent claiming of the throne…last week, in yoga, I successfully made it from crow pose to a head stand without the *THUMP* of my head hitting my yoga mat! And now I’m thinking of starting a petition to install little red buttons on the floor so that we can all hit them Jeopardy style just for such accomplishments!

Current Bane of Existence:

Work. Bane of my existence is kind of a strong term, but really, it’s totally cramping my summer style! If only I had a job where I was off all summer…and didn’t have to work for the school system! Not to knock all you teachers out there (I commend you for your abilities), but I just couldn’t do it!

Current Blogger Crush:

I’ve been WAY behind in all my blog reading as of late, but I did manage to set off a pretty decent-sized broccoli bomb over Sydney and Cleveland last week! 😀

Current Indulgence:

Lindt Chocolate

Hello, my name is Heather and I take back every bad thing I ever said about chocolate! 😉 After spying the cookies & cream bar a couple of weeks ago while gathering up supplies for s’mores, I’ve made it my personal mission to try each and every other flavor I can get my hands on!

Current Blessing:

To finally be at a place in my life where I feel like I’m EXACTLY where I’m supposed to be. 🙂

Current Outfit:

At this moment, I am lounging on the couch in a t-shirt, undies, and a blanket, but pretty much any chance I’ve gotten this month has been all about the shorts and the sundresses…in other words, continuing on with last month’s mission to FREE THE LEGS!

Current Excitement: 

Persimmon in June

About two weeks ago, when I was strolling along the produce aisles in Publix, I nearly had a syncopal episode when I spotted….persimmons…IN JUNE!! Granted, they were $2 a piece and the one I came home with has YET to ripen enough to eat, but still! And then, yesterday, I saw FIGS!! I don’t know what kind of time warp I’ve slipped into, but I’m not coming out!

Current Link:


Proof that you can in fact find ANYTHING on the internet! Now…someone get to work on that time travel device for me, wouldya? 😉

Current Mood:

Peaceful. 😎

What are you currently EXCITED about?

What has been your latest GUILTY pleasure?


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