August: The Month of Magic


Wanna watch me pull a sexy broccoli outta my hat?

Sexy SelfieBam! ūüėČ

I hope you guys have all had a wonderful August. Can you believe summer’s almost over? Even with the last few weeks off from blogging, I still have NO IDEA where time seems to go…well unless it’s during the workweek…in which the hours go by¬†like years. You guys let me know if you hear about any job openings for couch cushion testers…I happen to think I have MORE than the required skills (read: ASSets) qualified for the job!
Har har har!

Alright so enough with the corny jokes…this month has been FULL of excitement and I think it’s about time I got to spillin…

Current Book:

After going back and forth and back AND forth on my next reading endeavor, I finally gave up on the two I was debating over and borrowed my sister’s copy of The Fault in Our Stars…and finished it in TWELVE HOURS!

Book - The Fault in Our Stars

As a high standing member of the Kids Who Don’t Read Fast¬†Society, I’d like to take ¬†a minute to indulge in a little booty shaking. I know I’m probably like the last person on Earth to read this, but if by chance you haven’t (and you would like to get a good sense of my sick and twisted sense of humor) then you HAVE to pick up¬†this book! I can’t wait to see the movie!

Current Music:

I have been ALL over the place this month with music, prepping¬†my¬†ears for the wonderment that will soon be flowing through them at¬†Loufest, but the band that really got¬†me under their spell was¬†Elektrik People.¬†Seriously, these guys know their sex…er, I mean MUSIC! ūüėČ

Current Guilty Pleasure:


Finding some of my favorite bands at the library and making them disappear into¬†MY library! ūüėĮ

Current Nail Color:

Chobani:Watermelon NailsWatermelon…with a side of Chobani. Yes, I was so easily amused by my matching manicure that I paused my shopping for photo documentation.

Current Entertainment:

Hemlock Grove. Have you guys seen this? It’s another Netflix original and actually part of the reason why I am now obsessed with Elektrik People since¬†they played¬†this song¬†on one of their episodes.

Current Wish/Needs:

More time! More time! More TIIIIIIIIME!!

Current Food:

Currently - August FoodsIt’s funny, I haven’t actually slipped into any food ruts this month. I’m kinda all over the place…though I have to say¬†when I’m at home, most of my meals have been multiple small snacks…my latest fave is a handful of UNSALTED peanuts and fruit (or strawberry Mini-wheats) which to me, tastes like a PB&J!

Current Drink:

Currently - August Drinks - Coffee & Booze

Java, booze, java, booze, smoothie! During the week, I have my daily cuppa Joe and on the weekends I flirt with his brother Bob (the boozer). And just to keep things well and balanced, I throw a couple of smoothies in the mix!

Current Triumphs:

Finally NAILING a good sleep schedule!¬†I’m not keeping¬†my night shift sleep patterns exactly the same on my days off, but by going to bed around 3-4am and waking up around 1pm, I’ve been feeling great! Downside?¬†I’ve missed the farmer’s market two weeks in a row¬†and I can’t seem to¬†get to the yoga studio at ALL these days…it’s been MONTHS! ūüôĀ

Current Bane of Existence:

At the risk of sounding like a broken record: Time-ta-ta-ta-TIIIIIIME!

Current Blogger Crush:

 Sorry guys, I must confess that since taking the month off, I have read zilch, zero, NADA.

Current Indulgence:

Please see the cookies in the bottom right hand corner above. Those would be s’mores CRACK cookies (bottom layer of graham crackers, chocolate chips and marshmallows inside!) that one of the besties made for our last get-together…we may or may not nearly have polished off the whole damn pan!

Current Blessing:

Speaking of the besties…

Besties SelfieTwo women who just GET me…who I can laugh with, cry with, and drunk yoga with! ūüėČ

Current Outfit:

With the heat waves we’ve been having around here lately, as little as absolute possible! And I still stand firmly behind the no pants thing from last month!

Current Excitement:

In less than a week, I will be in the middle of a musical wonderland aka my heaven aka in close proximity to my monkey loves AND my Portugal men! I am not to be held responsible for any undergarments undone and released during these three days. Also? I’m taking the entire week off afterward to recover relax! ūüėČ

Current Link:

Current Mood:

Gahhhhhhhhh! <- Is that a mood?

What was something MAGICAL from your August?

Anyone else ready for tall boots, pumpkin pie, and changing leaves?
I know I am!

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